MBA Application Deadlines: How important are Deadlines in MBA Applications?

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MBA Application Deadlines: are imporatnt to know as many of the business school candidates from India tend to apply to several top MBA programs abroad. Each international business school will have different deadlines for applications. In such a situation working out on which round to apply to and keeping up with the MBA application deadlines have always been a challenge for the candidates. Organizing and coming up with many applications in the first round can sometimes get too difficult for the applicants and it often results in a drop in the quality of the submitted applications. Therefore the candidates might have to opt for the second or third application rounds. You can also read about Top 10 Colleges in Germany for MBA without Work Experience here

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MBA Application Deadlines: Does Applying in the First Round Increase My Chances of Acceptance?

It is always better to keep your top priority business schools in the first round when the chance of being accepted is pretty high. Numerous competitive and reasonably deserving profiles are lapped up in the primary round. However, it is important to make sure that you do not hurry with your application in an attempt to apply early.

You can definitely reap the benefits of applying early. But only if you have created an application that is strong enough. You will have able to spend enough time for working on all the application related aspects to make a perfect one.

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If you’re planning to apply in the second round, you need to keep in mind that a certain percentage of the seats are already filled up and if a profile similar to yours is already taken. The admissions board might be more interested in the other profiles which are not similar to yours to maintain the ‘diversity’ element of the class.

MBA Application Deadlines: When would it be Recommended to Apply in the Second Round?

Sometimes candidates score much lower than their expectations. If you have somehow unfortunately secured a really low GMAT score, and you would like to go for another attempt at the GMAT. In such cases, you might have to give up and skip the first round.

If you don’t have enough work experience because of which it might be on the lower side and you wish to add more positives to your application by including the diversity of work experience.

  • You might want to make your make it more impact by including some phenomenal development expected at work
  • You might want to demonstrate your abilities as a team leader by successfully managing an ongoing project with short deadlines.
  • You might be in the process of procuring a contract for your company using your marketing and negotiating skills.
  • You might be expecting a promotion which you would like to include in your resume to ad more flavors to it.

There might be any other interesting developments in the pipeline which you think will add more value to your application. Or maybe it is just that you want more time for yourself so that you can put in your best.

If you can significantly contribute to strengthening your candidacy during this additional time then you might skip the first round and try in the second otherwise skipping the first round will not make any sense.  Well, it is totally up to you at the end.

MBA Application Deadlines: As an International Candidate applying for the Top U.S. Schools, What are My Chances if I Apply in the Round 3?


If you are applying in the third round may have too less time for the various formalities that an international candidate has to complete. This also includes completing the F1 visa application and considering all the financing options you have.

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You can also improve your chances of getting a scholarship by applying early for MBA scholarships. Well, I  would say ‘the earlier the better’ in case of international candidates.

MBA Application Deadlines: I Missed the First Round. Should I Apply Next Year rather than in Round 2 or 3?

Though it’s a fact that a big chunk of good candidates gets through in the round 1, this does not mean that you should not consider trying in the round 2.

Applying in the first two rounds is advised by the admissions officers.  A majority of them are in support of applying in the first two rounds. With the additional time that you get work on your application making a stronger application. With the extra time, you can come up with an impressive application which will raise your chance of acceptance.

Managing MBA application deadlines are extremely important so that you don’t miss your chances. It can become easier only if you really understand the pros and cons of applying in the first, second and third rounds as it affects the time you are left with. Of course, starting early can be really helpful but it better only if you are ready. If taking a little more time to apply can help to improve your profile then you can go for it. Read here to know about the common mistakes in B-school Application forms and how you can avoid them. What are your thoughts on MBA application deadlines? Do share in the comments section. Please don’t forget to mention your suggestions and feedback.

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