Benefits of AdmitKard’s Student Mentor Program

AdmitKard’s Student Mentor Program, the pioneer in the overseas education sector is a step towards bringing education abroad, even more, closer to reality. In the program, designed specifically for Australian Universities, the new students receive personal and professional guidance from Mentors, who are students studying in Australia presently.


Features and Enrollment Options of the Student Mentor Program

In order to experience a smooth transition from school to an international college or university, you will need guidance and mentorship from those who have crossed this phase, that is been in your shoes. For that, AdmitKard’s Student Mentor Program for Australia brings together current university students as ‘Mentors’ for guiding and helping the incoming students. In this interactive program, you have the golden opportunity to clear all your doubts and queries regarding the application as well as admission process, even the visa applications and arriving at the university. In fact, even those who haven’t fixed their minds on whether they wish to go abroad for higher education or not, the Student Mentor Program is a lifetime opportunity to pursue dreams that you haven’t even thought about.


To enroll in the Student Mentor Program, you need to follow three simple steps.

  1. Sign Up: Visit and Sign up on the AdmitKard website.
  2. Make a Profile: Create your complete Profile, mention all the information required.
  3. Connect to Mentors: Then, on the basis of your inclinations and study of interest, you will be connected to the top mentors from AdmitKard. Therein, you can choose and connect with mentors and make the most of this opportunity.


Benefits of the Student Mentor Program

To make you realize the uniqueness of  AdmitKard’s Student Mentor Program, here are some of the many benefits of the program.


  1. Healthy Discussions and Constructive Interactions:  Mentor-ship in this program is based on discussions and interactions, both aiming towards clearing doubts, providing maximum information and making each student realize his/her true potential.
  2. Individual-case based Guidance and Suggestions: Unlike any other in the field, AdmitKard’s Student Program offers case-based guidance, wherein you can have a complete idea whether or not you will be a success in the application phase and beyond.
  3. Tips and Strategies for Applications and Admissions: Having applied and taken admission themselves, the Mentors have the potential to guide students and impart them with advanced tips and tricks to ace each and every step of filing an application and even shortlisting course and colleges in the first place.
  4. Golden Chance for Mentorship for the Complete Process: A Mentor is someone who imparts his knowledge and experience into the Pupil he is mentoring. Likewise, the former students act as a mentor to the fresh students to act out in support of the students in the entire process of studying abroad.
  5. Enhanced Success Rate: Since you are being mentored by students who themselves have received admission in the leading Australian universities and in fact, know the application, admission and visa processes inside-out, your chance to be accepted in your desired university is almost a certain fact. 

    To sum up, the Student Mentor Program is one opportunity that you should grasp as soon as possible and reap benefits in heaps so that you can realize your dreams of studying in Australia with utmost convenience and a greater success rate.

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