M.A. English-Syllabus

M.A.English is basically a two-year-long postgraduate development in the zone of English language as well as literature. The progression shelters English fictitious lessons, concepts, reproach and education, all in the arrangement of philosophy.

The lowest eligibility condition compulsory for the applicants is to own a Bachelor’s shade in English or else pertinent punishment since a documented college with the lowest collective slash of 60%. M.A. in English or else Master of Arts in English is a graduate theoretical gradation.

The English language comprises complete education of equally antique and contemporary English literature encompassing poetry, writing style and literature.

Syllabus for M.A. in English

An MA also is known as Master of Arts is characteristically a one or two-year-long course for a Graduate mark in a fixated arena of education within the humankind or communal disciplines.

An MA in English Trainings is appreciated as it might harvest a diversity of services that are transportable to numerous occupations. Graduating with a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in English, from Topmost Universities, Programme, Choice, and Income are all lucrative in the academic field.

It is basically a 2-year long postgraduate sequence in the English language as well as works. The sequence shelters English legendary educations, philosophies, reproach as well as tutoring, all in the practice of philosophy.

M.A. English Syllabus: Semester Wise

MA grade in the subject of English is basically a 2-year long post-graduation sequence in English writings which happens to be a federation of contemporary as well as antique literature.

It emphases on the various main features of English Nonfiction namely theatre, text and verse. The development comprises literature commencing all over the realm like American, Scottish, as well as Polish, amid others.

M.A. English Syllabus: Semester 1

  • African and American English Training 
  • American Works
  • Commonwealth Nonfiction

M.A. English Syllabus: Semester 2

  • British literature part 1
  • British literature part 2
  • British literature part 3

M.A. English Syllabus: Semester 3

  • Indian literature
  • English language
  • Literature theory

M.A. English Syllabus: Semester 4

  • Shakespearean literature
  • Approaches to schooling English

M.A. English literature syllabus

MA in the subject of English comprises cultural, radical, communal as well as historical settings of English Works planned at an unconventional level.

Scholars who take up BA in the subject of English usually choose this sequence to settle more into the depth and education of English literature. Masters in English is an innovative level package which entails attentiveness as well as concentration.

But afore following any sequence, it is significant to distinguish every part concerning the development. The job prospects related to this course are:

  • English translator
  • English teacher
  • Editor at esteemed magazines
  • Content writer and developer

M.A. English syllabus distance education

The national and global request for teachers of English is snowballing at a great stride. Keeping in attention the request of English students, M.A in English climaxes the groundwork of teachers in such a method which inspires independent knowledge as well as other self-governing knowledge approaches that can authorize scholars to familiarize the altering and modern difficulties. The syllabus for distance education in literature includes:

  • British drama
  • British poetry
  • History of English literature


  • What is the eligibility for MA in English?

Ans: (10+2) education and a bachelors’ degree from a recognized university.

  • Can it be attended part-time?

Ans: Not really. It can either be long-distance or the normal course of study,

  • What is the difficulty level of the masters’ degree?

Ans: It is intermediate. Higher than bachelors and lower than a PhD.

  • How much time do you need to study for this course?

Ans: This actually depends on the course,

  • Can you study masters online?

Ans: Some universities do offer Masters Course online.

  • What is the difference between a masters and a PhD?

Ans: Both are postgraduate degrees but PhD is more advanced as a field of study.

  • How long is the course?

Ans: It is usually a 2 year-long course.

  • Is masters in English a graduate degree?

Ans: In some of the foreign universities, MA is a graduate degree but in India MA is a post-graduate degree.

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