Appointment Letter Format

The appointment letter is the letter written by the employer requesting the chosen candidates to hitch in a very specific position. There is a proper selection process that the candidate has to undergo while applying for any job.

Many applicants eventually get appointed for the job at the end of the recruitment process. The supervisor sends an appointment letter to those applicants who pass the selection process. Using this letter, the company informs the candidate that he or she is eventually appointed and calls upon him/her to enter the post. This letter further describes the terms, obligations, and tasks of the job.

The appointment letter is regarded as more formal than the offer letter and can also be used for the intent of loan applications, as a contract or proof of work.

The appointment letter should provide full clarification from the employer’s perspective of the terms and conditions. The structure of the appointment letter has various contents.

An ideal appointment letter should contain the following contents:

  • Name and address of the organization 
  • Name and address of the applicant
  • Date of joining
  • Designation or Job Title
  • Work timings and working days 
  • Duties and responsibilities of the job
  • Conditions of job i.e., whether its a permanent job or temporary
  • Monthly salary
  • Probation period
  • Documents to be submitted during joining
  • Security requirements
  • Commitment or declaration and
  • Provision regarding termination
  • Leaves policy

Appointment Letter Format

(Date, Month, Year]

[Candidate Name]


[City, State, PIncode]

Letter of Appointment

Dear [Mr./Ms.] [Candidate Name],

Concerning the interviews you have had with us in the recent past, we are pleased to make you an Offer of Employment in our company. You are required to report to the company’s office at [Name of the Company] [Adress of the company] on [Joining Date]

1. Commencement of employment

The employment will be effective as of [Date of Joining].

2. Designation

You will be designated as [Designation].

3. Salary

Your salary and other benefits will be as set out in [Annexure I].

4. Duties and Responsibilities

Your duties and responsibilities will be as assigned by your immediate manager or other superior officers of the Company, and the same will also include the jobs assigned by the Management from time to time.

5. Place of posting

You will be posted at City State). You may, however, be required to work at any place of business that the Company has or may later acquire.

6. Hours of Work

The normal working days are (Start Day) through (End Day). You will be required to work for such hours as necessary for the proper discharge of your duties to the Company. The normal working hours are from [Start Time] to [End Time].

7. Probation Period

Your appointment will be on probation for a period of [Probation Period] from the date of your joining the Company or for an extended period (“Probation Period”) if found necessary. Your employment with the Company will be confirmed on the expiry of your Probation Period unless you are specifically advised otherwise in writing.

8. Documents to be submitted during joining

The following documents need to be submitted at the date of joining:

List of Documents]

9. Leaves Policy

The [Day]  will be non-working.

10. Privacy and Security Policies:

These are the [privacy policies] of the company, and being an employee of the company, you need to take extra care of maintaining integrity and security.

11. Declaration and Undertaking

I, [Name], presently working as [Designation], I’ll abide by the terms and conditions of the company. I at this moment declare, and the state as follows:

[Declarations by the candidate]

/ Application

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