Cambrian College

Cambrian College is a public college of applied arts and technology established in 1967. Located in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, it is considered as Canada’s top post-secondary institution and is the largest college in North Ontario.

The Cambrian College has campuses in Sudbury, Espanola, and Little Current, where it offers various full-time and part-time courses to students from across the world.

The institute aims at providing world-class education and training with the best of facilities. Cambrian worked in contact with other universities, training institutions, and school boards to provide an enhanced educational experience and shared expertise.

Cambrian College- Courses offered

Cambrian College offers more than 80 full-time programs, diplomas, certificates, and grant certificates to around 4000 students.

It offers over 900 part-time courses to more than 7000 students across the campuses. These courses are offered through classroom learning, independent learning, distance education, and online learning.

  • For students who wish to pursue advanced studies in their field or acquire skills, Cambrian offers various graduate certificate courses.
  • It offers a full-time degree in courses like Health Sciences and Nursing, Engineering, Creative Arts and Music, Law, Business Management, Environment Studies, and much more.
  • It also offers a Lifelong Learning program that allows a person to undertake corporate training or certificate programs and study from home.
  • Cambrian college also provides the students with an opportunity to take up cooperative education to integrate academic study with on-the-job work experience.

Cambrian College- Admission Requirements

A student can apply to the Cambrian college by fulfilling certain admission requirements and entry criteria. The entry criteria vary according to the subject chosen.

Admission at the Cambrian is made on merit basis keeping in mind various characteristics of the students. Academic background, English proficiency, global perspectives are some of the characteristics on which the decisions are based.

A candidate can submit an online application along with the required documents before the deadline.

  • The college accepts IELTS, TOEFL, and other equivalent tests to fulfill the English language requirement.
  • The admission does not necessarily require a Statement of Purpose, Essay, or CV for any of the courses.
  • Admission to any computer courses also requires the students to have a working knowledge of the relevant program and software.
  • For international students, the documents submitted must be in English or have a certified translation if submitted in a language other than English.
  • A student must meet the deadline of submission to ensure consideration of their application. The deadline for the fall semester is 1st February.

Cambrian College- Campus and Accommodation

Located in Sudbury, Canada, Cambrian offers a vibrant and diverse campus life to the students. Being a major center for education, shopping, entertainment, arts, and industry, the city offers a safe and friendly place to live, study, and work.

The campus also offers top facilities, infrastructure, and the latest technology to provide the students with the best studying experience. The Student Associations at the Cambrian college also provide essential services and guidance to the students.

  • The college hosts many cultural and artistic events, exhibitions, concerts, and athletics programs, organize various trips and activities throughout the year.
  • The campus offers library and computer services, group study rooms, 24-hour campus security, free tutoring athletic centers, meal plans, etc., to support the academic and personal needs of the students.
  • Cambrian college also offers on-campus accommodation to its international students. The two styles of residences, Townhouse, and Dorm style, can accommodate up to 677 students.
  • These residences offer services like laundry, lounging, kitchen, and appliances with complete furnishing.
  • Students wishing to live off-campus can rent apartments that are available close to the campus with an average monthly rent of $600.
  • The rent includes internet services, and the apartment facilities include furnished rooms, kitchen, and laundry.

Cambrian College- Career Opportunities

Cambrian College offers various career opportunities to the students through its aim to provide practical knowledge and experience along with the academics.

It is a global destination for education, home to international students from across the globe. The campus offers career counseling and job search assistance for students and graduates to provide them the best of their potential.

  • Cambrian College offers an on-campus work-study program that allows students to work part-time on campus while studying.
  • It also offers an online portal for job search and career fair to provide the students with career guidance and opportunities from experienced faculty and people from various industries.
  • Cambrian College also works with the government, business, and industry professionals to provide competitive job opportunities to its students, graduates, and alumni.
  • The student experience at Cambrian is connected to industry expectations, where representatives from business and industry act as advisors to prepare the students for their future careers.
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