Canada Student VISA: Process,Eligibility and Requirement

Canada Student VISA

Canada is currently the center point for all undergraduate and postgraduate learning. Undergraduate aspirants from all over the world aim to study at Canadian Universities. Owing everything the prevalent nature of quality education and world-class facilities, Canada is the student’s favorite destination for higher education.

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Once the application process is over and you have the affirmation of the same through the Offer Letter, you have then get into the beeline for the Visa Application. The Study Visa in Canada is known as a ‘Study Permit’, which is managed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Department. Here is a detailed guide on the Canadian Student Visa.

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What is the Study Permit for Studies in Canada?

To enroll for all study courses for a long period of study, that is more than six months, wherein you may also want to prolong your study period, requires you to have a Canadian study visa. A study permit for Canada is an essential approval, which is issued by an officer, empowering International students to make their dreams come true and study as well as work in Canada. To attain the same, one needs to file a study permit application, well in advance and wait till he/she receives it.

Ideally, the visa is valid for over 90 days after your intended program is finished. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you wish to pursue another course or training, at that point the visa can be extended. That again requires you to file in an application for the visa extension.

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Canada Student Visa: Eligibility for VISA Application

In order to be eligible for a Study Permit or Student Visa in Canada, you need to possess the following,

  1. Obtain an ‘Offer Letter’ from the desired university: The Offer Letter is a confirmation of your admission to the intended Canadian university and forms base for the visa application.
  2. Obtain the Province Acceptance Certificate, if needed: If your university/colleges lie in a province that requires you to have a Province Acceptance Letter, prior to the study permit, then you have to first get that done. Only in case of a province such as Quebec, a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) or a Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec, is issued by the Ministère de l’Immigration, Diversité et Inclusion (MIDI). However, this is not mandatory for all provinces.
  3. Get a Police Clearance Certificate: Since you are applying for a Canadian study visa, you need to get a certificate from the police that states that you have a clear police record.
  4. Proof of Funds: It is mandatory that you have a proof of your funds to support your study, which is near an estimated amount of $833 per month, inclusive of the tuition and living expenses.
  5. Get a report of the Medical Examination: A Medical examination to testify your fitness to fly and live in Canada is also mandatory.

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Note: Designated Learning Institution or DLI issues an important letter after you have received your Offer Letter, which is duly signed by the Canadian institution on their official letterhead. It illustrates the exact educational cost you have to pay. In addition, it has the expected beginning and completing dates of your program and the date by which you have to enroll. In case, your college/university is not affiliated to DLI, then, unfortunately, you are not eligible for the study permit for Canada.

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Visa Application Documents for Canada Student Visa

Now that you have your set of documents ready, the next step is to be ready with your Visa documents. Your visa documents include:  

  1. A valid passport
  2. Recent photographs
  3. Marriage Certificate, if accompanied by the spouse.
  4. In case of a family member, that will accompany you, you need to put in their passports and photographs as well.

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Note: Make sure you have a working scanner and a credit card to make the scans and payments for the application process.

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Another important factor in your admission and visa application is the proof of funds. Since you are an international student and study in Canada is not as easy in the pocket, so you need to show a variety of financial documents, which are as follows:

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  1. Proof of tuition fee payment or simply receipts or payment confirmation slips.
  2. Proof of accommodation fee payment or simply receipts.
  3. Bank Statements, duly stamped by the banks, showing funds for the past three-four months.
  4. Sponsor’s bank statement, if there is any sponsor who is willing to sponsor your education and stay in Canada.
  5. Loan Approval Letter, if applicable.This is for those who have taken a loan to support their studies in Canada.
  6. Scholarship Letter, if applicable.If you have been granted a scholarship for your study in Canada, you need to file in your scholarship letter as well. Then, if there is scope for margin money, then you need to show funds for the margin amount as well.

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How to apply for Canada Student VISA

The visa application process can be done both online and offline.

  1. For offline application, refer to the IRCC website and go to the VFS office to file the application offline.
  2. If you got by the online process, then you have to go to Canada visa portal, fill the form and upload the necessary documents.
  3. Then make the visa fee payment and submit the application.
  4. If your documents get approved, then you will receive a Letter of Approval, which is also called a Letter of Invite.
  5. Once you land in Canada and produce this letter, the Immigration Department will issue you the Study Permit. The processing time for the study permit is roughly 6 weeks.

In case you have a family member or a partner accompanying you to Canada, then you need to have them fill in their details for visa separately. However, you can most definitely submit your applications together.  

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Post-Study Work Permit for Canada

When upon completion of your course yo, you have to apply for u wish to work, then the work permit is required too. For this, you again have to file an application for the post study work permit that can eventually lead to permanent residency and even citizenship.

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In conclusion, if you wish to an academic course study in Canada for a longer period of time,then you need to have the Canadian Study Permit. The study permit can be extended and can make way for post-study work permit and permanent residency as well.

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