St. Clair College

ST. Clair College

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology was established in 1966. It was situated in Ontario, Canada. The college is not having a single branch, there are different branches of the college spread all over southern Ontario. The biggest campus of the college is located in Windsor, Ontario. The college is offering various courses in various different subjects. The diploma programs and certificate courses are also provided by the college in the different subjects of arts and technology. The main and head branch of this college is named, Western Ontario Institute of Technology.

St. Clair College Canada

There are different branches of St. Clair College in Canada. The college is purchasing more and more land for expanding its campus. In 2014, the sports complex is also built named SportsPlex. The name of this college is also in a good position in the corporate world.

St. Clair College in Canada: –   

  • Western Ontario Institute of Technology is the main form where the roots of the college come.
  • The college was established in the year 1966.
  • Every year more than 1100 international students take admission in this college.
  • The college also provides scholarships for the student of about $1.5 million every year.
  • The scholarships ensure that the deserving students will not lose the opportunity for taking admission due to money.
  • The college so many different types of courses in various subjects.
  • This also provides diploma and certificate courses.

St. Clair college Canada ranking: – 

The college consists of 9000 students out of which 6500 students are studying on the main campus of the college. There are over 200 faculties in colleges for teaching. The acceptance rate of this college is 44 percentage/ (44%). The student satisfaction score of this college is approx. 80%. It was ranked according to student satisfaction in the top 5 colleges.

St. Clair College Canada reviews: –

The reviews of students regarding the college are very good. The faculties are very good and very well at teaching. They let the students understand very smartly in their preferred subject. The surroundings and atmosphere of the college are very awesome. You will experience a great and studious environment.

  • There are different departments for student services.
  • The faculty is very friendly and working with the students very hard.
  • The management of the college is helpful and supportive.
  • It gives you a good placement as well.
  • You will learn IT related problems.
  • The environment is studious and awesome.
  • There is a different department for physically handicapped people.


St. Clair College of Toronto is named as Ace Acumen Academy. The campus is located in Toronto, Ontario. This college which comes under St. Clair college gives you an opportunity of providing quality study and student-friendly education. 

  • St. Clair College of Toronto gives you a great metropolitan experience.
  • It is establishing an overseas and successful leader.
  • It is providing an off-site program study option for 45 years.
  • A huge number of international students take admissions to the Toronto campus.
  • Every year the curriculum is designed according to the international students.
  • St. Clair college Toronto provides you good studious surroundings and as well as affordable fees.

St. Clair college Toronto campus: – 

The campus of Ace Acumen Academy is very nice. The atmosphere is studious. The faculties are very good at teaching and help you at every level so that the students understand everything properly and clearly. This is very big due to which the students will not feel the crowdedness. 

  • The campus of Toronto gives a great opportunity for international to take admission easily.
  • This campus provides you so many academic programs.
  • This provides you with programs related to business and computer systems technology as well.
  • The curriculum of this college is made by industry professionals according to the better future development of students.
  • It provides you low academic fees as compare to other colleges in Canada.
  • It keeps the class size smaller so that teacher-student interaction becomes more.

St. Clair college Toronto courses: –

 The college provides you four different types of programs. These courses are unique courses and provide you to an increase in your skills and ability. All the four courses are of two years each. The degree gives you after two years’ program along with the placement. Out of four, three of which are diploma courses and one is a certificate course.

  • Business (Diploma) – 2 years
  • Computer Systems Technician-Networking (Diploma) – 2 years
  • Social Service Working- Gerontology (Diploma) – 2 years
  • International Business Management-Logistics (Graduate certificate) – 2 years.

St. Clair college Toronto IELTS requirement: –

 The IELTS requirements are those requirements that make you eligible for the admission. IELTS requirements have changed for Indian students for applying for St. Clair College. The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. For studying in Canada every student needs to pass this IELTS test.

  • Overall IELTS is 6.
  • No students less than 6 will get admission.
  • For Medical students, marks should be 55% and above.
  • For Non-medical students, marks should be 55% and above.
  • For Commerce students, marks should be 55% and above.

St. Clair college Toronto location: –

 The Ace Acumen Academy which is licensed by St. Clair College. The location of this college 1440 Don Mills Road, Unit 102, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 


St. Clair College of Windsor is the main campus out of all branches of St. Clair College. The surroundings of the St. Clair College Windsor are very pleasant. There are shopping, recreational and nightlife opportunities. The college is providing a strong experience in academics. There are lots of facilities and technologies in the college which can be explored by the students.

