Why Cranfield University Is The Best To Pursue Post Graduation In Aerospace?

Want to gain a Postgraduate degree in the Aerospace sector? Then why not do it from one of Europe’s leading University that has its own airport and runway? Cranfield University is one of the few Universities in the world to run its own airport & runway. Providing a large number of accredited aerospace degree courses, Cranfield has become UK’s top destination for aerospace engineering for students around the world. With multiple full time, part time and short courses in the Aerospace sector, they provide a larger exposure to knowledge as well as greater opportunities in the sector.

Studying Aerospace Engineering at Cranfield University is much more than just pursuing a degree; the practical education and research courses provided there are unrivaled. They help provide the students with a deeper insight into the subjects. You can enroll into the 1 year. Post graduation courses or apply for any of the short courses of your liking in the Aerospace sector. This helps you gain not just more knowledge but also greater experience. Not just that, Cranfield University also holds a number of research projects that can help you gain access to a whole different level of knowledge in the aerospace sector.

Cranfield University provides probably the best facilities and education in the Aerospace Sector and we will be conferring about the same in this blog. Below are given some pointers to help you understand, how Cranfield University is in a class by itself when it comes to Aerospace courses.


Cranfield University provides a number of full-time, part-time as well as short courses in the aerospace sector. With more than 200 doctoral students & around 400 students pursuing MSc in the Aerospace sector, Cranfield University has been successful in providing many courses in the sector. Our full-time courses include courses like the MSc degree courses in Aerospace Propulsion option, Aerospace Vehicle design, Autonomous Vehicle Dynamics & Control, etc; while the part-time courses include MSc courses in Aircraft Engineering and Military Aerospace & AIrworthiness.

There are also some courses like the MSc courses in Aerospace Dynamics, Aeronautics & space Engineering, Guided Weapon Systems, etc. available in both full-time as well as part-time format. Moreover, if you wish to gain a deeper knowledge of subjects in the Aerospace sector, you can also choose from their variety of short courses including courses like Aircraft Fatigue & Damage Tolerance, Airframe Systems design, CFD for Aerospace Applications, etc. With such a wide range of course options in the Aerospace sector to choose from, you get a choose a more specific career for yourself.


Research is a big part of Postgraduate studies. Research projects help you put all your theoretical knowledge and innovative skills together to create something exceptional. Cranfield University has always been known for its impeccable research opportunities and projects. They give their students all the guidance required to work on ongoing Aerospace research projects. According to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 81% of Cranfield’s research is world-leading or internationally excellent.

A good example would be the recent aerospace project for the development of the world’s first flapless turbojet powered UAV called ‘Demon’. It is a blended wing body unmanned Aircraft made by Cranfield University in partnership with BAE Systems and EPSRC. It is a revolutionary technology in the field of Aviation. Many other such ongoing research opportunities in the Aerospace sector include studentships like Automated Aircraft Inspections using Robotics, Non-linear model reduction for flexible structures, PhD in flow control through acoustic excitation, etc. Working on such projects can not only help you get a first-hand experience of research work but also gives you an opportunity to work with professional researchers & be a part of some exceptional research.


Providing world-class education facilities has always been the first on the priority list of Cranfield University. They provide the best in class laboratories and facilities to help their students understand Aerospace technology precisely. Cranfield’s facilities in the Aerospace sector are unmatched, with some of the best laboratories like Open Laboratory for Automated assembly research, Air Traffic Management Laboratory to holistically understand the transformational research in air transportation & air traffics management, Aerospace Autonomy Laboratory for researching on large aerial platforms, developing algorithms, sensors, communications and network systems for aerospace, etc.

Cranfield also has facilities like the Flight Simulator and Cabin Evacuation Facility, Accident Investigation Facilities. Besides this, they also have various tunnel facilities like 8×4 Atmospheric Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel to understand the stimulation of flow fields associated with atmospheric winds, Gun Tunnel which is an intermittent, blow-down wind tunnel which can simulate hyper sonic flow, Weybridge Wind Tunnel which is an open section closed return wind tunnel, primarily used for static and dynamic testing of small models, component testing, calibration and demonstrations, etc. These facilities help you understand different aspects of aviation perfectly.

Career Opportunities

Being a Postgraduate from Cranfield University opens many doors for you in the future. Working with more than 1500 businesses around the world, Cranfield also has strategic relationships with many great companies like Airbus, AVIC, BAE Sytems, Boeing and Rolls-Royce. Owing to the high-quality teaching standards at Cranfield, many of their alumni go on to work in aerospace, space & associated industries. The unique validation & demonstration facilities at Cranfield helps to forge their students to become innovative and perform their best in research fields. A validation to this is that Cranfield ranks among the top 4 UK universities for commercial research, consultancy & professional development alongside Oxford, Imperial & Cambridge Universities. Their students & researchers are highly sought-after and work with some of the world’s top aerospace companies on various research projects. They have worked on and completed a number of research projects with many companies.

Furthermore, the teaching staff at the Cranfield University comprises of the best experts in the field of Aerospace Technology who understand Aerospace sector inside out. They also have student advice centers who are willing to engage with you to help you understand what courses would be best for you depending on your interests and potential. They even hold many scholarships & grants options to help you manage the funding of your courses while you study at Cranfield.

Cranfield University provides the best of the best education facilities when it comes to the Aerospace sector. It is an ideal destination if you want to build a flourishing career in Aerospace Engineering.

Author’s Name- Pranjali Shukla

Author’s Bio- A content specialist at Walnut Folks by profession and a skilled education expert & counselor; she has expertise in guiding students in creating the correct career selections in line with their passions & potential. She understands the global education system & helps students make the right choices for learning abroad.

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