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Established in 1959, the York University Act resulted in the establishment of a to-be worldwide recognized as the hub of the most renowned schools in business, arts, and sciences, the York University. Among the different schools of York University is its popular business school called The Schulich School of Business, which is located in the green and clean Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The primary location of it is the Seymour Schulich Building, which is in the Keele Campus in Toronto, Ontario. Adding to that, the school also boasts of an executive education center in the downtown of Toronto, adding to the plethora of satellite campuses around the world, including those in Seoul, Mumbai, Beijing, and Shanghai. There are offices in Hyderabad, Moscow, and Seoul. The School offers diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate business degrees which can help students seek for various career options in both private and public sectors. The institute has around 29,000 alumni and hence has a wide network of abled individuals in around 90 countries of the world.

Schulich started Canada’s first International MBA (IMBA) along with International BBA (IBBA). It also has North America’s first cross-border executive MBA Degree.

What are the different Diploma Programs offered by Schulich School of Business?

The Schulich School has an offering of two Graduate level Diploma Programs which are as followed :

  • Post-MBA Advanced Management – This particular Diploma Program is open only to those individuals who hold an MBA Degree or Equivalent from an accredited North American Business School. The MBA program of the applicant must be a two-year full-time program with a minimum of 60 credits.
  • Diploma in Financial Engineering.

The best thing about Schulich School is it also offers 18 specializations within the MBA curriculum as well as part-time and full-time degree options.

What are the different Graduate Programs offered by the Schulich School of Business?

  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • IMBA – International Masters of Business Administration; this course specializes in International Business.
  • Ph.D. – Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration
  • India MBA – The Management school in Schulich offers an MBA program at the Schulich GMR Campus in India.
  • MBA with a Juris Doctor – Masters in Business Administration with a Juris Doctor who is in partnership with the Osgoode Hall Law School, under the York University.
  • MPA – Master of Public Administration
  • Executive Masters in Business Administration  – This is a joint MBA program along with Kellogg School of Management under the Northwestern University.

Along with all this, the institution also provides the following courses :

  • MBAN – Master of Business Analytics
  • MF – Master of Finance
  • MREI – Master of Real Estate and Infrastructure
  • MMgt – Master of Management
  • MAcc – Master of Accounting

Undergraduate programs

The Schulich School of Business has two undergraduate programs which are :

  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • iBBA – International Bachelor of Business Administration


Students need not have any specialization in a particular discipline. However, according to the needs of the students, he/she can opt for any specialization in up to two areas which can be from the following list :

  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family Business
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Organization Studies
  • Operations Management
  • Information Systems
  • Strategic Management

The ones opting for or aspiring for iBBA must also have completed at least one semester of study abroad at one of Schulich’s partner universities or institutions. He/She must have taken and completed a foreign language course every year. The most popular specializations are Marketing, Finance, and Accounting.

Adding to that, the undergraduate students in iBBA, as well as BBA programs, have an option of pursuing a Certificate in Managing International Trade and Investment. This is one of the first certificates that is being offered at the Schulich School.

Different Courses and their Fees Structure

  1. Master of Business Administration

The course is 16-20 months long and is a Masters Level Program. The course helps students gain some skills in the field of interest through selection from 18 areas of specialization which includes Industry Sectors, Management Functions, Special Business Issues like Arts, Media, Accounting and Entertainment Management, Business and Sustainability and Entrepreneurial Studies.

  • Tuition Rs 39.66 Lakhs
    Other + Rs 9.30 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 48.97 Lakhs

Entry Requirements :

GMAT: 550

b) Master of Business Analytics

This is a 12 month long Masters Program. The center point of the program is the Analytical Consulting Project in which students are required to spend at least two terms working with real-time data which can further be used for the service and welfare of the community. The course would help the student directly interfere with industry leaders and develop good organizational skills.

  • Tuition Rs 39.64 Lakhs
    Other + Rs 12.38 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 52.02 Lakhs

Entry Requirements :

GMAT and GRE accepted.

c) Master of Finance

This is a 12 month long Masters Program. The course would help students develop a deep understanding of corporate finance, private equity financing, risk assessment and management, portfolio investment and management and so on. Adding to that, the experience gained from attending relevant and technical seminars organized by the University along with certain sister institutions also adds to the skills of the individual.

  • Tuition Rs 39.64 Lakhs
    Other + Rs 8.91 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 48.55 Lakhs

Entry Requirements :

GMAT and GRE Accepted


TOEFL: 100

d) International Master of Business Administration

It is a 20 month Masters Level Program. The course helps students get some first-hand experience in business negotiations, both national and international, along with stakeholder analysis and be able to apply the theories into the practical field of global business. Again, the course also helps students learn more about industry sectors, special business issues which again includes Arts, Accounting, Media and Entertainment, Financial Risk Management, Financial Services, Global Mining Management, and Health Industry Management.

  • Tuition Rs 39.66 Lakhs
    Other + Rs 9.30 Lakhs
  • 1st-year total fees= Rs 48.97 Lakhs

Entry requirements :

GMAT: 550

GRE Accepted


TOEFL: 100

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