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Studying for your exams can be a frightening task sometimes. Students often face difficulties while studying for subjects that they particularly don’t like, not being able to concentrate emerges as a serious issue among them.

However, science offers a great solution to overcome the problems the students might face, by determining the ‘right’ direction for them to study.

‘Vastu Shastra’ can provide you with an explanation as to how the right direction can affect your studies positively. studying in different zones can provide different results.

Which Direction is Best for Study

According to the Hindu architectural system known as Vastu Shastra, you need to sit in a room in the North-East direction, while facing north or east.

The direction is known to guide positive energy towards you making you feel energetic. This helps you in concentrating and does not cause any strain or pressure on your mind. Studying accounts and mathematics facing the north direction can lead to better results.

West-Southwest zone works well for school students as it increases their interest in studies.

Best Direction to Study for Competitive Exams

The North direction signifies progress and East direction promotes growth, prosperity, and achievement.

The North-East is a productive place that helps you have new ideas, concentrate on your studies without tiring yourself. You should not block the North direction to enable the flow of positive energy.

You need an open and fresh mind to study for competitive exams as it requires you to focus on various subjective and objective areas, and the North-East direction can help you achieve that.

Best Direction for Study Table according to Vastu

Ensuring that your study table is placed in the right direction can provide effective results for your studying pattern. The study table should face North or East and should be rectangular or square in shape made with the best quality of wood.

There should be a gap of at least 3-4 inches between the wall and the study table, that ensures a free flow of ideas and positive energy and signifies open space.

Also, you need to make sure that your table is clean clutter-free. Clutter leads to confusion and mess that can lead to negative energy whereas a clean table signifies clarity and also enables you to complete your work faster.

You can also put up some inspirational posters in front of your table. If you need a study lamp, it should be kept in the South-East portion of the table.

Best Direction to Study for Students

While North-East signifies productivity and is an effective zone to do research work, West-Southwest zone is ideal for school students. Students are able to think of new ideas and develop the skills required for studies.

These directions enable the flow of energy, promote growth and helps students focus on their work. It also helps increase your retention power and understanding capabilities that result in improved performance.

Make sure you face the right direction and follow the guidelines and benefit from better results.


Q1. Is it necessary that my room should be located in the North-East direction?

Ans. No, if your room isn’t in the north-east, you can sit facing the north or east direction for better results.

Q2. My study table is located in the East-Northeast direction. Will it affect my studies?

Ans. The East-Northeast direction does not promote increased concentration, and a student is more inclined towards leisure activity. It also makes one think of studies as a burden that can further demotivate a person. So it is advisable to shift your study table in the right direction.

Q3. How will a decorated wall help me focus?

Ans. You should never sit facing a blank wall and instead cover it with inspirational quotes and pictures from the people you admire or a subject that you love. This can help channel your energy towards the right path while also helping you to understand better.

Q4. Will the right Vastu practice guarantee better results?

Ans. Vastu Shastra provides scientific explanations to focus on the positive energies around you. Following the guidelines given above will improve your focus, memory, and interest that will allow you to work hard.

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