  • The surroundings of the college are very awesome.
  • This is the main campus of the college.
  • This college has almost all the courses as compared to other branches.
  • Graduate, Post-graduate as well as Diploma courses of different subjects are there.

St. Clair College Windsor campus: –

 The St. Clair College is located in Windsor. This is the main campus of this College. The campus is situated at a very short distance from the Windsor or Detroit border. There is a broad range of courses on this campus. Also for extracurricular activities, there is a variety of sports, clubs, and associations available. 

  • The St. Clair College of Windsor is the main campus in which more than 6000 students are studying.
  • There are over 90 programs in the fields of Health Sciences, Community Studies, Engineering technology, and skills trades, etc.
  • The campus also opened a new sports complex named SportsPlex. 
  • The campus also has laboratories for performing practical.
  • The college also offers scholarships for international students.

St. Clair College Windsor Ontario: –

 This campus is the main campus of the St. Clair College. This is the largest campus of the college. The college is located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The college is known as the best college in Ontario. 

  • The college is having the biggest campus.
  • The college is well-known in the world of corporate.
  • The college has become the main part of the state of Ontario.
  • The state is contributing a lot to the development of the college.

St. Clair College Windsor courses: –

 There are a variety of courses in the St. Clair College of Windsor. Almost all full time, part-time as well as diploma courses are there in the college. 

  • The full-time courses include Architectural technology, all courses related to Business, Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical techniques, Personal Support worker, etc.
  • The part-time courses include Advantage skills academy, Aquatics, Corporate and professional training, etc.


The IELTS means International English Language Testing System. The international student has to pass this English language test only then the student will be eligible for taking admission in any of the colleges in Canada. The IELTS range is 6.0 and no one can take admission if he/she got less than 6.0.

St. Clair college ielts requirements 2019: – 

For general diploma programs

  • Canada and USA- Need high school diploma or transcript, or equivalent.
  • British education system- Graduation certificate in which students should be passed in 6 subjects along with English as the main subject.
  • South Asia- high school diploma or 12th-grade transcript. IELTS should be 5.5, no admission is allowed under 5.5 Ielts.
  • India- high school diploma or 12th-grade transcript. IELTS 6.0, no admission is allowed under 6.0 Ielts.
  • The proficiency scores of ielts are 6.0 and no band is less than 5.5 is allowed.


The St. Clair College is at 126th ranked in the Canadian Universities. The college has scored 80.2% in student satisfaction. The college comes in the top 5 among Ontario colleges. The employers are satisfied with 90% with the basic knowledge of students.


There are 115 full-time courses offered by the college in applied arts and technology. Also, the college is offering more than 50 part-time courses and over 30 continuing education courses.

  • Business and Information technology
  • Community studies
  • Engineering technologies
  • Health sciences
  • Justice studies
  • Media, art and design
  • Skilled trades


The St. Clair college of applied arts and technology is ranked in the top 5 colleges in Ontario. It is the most popular post-secondary college in Ontario. This college is providing almost all the courses related to the field of applied arts and technology. They acquire your skills and knowledge to that level so that you can get a first-class job. 

  • They are providing not even full-time programs but also providing diploma and certificate courses.
  • There are more than 8500 full-time courses and more than 100 diploma courses.
  • They are focusing on the field of Health, Technology, Business, Media Arts, and Social services.
  • They are also providing laboratories for practical purposes.


The offer letter of St. Clair College is the confirmation of admission letter which you will get after submitting the application. After applying for some particular course you will get an offer letter which is the confirmation of the admission.

  • The offer letter usually takes more than 15 days to come.
  • You need to deposit the acceptance fees after getting the offer letter.
  • The acceptance fees are mentioned in the offer letter.
  • After accepting the offer letter, you need to apply for your visa as well.


The college consists of more than 6000 international students. The residential facilities for international students are very awesome. The students will get fully furnished rooms for staying. The living environment is that supports you socially as well as educationally.

  • The residential place is safe for international students for living.
  • They got so many facilities in the room.
  • The colleges are providing scholarships for international students.
  • The surroundings are very friendly; you can make links very easily.


There are a number of post-graduation courses in the college. There are different programs related to different studies.

  • Business programs
  • Community studies programs
  • Media studies programs
  • Justice studies programs
  • Health sciences programs


This college is located in so many places in Canada. There are 4 different locations in the college.

  • South campus of the college located at Talbot Road West Windsor.
  • St. Clair college center for the arts located at Riverside Drive West Windsor.
  • Media plex located at Victoria Avenue Windsor.
  • Chatham Campus located at Grand Ave. West Chatham.

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