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The Ultimate Guide to Jobs after MBA in 2020

What are the Jobs after MBA?

A Master of Business Administration is a highly coveted and esteemed degree which focuses not only on building skills for careers in areas such as finance, human resources, marketing, and operations management, it is also characterized program of a successful networking among both peers from different backgrounds, as well as business people in the market.

It aims at bringing about a well-rounded graduate in business, having different traits within one individual post completion of the degree. Not just a normal graduate in business administration, even graduates in science and arts can take up an MBA, and this is what makes it a very diversified discipline.

With the skills acquired in the MBA program, along with the theoretical command, a person can change the raw potential and move towards substantial options. While most MBA programs focus on the core curriculum with subjects like economics, accounting, and marketing, the better ones also want you to acquire some concrete skills by gaining first-hand experience in the corporates through an internship. Also, while most foreign universities focus on English as their main language of curriculum, some regional state-funded universities also have the course in languages like German, French, etc.

The important specializations that most MBA programs provide for are as follows :


The present business environment is the times of marketing. No matter how good your product is, if it isn’t marketed well, it wouldn’t take much time before some other firm with a mediocre product but a good marketing team implementing specialized marketing strategies takes over the market share, while a better product has to eat dust. An MBA in marketing thus would focus more on knowing how the consumer behaves, the importance of brand building, promotions, managing the product and advanced business strategies.

Jobs after MBA in Marketing

An MBA in Marketing holder can always aim at joining the best of recruiters including Sony, Avalon Consulting, Raymond Ltd. and other product-oriented firms who always look for skilled professionals for better marketing of their products. The person can become Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Media Planner, Product Manager, etc. The recent times have seen a surge in demand for professionals having skills in Digital Marketing as the companies are shifting more towards reaping dividends of the increased digitization around the world.


One of the most fundamental parts of an organization is the finance department, and most of it is managed by a skilled geek in math and accounts. For a person having the existing skill set in accounts, an MBA in finance further refines your skills, acknowledged by financial corporations, industries like healthcare and also government agencies like Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The most important work includes finance and asset management, portfolio investment managing, analytical financial management, technical analyst, etc.

What kind of jobs after MBA in finance?

While entry-level jobs for an MBA in finance range from Credit Risk Management Analyst to Portfolio Manager, in individual capacity to one, can focus on building the resume by going for course in Financial Risk Management and Chartered Financial Analyst, following which, Big Four firms like KPMG, Ernst & Young provide lucrative posts to the applicants. Further, even the public sector offers opportunities to an MBA in Finance with posts like finance officers and accountants.

Apart from the traditional career avenues, an MBA in Finance going for entrepreneurship can themselves start a venture to provide services ranging from Equity and Venture Capital to Portfolio Management of private individuals or bigger firms who are looking for outsourcing to cut on expenditure? The doors thus remain open for starting your venture in this dynamic investment climate.


The need for a competent economic decision maker and an articulate mindset skills to augment the business potential has made the prospect of a B-school degree holder in Economics a lucrative prospect. The focus of this degree to provide the individual with the proper skill set required to analyze the local market, anticipate its requirements in the coming future and inspect what the future holds in terms of business scanning the international market and local market merit.

Jobs After MBA In Economics

The degree helps you to get a job which requires you to be both a specialized economics student along with having the skills to land up in a corporate environment. Most of the jobs are related to more supervisory roles and decision-making roles, and hence the importance attached to the role is quite great. Big consulting firms would require you to do quality research and treasury banking with this profile.

Human Resources Management

While MBA holders are mostly expected to manage the business, the important prerequisite of it comes from the human resources recruiter, who can get you the job done with a cent percent precision. This particular field not only sharpens your skills to hunt for the organization, but it also improves your skills vis-a-vis corporate management and business coaching.

Jobs After MBA In Human Resources Management

The three major areas which seek for HR postgraduates are corporate, agencies and consults, and outsourced recruitment firms. The fresh graduates with no/little corporate experience are initially put into recruitment, salary processing, and payroll, along with designing Employee Appointment Letter as initial jobs. With gradual experience, the role moves on to designing important schedules for training, designing personal programs for recruitment drives in universities, and identifying talent to be pushed through major projects and learning activities for role changes.

With the surge in recruitment agencies taking over outsourced screening jobs, the managerial post is always a lucrative prospect with tasks like filtering applications, matching them with upcoming jobs, etc. Similarly, there are certain jobs like those of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) where if an employee leaves the client midway, the RPO makes sure the client doesn’t have to keep hunting for a recruit by providing with a regular supply of relevant skilled professionals for the particular job.

Rural Management

An MBA in Rural Management specializes in Public Health, Education, Rural Marketing, Agri-Business or Corporate Social Responsibility. The idea behind this course to understand the dynamism involved with the burgeoning rural sector where the scope of development is immense. The other aim of it is also to help in human resource development so that a new section of prospective market emerges out of increasing the human development index. This means that the ones specializing in this course would either work for the upliftment of rural poor by direct intervention through funds allocated by corporates or sourcing the funds by getting engaged with different developmental agencies working in this area.

Jobs After MBA In Rural Management

While MBA graduates in this particular field are mostly generalist, with the experience they gain in the field, they expertise in a niche area and thus build their career eventually. Private firms like Yes Foundation, UNICEF, United Nations Development Program not only seek for skilled individuals for the coordination activities, the MBA holders are also asked to recruit volunteers in their area of expertise for certification or paid internships.

Further, certain governmental agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations on the national level like CARE, Akshay Patra Foundation and International Organizations like the Bills and Melinda Foundation also come up with lucrative job opportunities for the people who are genuinely interested in doing something for the lowest strata of the society.

MBA in International Business

With the coming of globalization and the governments all around the world relying heavily on foreign investments and companies to set up projects in their demographic space, the need for a technical person who can increase the sales and manage business understanding local dynamics of a different space and audience as their parent one is increasing. Hence comes the Degree in International Business, where companies seek skilled MBA holders who can provide them with the right strategies to tackle cut-throat competition from various counterparts in the same field.

The MBA graduate in this field is expected to understand trends, analyze differences in tastes of the local, and develop business strategies to get a hold on the market share for their product, which may or may not have a current demand in the field.

Jobs After MBA In International Business

Posts like Project Manager, International Logistics Manager, Exports Manager, Brand Manager in various MNC’s in sectors ranging from Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) to various fast food outlets, multi-brand retailers have made sure the degree remains in high demand in the coming times.

As we can deduce, Masters in Business Administration continues to find scope and relevance in this dawn of the internet era. Business has not only become simpler, but it has also become faster and more competitive. Companies thus are focusing on highly relevant and skilled MBA holders who can take over the analytical, managerial, supervisory, human resource and financial part to expand their business, taking the risk of expanding even to places never looked into before. A business school this is not only about the degree one acquires from there, but also about the wide range of cultural diversity and organizational skills that one attains when one steps into a B-school, be it the IVY league or a medium range college.

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