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Banks are considered the backbone of a country’s economy for a developing country like India. The banks are growing at a rapid rate and considered among the fastest growing industry.

The banking sector, with this rapid advancement and growth, has paved the way for many banking career opportunities. If you want to make a career in the Banking sector and want to know various bank jobs, the article will highlight the reason to choose the banking sector job, skills required in this sector, and list down various bank jobs available for students.

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Reasons for choosing Banking Sector Job

There are numerous opportunities available in banking sector jobs. Nowadays, the demand for bank jobs have increased tremendously, and is a preferred choice over other popular choices, among most of the graduates. Given below are some of the reasons as to why to choose bank jobs:

  • Salary: Banking sector jobs provide competitive salary packages and numerous excellent benefits like residence, transportation cost, etc. to its employees.
  • Job Security: One of the main reasons most of the graduates attract government bank jobs is due to job security. Even in the corporate banking sector also, you won’t be fired too easily and only if you fail to meet targets for quite a long time. In both govt and private sectors bank, if you do something illegal or against the rules, you are fired from the job.
  • Work-life Balance: There are excellent working conditions and hours for bank employees, thus having a good overall work-life balance.
  • Learning Curve: Bank jobs offer freshers a learning environment about various schemes and policies, which are offered to individuals, firms, companies, etc.

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Skill Required for Bank Jobs

Given below is a list of skills required by the candidates for banking sector jobs:

  • Dealing with Customers: In this sector, the bank employees have to deal with the customers, mostly in their daily life. The student who possesses the skill of managing and encouraging teams, as well as having good communication skills, must apply for the bank jobs.
  • Patience: The person in the banking job, has to keep patience when they are dealing with the customers. They have to remain to calm down the anger and sometimes have to deal with customers, who adapt slowly to the advancement of technology.
  • Good with Number and Accounting: A bank employee has to play with the numbers and do accounting related as their day-to-day responsibility. So the student must be good with numbers and accounting when applying for the bank jobs.
  • Good Analytical Skills: For the post of Bank and Economic analyst, the students must possess good analytical skills.

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List of Bank Jobs 

Given below is a list of government bank roles, for which students has to give exams:

  • IBPS Exam for Probationary Officer
  • IBPS Exam for Clerk
  • Reserve Bank of India(RBI) Exam- Assistant B Grade and various other grades
  • State Bank of India(SBI) Exam for Probationary Officer
  • State Bank of India(SBI) Exam for Clerk 
  • IBPS Regional Rural Bank Exams
  • IBPS Exam for Specialist Officer (IBPS SO)
  • SBI SO for Specialist Officer in SBI

There are various private banks, which, through interview processes of the students, make a selection of the students. Given below is a list of some Banking related programs, which students can pursue to target bank jobs:

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List of Banking Courses 

  • BBA in Banking and Finance
  • B.Com in Banking and Finance
  • MBA in Banking and Taxation
  • B.Sc in Banking and Insurance 
  • M.Sc (Hons) in Banking and Finance
  • B.Com in Banking, Finance and Risk Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Banking and Insurance
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

I hope the article has listed everything you must know related to banking jobs.

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