KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is a further education college in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on manufacturing and expertise. KTH stands for Kungliga Tekniska högskolan.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, shortened as KTH, is a community research academy in Stockholm, Sweden.

KTH holds investigation and schooling within manufacturing and expertise, as well as is Sweden’s leading technical academy.

Presently, KTH comprises of five colleges with five grounds in and about Stockholm.

Kth Royal Institute Of Technology

KTH is the highest-ranked mechanical academy in Sweden. It is graded top 100 in the sphere among all academies in the 2020 world rankings.

In the 2018 global Rankings by Over-all Topic, KTH categorized 30 within manufacturing and machinery.

In the corresponding Precise Subject position, KTH positioned the top 35 in Building as well as Built Situation, Electrical Manufacturing, Motorised Manufacturing, and Resources Knowledge.

In the Times Advanced Teaching World College Influence Standings 2018 KTH graded as number 5 amid universities internationally. Some lesser-known facts about the university are:

  • It is the oldest university of Sweden
  • Most of the research work in the academic section of the country is carried out in this university
  • The courses being diverse, attract a lot of good work and variations inside the lab rooms of the prestigious university
  • Sweden’s maiden television broadcast was made from the campus of this university

Kth Royal Institute Of Technology Ranking

KTH is the uppermost categorized methodological college in Sweden. It is classified in the top 100 universities list in the global ranking list.

In 2019 the globally acclaimed QS World University Rankings by means of Universal Business, KTH graded 36 in production and knowledge.

KTH is similarly a chief companion in the European Information and Invention Groups designed by the respected EU society.

The energy inside the ground sustainable vigor plus EIT ICT Workrooms inside data and communiqué investigation.

Five planned multidisciplinary investigation stages have remained formed to augment KTH’s magnetism as a chief strategic investigation companion.

  • The university has a huge fraction of international students in the research field.
  • It is a partner in numerous academic and research institutes all over the globe.
  • It has various student exchange facilities with other globally acclaimed universities.
  • Multiple campuses help build the room for various kinds of research to be held simultaneously

Kth Royal Institute Of Technology Masters

The master’s degree in the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is enriched and defined.

Students describe it to be easy going but one needs to be sincere and work smart rather than working hard.

The level of the course depends on the subjects or themes that one chooses to study.

Focus is usually upon securing the minimum marks to get qualifies for the next module. The most unique thing is that one may sit a number of times to keep improving the grade. Here are some details of the course:

  • Some subjects don’t have descriptive exams, just practical work
  • Projects are allotted which is as important as scoring well in the written exams
  • The grading system is from A to F, A being the highest and F being the lowest
  • Duration of the exam is usually four hours

Kth Royal Institute Of Technology Fees

A gradation from KTH is an outlay for a lifetime. For educations at KTH, submission and schooling fees are compulsorily aimed at some scholars.

KTH Combined Programme Grant is obtainable for the time expended at KTH. Grants, allowances as well as other methods of monetary provision for educations at KTH are likewise obtainable from administrations and fundamentals all-inclusive.

Apart from that, the university offers some additional services to the fees paying students as well.

  • Bachelor of Science: INR 10 lakh
  • Master of Science: INR 12 lakh
  • Computer science gradation: INR 12 lakh
  • MBA: INR 11 lakh

Kth Royal Institute Of Technology Sweden

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm was founded in 1827 and has become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities.

The key center of intellectual talent and innovation as well. It is Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution and home to students. Researchers and faculty around the world dedicated to advancing knowledge. It offers education in technological subjects with a strong professional touch. The reasons to study at this university may include:

  • It is the top-graded engineering university of Sweden
  • It is globally renowned with much admiration and respect
  • The academic courses are varied and updated 
  • The international student exchange program is a new and a much welcome concept

Schools of KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Since the Institute’s founding in 1827, it has been an epicenter of technological advances in Sweden. It offers more than 60 master’s programs taught in English in subjects spanning from naturals sciences to different branches of engineering and architecture.

