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Indian Banking Careers is one of the top choices right now by young aspiring Indians. Since India is a developing country and with it, it is developing the interest of youth in the national economy. Some basic reasons behind this being the recent improvements which have been made in the economic sector by the government.

The investments of the private banks in the country are currently higher than ever before. Banking Careers are soon going to be the biggest fortune maker for the nation. Indian Banking Careers right now are a perfect mixture of jobs for everyone, which includes law, accounting, public relations, etc.

This also makes it one of the major choices in the minds of everyone, no matter what particular line of study the individual is pursuing.

There are three types of the bank currently in the Indian Banking sector which are-

  1. Commercial Banks
  2. Co-operative Banks
  3. Investments Banks

Further talking about commercial banks, some of their major role it plays is to accelerate the rate of capital information, provision of finance and credit and the banks of both scheduled and non- scheduled sector falls inside the category of commercial banks.

These commercial banks cover a very large part of Indian Banking Careers. Some notable top banks of the nation include

  • SBI
  • HDFC

Now coming to co-operatives, These are financial entities that were formed on a co-operative basis and are owned by there members i.e., The customer of these banks is an owner as well.

These institutions are functional worldwide and take deposits and lend money in most parts of the world. Unlike commercial banks, these are not stock banks but are co-operative organizations. And these do not fall under the direct control of the Reserve Bank of India.

Investment banks are a division of banks or financial institutions that provide advisory and assistance to government, corporations, and even individuals.

These should not be confused with IBD( Investment banking division ). While IBD provides only underwriting and M&A services, full-time investment banks in the Indian Banking sector provide some other services like equity research, asset management, and retail banking as well.

The bank probationary officer’s job in a public sector unit is considered one of the most attractive jobs in terms of stability, status, and other benefits. Private banks are also a very popular choice among individuals whose aim is focused on monetary benefits and career growth.

The craze justifies the Indian Banking Career is one of the fastest-growing choices of the nation. There are in total of 27 public sectors and 25 private sector banks in the country.

The first and foremost criteria for being eligible for jobs in this sector is a graduate in any line of study with a good percentage. For (SC/ST/PWD or any other such category), the minimum required percentage is 55%. And the main two posts in this sector for graduates are CLERICAL AND PO. To get a government bank job, the four institutions which can help you are- 

  1. The institute of banking personnel selection ( IBPS )
  2. The State Bank of India ( SBI )
  3. Reserve Bank of India( RBI )
  4. National Bank for agriculture and rural development ( NABARD )

To get into these institutions, one needs to clear the respective exam conducted by the institutions.

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