A Guide to Part-time Job Opportunities in Australia (Updated 2019)

Probably one of the main reasons that a candidate might seek a part-time job is to cover up his or her daily living expenses. It becomes quite essential for a student who is drained out of money after paying for his tuition fees and other academic expenses to look for a part-time job role in the area of his locality or near his institution. This makes it clear that the student does not look for a part-time job for industry exposure, though there are chances of luck favoring some who find jobs relevant to their industry or domain of study.



Why Online-internships don’t count in the work permit hours in Australia?


As mentioned earlier, the part-time jobs are meant to be a financial aid to the students to support their living expenses. As per the Australian Government rules, international students on Higher Education Sector Visa (Subclass 573) are eligible for work up to 40 hours per fortnight during the academic term and unlimited hours of work during the term break. Any kind of work included as part of the academic program will not be accounted for in this limit. Hence credited internship programs and training organized by the university will not be counted for under the limit.

Students under the Postgraduate Research Sector Visa (Subclass 574), that is those who are enrolled in a Master’s degree by research or are completing a Doctorate program are eligible for unlimited work hours from the official beginning of the main study program.


Profile related part-time jobs availability in Australia



There are chances that a student may secure part-time jobs through their University’s part-time job catalog. This mainly adheres to the domain or area of study, thereby helping the student gain an edge over other candidates, with an industry exposure to boost their profile. Having said this, it clearly highlights the hidden competition that stands as a challenge to the students in securing such jobs.

There are many reasons for this. One is that the jobs (part-time) in a particular industry are limited in number. Secondly, such jobs, many of them if not all, require work-permit and other visa regulations more than a student visa.

However, there are opportunities for students in such aspects as well. The important steps that a student can take for securing such jobs are

  1. Enquire at the university’s related department and get yourself registered there.
  2. Another way to keep up a good rapport with the faculty team and staff, who might be able to help you gain such opportunities.
  3. Find relative jobs from popular job-sites in Australia such as SEEK.COM
  4. Keep resumes handy wherever you go and drop them into places and to people who might be able to provide you such opportunities.
  5. Have your Tax File Number from the Australian Govt. ready with you before you start applying for any part-time job.



What are the Portals to search Part time jobs in Australia?


  1. seek.com – https://www.seek.com.au
  2. LinkedIn – https://au.linkedin.com/
  3. AllJobs – http://www.alljobs.com.au/
  4. APS Jobs – https://www.apsjobs.gov.au/
  5. Australian Job search – https://jobsearch.gov.au/ – by Govt. of Australia
  6. ArtsHub – http://www.artshub.com.au/
  7. CareerJet – https://www.careerjet.com.au/
  8. CareerOne – https://www.careerone.com.au/
  9. Indeed – https://au.indeed.com/
  10. Job Seeker – https://www.jobseeker.org.au/



10 highest paying part-time jobs in Australia



Some of the best high paying part time jobs that can be taken up by international students are:

  1. Cab/Taxi driver – high salary of around $15 per hour
  2. Tutor – around $20-$30 per day – depends on experience as well
  3. Delivery partner for firms such as Uber-eats
  4. Authorized service agents
  5. Waiter at restaurants
  6. Stylist
  7. Personal assistant/ Secretary
  8. Oral/Dental hygienist – Requires an associate degree
  9. Personal fitness trainer
  10. Security Guard – higher pay for working in nights as well



How much earning is possible through part-time jobs in Australia?



As per the Australian Govt. visa rules, an international student in Australia has prescribed a minimum wage of 20 AUD per hour. But this is the highest rate that a student can expect. Usually, students earn between 10-15 AUD. Though this is illegal, the student has no other option but to either be rejected the role or to accept the payment. But it is important to note that it is enough to cover the daily living expenses. Moreover, one can earn more on weekends and holidays which have special paying rates. It is around 26AUD on Saturdays and $40 to $48 on Sundays.

Thus it can be assured that on an average, $350 per week can be earned from the part-time job

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