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The University of Adelaide is a Public University located in Adelaide, South Australia. It plays host to around 6500 international students and it is the 3rd oldest University of Australia. It is ranked in the top 1% of Universities worldwide and is a part of the group of eight Australia.

What are the courses at the  University of Adelaide?


The University of Adelaide provides a huge range of courses from different Graduates and Undergraduate programs. Different courses from different departments are as follows;  

What are the Arts Courses at the University of Adelaide?

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arts
  3. Asian Studies
  4. Creative Writing
  5. Criminology
  6. Education
  7. English
  8. French Studies
  9. Geography
  10. German Studies
  11. Indonesian Studies
  12. Media
  13. Music
  14. Italian Studies
  15. History

      And many more courses.

What are the Engineering, Computer, and Mathematical Sciences Courses at the University of Adelaide?

  1. Applied mathematics
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Computer Science
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Engineering
  6. Petroleum Engineering

  And many more courses.

What are the Health and Medical Science at the University of Adelaide?

  1. Anatomical Sciences
  2. Health
  3. Medical Studies
  4. Nursing
  5. Oral Health
  6. Pediatrics
  7. Pharmacology

And many more courses.

What are the Courses at Faculty of Profession at the University of Adelaide?

  1. Accounting
  2. Commercial Law
  3. Economics
  4. Marketing
  5. Commerce
  6. Design Studies
  7. Law

What are the Courses at Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide?

  1. Agronomy
  2. Animal Sciences
  3. Biology
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Chemistry
  6. Food Sciences
  7. Microbiology
  8. Plant science

And many more subjects to choose from. Students can choose as they desire and pursue the course.

The University tries its best to provide education to every student from any background.


What are the Courses for International Students at the University of Adelaide?

The University hosts a good platform for international Students as students from around 80 countries. Students can choose whichever course they want from the courses offered in the University. The students can choose to study one or two courses in Intensive mode during summer and winter School. It is required that the students choose full-time courses.

They can choose subjects from various departments such as Arts, Science and Technology, Health and Medical Science and Professions.

What are the Courses for Post Graduation at the University of Adelaide?

The university is an attraction for Graduate Students as the country provides huge opportunities to those students who complete their Post-Graduation from this reputed college. The University offers many graduate programs to the students from numerous departments such as:

  1. Architecture
  2. Arts
  3. Business/Economics
  4. Computer Science /IT
  5. Counseling And Psychotherapy
  6. Dentistry and Oral Health
  7. Engineering
  8. Health
  9. Law
  10. Math
  11. Music
  12. Nursing
  13. Sciences
  14. Teaching/ Education

There are various programs under these courses which the students can choose.

Psychology Courses From the University of Adelaide

Studying psychology will give you the skills and depth of insight to help people understand their thoughts and behavior, opening many rewarding career paths. The Bachelor of Psychological Science and Bachelor of Psychological (Advanced) (Honors) are the most sighted subjects by the students if they want to pursue a career in this area. Two new programs provide skill-based training and enhanced career readiness.

What is the Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Adelaide?

This degree provides the student with the experience required to develop listening, empathy and interviewing skills. This is a rigorous degree that will require maintaining a GPA of 6 to progress through the degree.

What is the Bachelor of Psychological (Advanced) (Honors) at the University of Adelaide?

This is a 4-year degree that will give the students the knowledge and skills to kick-start their career in Psychological. The Degree includes the standard accredited Psychological pathway.

What are the Oral Health Courses at the University of Adelaide?

The Bachelor of Oral Health is the course offered which is a 3-year duration course. Studying the Bachelor of Oral Health is the first step towards an exciting and fulfilling career working with people of all ages to improve oral health.

The Bachelor of Oral Health is a comprehensive and evidence-based degree and is the only professional health degree available in South Australia. It provides the student with deep knowledge about oral hygiene and how to maintain it. The degree offers a combination of innovative teaching methods including online interactive classes, case-based scenarios, group work and simulation using the advanced facilities in the dental simulation clinic.

What are the Nursing Courses at the University of Adelaide?

Nursing is a hands-on profession, with a great deal of human contact and interaction. It involves the development of affection among the students and also to have a great knowledge of what to do in medical emergencies? At the university is the priority of the college to provide the nursing experience in various programs under degrees.

The Undergraduate Courses in Nursing

  1. Bachelor of Nursing
  2. Bachelor of Nursing (Honors)

The Post Graduate Courses in Nursing

  1. Master of Clinical Nursing
  2. Master of Nursing Science
  3. Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science
  4. Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science  (Acute Care Nursing)
  5. Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (Cardiac Nursing)

And many more courses to choose from.

What are the Neuroscience Courses at the University of Adelaide?

Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary science which focuses on the study of neurochemistry and experimental psychology. It deals with the structure and normal function of the nervous system and brain which depicts the personal behavior and attitude.

The University offers a course known as Essentials of Neuroscience is designed to introduce students to essential concepts in the field of neuroscience. The Course provides the student with the basic introduction to the brain and history of neuroscience.  

Many research centers also research on this delicate topic to come up with new ideas related to Human Body and Spinal Cord.


What are the  Nutrition Courses at the University of Adelaide?

