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Career Guidance- The Free Expert Advice

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Career Guidance or Career Counseling is the role of a practitioner who gives advice to a person who is in a dilemma in choosing the right career option for himself/herself.

With their counseling techniques, they take out the results and actually make the person realize their ability, confidence and make them realize which career can be accurate for them.

Career Counseling sessions have a fee system whereas free expert advice can be given by someone closer to the person who is in a dilemma but Career Guidance is an important part of an individual’s life as it helps the individual to shape his/her career.

What Is Career Guidance?

Career Guidance is a process that provides guidance to people who face a variety of challenges during their career choosing moments.

  These sessions’ main aim is to make the person realize which career is best for them.

In this whole process sometimes students realize their self-worth, personality, gain confidence and many change their streams and choose a different stream, Career Guidance is thus, very effective in nature.

Some important points are:

  • It is the process in which provides and offers a variety of careers to students who often phase difficulty in choosing their career.
  • In this process, many times students gain their confidence, realize their self-worth.
  • The process or technique is very effective in nature.
  • Students sometimes change their streams and pursue a different career.

Career Guidance Bureau

Career Guidance Bureau is a committee which supports and train candidates for all types of competitive exams in order to shape their career.

The main objective of the committee is to focus on the course, study material and to create excellent records.

Personal attention is provided to every student, frequent exams are taken by the bureau to monitor the student’s performance to access the best results.

  • The committee which supports and train candidates for entrance and competitive examinations.
  • They focus on the course and study material and bring out the best out of the individual.
  • Personal attention is provided to each candidate.
  • Frequent examinations are held to check the growth of the students.

Career Guidance After 12th

12th is the last year of school and students search for the best streams and best colleges for themselves around the world.

Many of the students after taking career counseling sessions change their high school stream and thus choose something new in the college.

Many times students who opt for Science or Mathematics opt for History and Journalism in their college years.

Thus, 12th is the most important class where a student should be decisive about their career stream.

  • The most important year of a student to choose their further career in.
  • Students in 12th grade can opt for career counseling or guiding sessions.
  • Many students change their subject stream after 12th grade in college.
  • Students should make up their mind after passing 12th grade as an ample number of career options awaits them.

Career Guidance after 12th Science

There are many options a student can choose from the Science stream after 12th.

People often have thought that after taking Science in 12th, Engineering is the only option which is completely wrong as there are ample of options from one can choose their career from after 12th Science.

Some of them are Bachelors in Animal Husbandry, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Dairy Technology, Home Science, Paramedical Courses, etc.

  • There are more than 50 options students can choose from after 12th Science.
  • Students can even change their stream Science after 12th class.
  • Taboo or misconception of opting for only an Engineering degree should be ignored.
  • Some of the career options are Fashion Technology, Journalism, General Nursing, etc.

Career Guidance after 10th 

In many of the schools, students are asked to choose a stream they want to build their future in, in 10th class and are promoted accordingly.

The options mainly are in Mathematics-Science, Commerce, Arts, Biology, etc. and then there are optional subjects such as Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Computer, Physical Education, etc.

Students are expected to select their subject amongst them in order to what they want to pursue further. 

  • In 10th grade students are expected to select specific subject streams in which further after 12th grade they want to pursue their career.
  • Many students take the help of career guidance sessions as 10th grade is a much younger age to take such a tough decision.
  • Students thus take suitable decisions and choose and additional subject with their core subjects.
  • Subject options can be in Commerce, Arts, Science, Computer Science, Biology etc.

Career Guidance Test

There are career Guidance Tests organized by many schools and organizations and also these tests are conducted online which measures and gives the results of a candidate’s mind that in which stream particularly they want to make their career in.

There are many famous websites like CareerExploxer.com which gives 800+ career options to their candidates and tries to choose the best for their candidates.

  • It is a career test that tells which is the most suitable career option for the candidate.
  • Used in many schools and organizations.
  • These tests are also available online.
  • Some of the famous websites are CareerExploxer.com, Career Quiz, etc.

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