Career Objective

Career Objective

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Career objective can be defined as the statement of one’s purpose, intent or goals for seeking employment or any position of responsibility in general.

Simplifying this, when a person applies for a job, the first question he/she faces is about his/her objective for applying and goals.

This helps the employer understand how can he/she be an asset towards the company’s goals and if their expectations are in line.

Career Objective for a Fresher

Career objective for a fresher is one of the trickiest things. You don’t want to miss out on important things as well as not over-express.

It has to be short and precise but not very short that it misses out on the focus of writing one. Other than this, deciding on what to write about is another major complication.

Freshers are generally unsure and indecisive about what they want. They’re out exploring and switching boats to see which sails the best for them.

Even when a person is sure about what they want, not everyone can pen down their thoughts in a desirable manner. At this stage, every person needs the assistance of some sort. 

A tip for this would be, try to write about how you think you can be beneficial to the organization you are applying in. Choose words that portray your confidence but estimate that too.

You don’t want to sound over-confident or over-smart. You can also focus on your forte or the skill you master. Describing that with respect to the company’s requirements is another good option.

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How to write a Career Objective

  1. Analyze your skill sets carefully. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Start with your strong traits.
  2. Read the job description and company objectives and goals. Tailor it to the position.
  3. Frame the sentences so as they talk about your skills and how they are in line with the company’s requirements. 
  4. Be precise and concise. Don’t write stories. The employer doesn’t devote much time and might not consider your resume/CV if the objective is long.
  5. Mention your experience and achievements.
  6. Always make it company-specific.
  7. Try to avoid first-person pronouns.
  8. Don’t lie.

Career Objectives Examples

Here is the Career objectives example:

Example 1:

I believe that my goals are in line with the company’s objectives and goals. I meet the requirements for this position and I can prove myself to be an asset with my skill set.

Example 2:

Looking forward to stimulating my career in this organization where I assure you that I have what it takes to stand-out and perform. I am adaptable, a quick learner and I can enhance my personal and professional skills in this challenging position.

Career Objective for CV

It is like a pitch for yourself as to why should the employer consider you and hire you out of all others who applied.

Generally, it is not a compulsion, but the employers don’t always go through the entire CV, and a well-written Objective could catch their eye and leave a better impression.

Career Objective CV Examples

Example 1:

Looking forward to using my interpersonal skills to achieve greater heights in this field.

Example 2:

Looking forward to holding a responsible position and utilize my skills and experience to the maximum.

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Career Objective for Teacher

An ideal career objective for teachers would be the one which talks about how passionate they are and don’t consider this as money-making the job.

Talking about how they can help unleash the student’s creativity and skills and help them in becoming a better individual can also be helpful

Teachers Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Looking forward to obtaining this position as I am very passionate about teaching and I want to be of help in molding the future of our nation.

Example 2:

Have a great experience and the required skills which assist students in better understanding. I also have an edge over technological advancements which enhance the learning experience for every young bud.

Example 3:

I believe teaching is not just about helping the students learn, it is about an all-around development of each and every kid that is inquisitive and curious to explore the knowledge he can gain.

Career Objective for Experienced

For experienced professionals, a career objective speaks more about what they seek from the company. Unlike freshers, it talks more about what they want instead of what the company would like.

Experienced career objective Examples

Example 1:

Looking forward to joining an organization where challenges are not obstacles but stairs to success.

Example 2:

Looking forward to joining an interactive organization with an optimistic atmosphere and innovative culture.

Career Objective for Engineers

For engineers, a career objective should be about the position they’re applying for and how their branch/specialization is apt and beneficial.

You should mention how your skills combined with the intern experience is a perfect match for their requirements.

A tip would be not getting into copy-paste business and only taking reference from the ones you find online.

Engineers Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

A focused individual seeking position in your company where I can be an asset by using my proficiency in XYZ field.

Example 2:

I have 5 years of experience in XYZ field and I aim to achieve the maximum outcome for the company with skills I possess.

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Career Objective for Mechanical Engineers

Reading and analyzing the job description and then mapping it with your skills set carefully could be a big tip.

Every position requires different skills, designing, machine maintenance, planning, mechanical device production, etc. Mention your skills to fit the position.

Mechanical Engineers Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

A resourceful person with experience in troubleshooting and problem-solving. A result-oriented individual looking forward to utilizing my cast experience of machine designing in a fast-paced organization.

Example 2:

Looking forward to building a career in production with my knowledge coupled with the industry experience I gained while interning during my engineering.

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Career Objective for Civil Engineers

Like mechanical, a career objective for civil engineer must also be specific about their specialization and how does it coincide with the company’s requirements and job description. If not a fresher, don’t forget to mention your experience and extraordinary achievement (if any).

Civil Engineers Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

A resourceful individual looking forward to bridging the gaps and lay a solid foundation with my skills and work.

Example 2:

Looking forward to building my professional and personal skills in the reputed construction industry.

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Career Objective for Software Developer

For career objectives for software developers, mention the course you have completed and the expertise you possess. Also mention a few skills, such as full-stack development, data structures, etc and the programming languages you are proficient in.

Software Developer Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Looking forward to obtaining a position in XYZ technologies where I can offer my technical expertise in programming analysis and application testing. I am well-honed with skills in computer science in addition to excellent communication skills.

Example 2:

I have completed my engineering in computer science and I am looking forward to work in a conducive environment where I can utilize my skills and experience of 3 years in coding, debugging and software testing.

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Career Objective for Marketing

Marketing is all about convincing. The objective for Marketing should be impressive and must talk about leadership, management, communication, etc skills and ability to determine strategies and effective decision-making processes.

Marketing career objective examples

Example 1:

Seeking a marketing position in XYZ company to put my knowledge and strong interpersonal skills for the enhancement of the company’s interests. I have solid experience and I can drive sales to increase profits.

Example 2:

I believe I can be an asset in developing the brand-name of the company with my first-rate management and presentation skills.

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Career Objective for Accountant

An account handles financial responsibilities for a company. They have a key role in every organization. They also engage in advising on financial matters. Your objective should talk about balancing, analyzing, examining and preparing.

Accountant Career Objective Examples

Example 1:

Seeking a position that will allow maximum utilization of my analytical skills and extensive experience.

Example 2:

Motivated individual with deep knowledge of principles and procedures of this industry. Looking forward to working with a fast-paced organization with growth through exposure and innovation opportunities.

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