A student is said to be post-graduated if he/she successfully completed his undergraduate degree at a college/university level and is undertaking further study at a advanced level. In this course, the organization and structure varies in different countries and as well as different institutions with in the country. Basically vocational course and academic degree are the two main types for which students can taken post-graduation. 


Five countries that was started in post graduation: Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, China , Ancient India, & Arabian Peninsula. That time total 12 years in required to complete his post-graduation. In that time very few post-graduation course was studied that are: Master of Arts (M.A) from Latin Magister atrium, Master of Science (M.SC) from Latin Magister science, Master of Philosophy (M.PHIL) from Latin Magister Philosophia, Master of Letters from Latin Magister litteraum. Latter Master of Architecture (M.ARCH) and Master of Business Administration (M.BA) was started in various countries. Post-graduate diploma also be a part of Post-graduation . If any student be a part of any specific training which are included in post-graduate diploma courses they can achieve this degree.


The countries that are given this degree are: Argentina, Australia, U.S.A, U.K, France, Canada and many others. 

To get post-graduation degree in Argentina, requires successfully completed the undergraduate level. There is a huge amount of scholarship is available with researching and teaching in private and Govt. university. Fulbright program, an international organization and the organization of American states are two such type of organization that are granted full time scholarships for tuitions (included housing) if he/she fulfilled the criteria. A candidate must performed very well in his/her field, with academic excellence. In this time, students should be prepared a thesis paper under the guidance of any tutor and that is seen by post-graduate committee of Argentina University. In this committee there is at least one external examiner must be included. That is all about details in post-graduation course in Argentina, One of best educated University. 

After Argentina, best teaching country is Australia, in Australia Continent. In Australia, research based degree and course-based degree are the two types of program for what students can take post-graduation. After the graduation, students can take graduate-diploma and master (of arts or science or any discipline) in course based degree and in research-based degree students can move directly from graduate to ph.D. Basically for post-graduation in Australia the Australian higher education system can take a merit based entrance exam.

Students should be passed it with good credit marks. For research based degree , requires minimum second- class four year undergraduate degree. There are also some professional program (such as: Medical and Dental) that are considered to be post-graduate degree. But there is a entrance exam is required. Like Argentina, in Australia also offers full funding to those who are pursuing research based higher degree. Not only there are also some international competitive scholarships. To want to be a post-graduated in Australia students should be passed all the required modules that is : for one year program eight taught module, for one and half year program twelve module and for two year program twelve module plus a thesis paper. 

In United Kingdom (U.K) there is required a strong bachelor’s degree. Not for Argentina or Australia ,but in U.K the scholarship is not given individual. Every year the University was given this scholarship to a group of students. Actually in this country self funding scholarships are available in huge amount. For overseas students, the scholarship are very competitive are very rare and competitive. But for overseas students overseas Research student award (ORS) is given and this organization will also pay a huge amount of fees. In this country students can be a part time master’s degree rather than full time. For that part time students, few scholarships are also available.

After the three big countries, the country where the best scope of research is United States (U.S.A) . For pursuing post-graduation in U.S.A students should be get good score in graduation and also passed to the entrance exam that is organized by some specific Universities.

For research & teaching purpose, this country offers tution forgiveness and most expenses stipend. Few students can also get National Science Foundation (NSF) & National Physical Science Consortium (NPSC) , the two most prestigious scholarships. In this country there is a great advantage on foreign students. Because, for foreign students scholarships are same as that of their domestic students. These four countries are the best country, for post-graduation and higher studies.

Rest of all, are also very good for post graduation. Like, In Brazil & Canada there is a huge amount of scholarship is available for overseas students. In France, students can also taking part time job while continuing his post-graduation. Lastly for post-graduation or higher studies you should strong your base knowledge in grass-root level. This is all about details post-graduation course in various countries.   

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