The University offers a Bachelor degree in this nutrition field known as:-

Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Science

It is a 3-year full-time duration course which focuses on the knowledge of developing nutrition among the citizen and fight malnutrition. This degree is ranked third and best in South Australia as it innovates in the field of food and its nutrition. Students learn the food systems and how to design, formulate, produce, packet and market foods.

The Scope of the course is in Public Health advertising, developing food and nutrition policy, regulations and resources.


What is the Adelaide Courses Fee?

The Courses fees of the University vary according to semester fee or programs chosen by the students. The Semester fee for any course is around $15,000 to $20,000 in total keeping in mind all the living expenses and other things. The summer and winter school fees are estimated be around $6,000 AUD. The other expenses consist of Health cover, Books and materials etc. Students need to pay the semester fee before going to study at the college.

Why study at the University of Adelaide?

The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 1% of Universities in the world. A Degree from this university is recognized internationally. The University of Adelaide had produced numerous Nobel Laureates whose research has made an enormous impact on the world. The Good Environment around the university is also a reason for the attraction of the college.

The University offers over 400 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Wide range courses are further strengthened by a high-quality teaching staff. The University offers a favorable student to teacher ratio. All these things make it an ideal place for the students.

What is the University of Adelaide Canvas?

The University of Adelaide is the first university in Australia to deploy a cloud-based learning management system called Canvas. The Canvas will be fully deployed by the start of 2017 and will be used by all courses. It replaces Blackboard, which has been used by the University for the past 14 years. It is said to be foster innovation in teaching by staff and create a deeper level of student engagement. It enables students to interact with their teaching and learning experience via the latest technology such as smartphones, tablets, etc. It is said to be a bold move taken by the university to deepen the student concept about the subjects using the latest technology.

How is the University of Adelaide Orientation?

Orientation is an important time to prepare for university, make connections among the new students. The orientation programs provide them with the information they require the most in the beginning.

  1. Starting: First, the students need to enroll in the program.
  2. Information:  Then they are provided information for the required course.
  3. Student Support: They are supported in various programs by the university.
  4. Important Dates: The University provides all the important dates for the course planner.
  5. Parents: The parents are also needed to stay connected to the college in order to get updates and information.

The Whole idea is to familiarize the students with the University and its staff.

What is the University of Adelaide Orbit?

The Operational Research Business Information Tool (ORBIT) is a web-based system that provides users with a detailed view of the research activities of the University. The Purpose of the Tool is to assist supervisors and postgraduate coordinators to monitor student progress to help achieve timely completion. This tool enables the university to keep a track of the research and activities done by the students in order to help them in the field.

What are the campuses of the University of Adelaide?

University of Adelaide at North Terrace

The North Terrace campus of the University of Adelaide is the site of most teaching and research facilities. It is located in the cultural heart of the city and the university offers excellence in its educational and social facilities.

University of Adelaide North Terrace Address

It is one of the four terraces that bound the central business and residential district of Adelaide. The western end is on to Port Road, and the eastern end is across the Adelaide Parklands as Botanic road.

Hub Central, North Terrace,

Adelaide SA 5005, Australia.

University of Adelaide Napier Building

The Napier Building is situated at:-

Adelaide University-

Thebarton Campus, 30

Stirling St, Thebarton SA

5031, Australia.

What are the Notable Alumni of the University of Adelaide?

  1. Shaun bonnet (founder of the precision group)
  2. John Langdon Bonython (founding chairman of Santos)
  3. Bruce Carter (chairman of ASC Pty LTD.)
  4. Cheong Choong Kong (former chief executive officer of Singapore airlines)
  5. Tim Cooper (managing director of coopers brewery)
  6. Simon Hackett (founder of Internode (ISP))
  7. Tim Harcourt (Economist)
  8. Edward Holden (managing director of general motors Holden).
  9. Wayne Jackson(former chief executive officer of the football league)
  10. Lim Siong Guan(group president of Singapore)
  11. Roma Mitchell(Australia first female judge)
  12. Eric Neal(business leader, governor)
  13. Mark Oliphant(physicist; governor)
  14. Hieu van le (lieutenant governor of South Australia)
  15. Julia Gillard(27th prime minister of Australia)

These are all notable alumni of the University and there are many more which shows the contribution of the University to the country.

What is the Latest News about the University of Adelaide?

  1. 12 December 2018: the University of Adelaide on a mission to support space agency
  2. 12 December 2018: $15 million to help boost health from the beginning of life.
  3. 12 December 2018: Diversification key to Whyalla’s turnaround.
  4. 11 December 2018: University of Adelaide wine researcher is the superstar of STEM.
  5. 11 December 2018: Alternative food culture now mainstream.
  6. 10 December 2018: New tool delivers a swifter picture of cognitive deficit.


Where to study University of Adelaide or Flinders University?

Both the Universities in the same area are ranked in the top list by the students, but what to choose?

According to a survey, it seems that most students opt for Adelaide University on Flinders University as it has many calibers in the field of Health and Science. But Flinders does have an optometry course which the Adelaide lacks. Despite all the differences at the end both of them are a good choice but if we consider some area they the University of Adelaide is better than Flinders University.

Considering the postgraduate for medical science the students choose mostly Flinders as Adelaide Medicine only offers around 10 places a year for transfers.

The students need to examine all the parameters for their course and they should choose the University.

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