KTH’s activities are separated into different Schools; each of these heads a number of Departments, Centres of excellence and undergraduate study programs. They are:

  1. School of Architecture and the Built Environment
  2. School of Engineering Sciences
  3. School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
  4. School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Health
  5. School of Industrial Engineering and Management

KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Facts and Figures

Given below are the facts and figures of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, you must know as to why to choose the university:

  • The Institution housed a Nuclear Reactor (R1 Reactor) under its campus.
  • The University received a QS World University ranking of #98 and Times Higher Education Ranking of #201-250.
  • The university has a student-to-faculty ratio of 4:1.
  • The largest and the oldest University of Technical Nature in Sweden.
  • Has a yearly budget of over $5 million.
  • 13% of the students are either an international student or exchange students
  • Has its own accolade for significant achievement students, namely the KTH Great Prize, where a large sum of money is given to the students who have made significant achievements in the past year.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology: Programs offered

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is predominantly a Research school, due to which most of the courses offered by the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, are directed towards Masters students. The University offers only one Bachelor’s course namely Bachelor’s in Information and Communication Technology. Each of the 5 schools belonging to KTH offers their own Masters’s courses. Some of the master’s courses offered by each school are:-

Master Programs offered by the School of Architecture and the Built Environment
Real Estate and Construction Management
Architectural Lighting Design
Transport and Geoinformation Technology
Sustainable Technology
Transport Mobility and Innovation
Master Programs offered by the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences
Embedded Systems
Systems, Control and Robotics
Software Engineering of Distributed Systems
Renewable Energy (RENE)
Master Programs offered by the School of Engineering Sciences
Naval Architecture
Engineering Physics
Aerospace Engineering
Computer Simulations for Science and Engineering
Master Programs offered by the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Health
Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology
Molecular Science and Engineering
Macromolecular Materials
Medical Biotechnology
Polymer Technology
Master Programs offered by the School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Engineering Design
Engineering Material Science
Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy ME3 (Joint Erasmus+)
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (One Year)

Versatile Solutions to Global Challenges, by KTH

KTH collaborates closely with various industries and society, to create a natural arena for the practical implementation of research results. Currently, KTH is working closely with the same in the pursuit of providing solutions to the greatest problems and challenges of today’s time, such as climate change, sustainability, future energy supply, urbanization, etc. These problems are being addressed by the Institute by researching deeply into it through different aspects of natural sciences and engineering, planning, and management. 

Not only is the Institute a part of extensive researches and collaborations, but it also participates in a large number of educational exchange and joint programs. 

KTH continues to focus on research and education for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow while parallelly performing interdisciplinary research in different fields with specific disciplines. The university is also a major partner in two out of three European Knowledge and Innovation Communities formed by the EU’s European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT): InnoEnergy, within the field of sustainable energy, and EIT ICT Labs, within information and communication research.

Service at the University

  1. Student Services: KTH provides counseling to all students, where the counselor helps the student become more aware of its resources and to make better choices in life ahead. The counseling provided is qualified and confidential.
  2. Housing Services: KTH offers to the house to many international students but, due to limited residencies available, many students need to find houses by themselves.
  3. Library Services: The main library at KTH Campus is Sweden’s largest library for technology with a vast selection of books, scientific journals, and databases. It is a common meeting spot for many students.
  4. Medical Services: The Student Health Service provide counseling and support in psychological matters related to your studies. School can be a lot to take in at times. Therefore the Institute provides facilities to help the students get through it.

Vision and Mission

KTH Royal Institute of Technology envisions to continuously assess the impact of various efforts in society and contribute to intellectual resources. KTH wishes for its students and researchers to create new approaches to some of the most critical challenges of our times. 

KTH aspires to keep inspiring students to look for invention in challenges and real-world problems, therefore leading to a brighter and sustainable tomorrow.

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