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Before the invention of telephones, people use to write letters to communicate with each other over long distances. A letter is a handwritten message which is usually sent via mail to another person.

After various developments in technology, email, and text messages were introduced, but earlier in the 18th and 19th-century, letters were the only written and formal way of communication between two parties.

Still in 21st-century letters are used in many areas of business and day to day life. Thus it becomes important for one to know how to write a letter properly. 

Letters are divided into two basic categories that are Formal Letter and Informal letter. But there are also other categories which are now prevalent. These types are

  • Business Letter
  • Official Letter
  • Social Letter
  • Circular Letter
  • Employment Letter. 

Formal letters are the letters that carry a specified structure and respectable style of formal writing. Formal letters are usually written for official purposes with authorities, seniors, colleagues, and dignitaries. Formal letters are not written to friends or family. 

Some rules are to be followed while writing a formal letter. A formal letter should contain the following details – 

  • Sender’s address – It is the address of the sender who is writing the letter
  • Receiver’s address- It is the address of the person to whom the letter is to be sent
  • Date – Always mention the date on which the letter is being written
  • Subject– It is a short sentence specifying and hinting the reader what the letter is all about
  • Salutation– It is the way by which the recipient of the letter is addressed
  • Body of the letter– It is the main body of the letter that contains all the important information which has to be conveyed through the letter
  • End of the letter – Every letter should end with a complimentary close, thanking the reader
  • Credentials of the sender – At the end, the person who has written the letter should mention his/her name so that the reader can know 


D- 1801, XYZ Society,

ABC Marg, Uppar Parel,

Mumbai 400 123

11th May 2019


The Editor-in-Chief,

XYZ Times,

Mumbai 400 011


Subject: Construction work in our Society during the summer season, causing us problems.

Through the medium of your esteemed and respected daily, I wish to inform the municipal authority of the difficulties the residents of my locality are facing due to the construction and repair work currently happening in our area. The Summer season has started a few days ago and is compounding our problems.

The repair work has been ongoing for seven weeks now and is falling way behind schedule. And now, with the current weather conditions, we are having persistent problems with heating and humidity in our area. Another worry is about the accidents that may occur due to the debris lying around the road. Diseases caused due to humidity are another one of our concerns.

Therefore I wish to draw the attention of the concerned authorities with the help of your media. Hopefully, you will be able to help us in drawing their attention and resolving this matter at the earliest.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,


[Mr. XYZ]

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