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Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a privately endowed institution located in New York, USA. Established in 1829, it offers various graduate and undergraduate courses including doctoral degrees. It is widely known for its programs in science, art, and computer engineering. Experimental and practical learning is the key to all the courses offered in RIT.

RIT encourages innovative and resourceful teaching. Students dive deep into the world of discovery and new knowledge in their respective fields. With a committed bunch of teaching faculty, students at RIT are challenged to grow, evolve, and inspire. All the courses are taught in the English language at RIT. It is also known for National Technical Institute for the Deaf which provides deaf-education to more than 1000 students.

The campus occupies 1, 300 acres in Rochester including residential areas with deep security. It is roughly six miles from downtown Rochester. It provides the best learning experience by means of Co-operative education and partners.

  • RIT is ranked as the tenth-largest private institution in terms of full-time scholars.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology gives an opportunity to enroll for online masters.
  • About 300 student organizations and clubs is an important highlight of RIT.
  • RIT has its campuses located internationally including Dubai, China, Croatia, and Kosovo.
  • With more than 4000 faculty and members, the student population rises up to 19, 000 students roughly.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Ranking

Rochester Institute of Technology holds some major rankings and positions according to U. S. News & World Report. It is ranked among the top 20 institutions acknowledged for stellar co-operative programs. Under the “National Universities Category”, it holds the 104th position. It is 108th among national institutions recognized for social mobility. For a national survey of “High School Counselors Top College Picks”, RIT has managed to hold a place among the top 50.

Rochester Institute Of Technology QS Ranking

Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) is an international education research organization. Its rankings published as “QS World University Rankings” are highly accepted and recognized among all other rankings. Quacquarelli Symonds has ranked RIT as one of the top universities in America. The report’s evaluation is based on how universities tackle intellectual, social and economic challenges that come in their way. Research performance and Career opportunities are also assessed. According to QS, the Rochester Institute of Technology holds a position ranked 111-120 amongst all the other colleges in the USA for the year 2020.

Rochester Institute Of Technology World Ranking

Rochester Institute of Technology is ranked among the top 1000 universities in the world. It lies somewhere in the 801-1000 zone according to World University Rankings. 18% of international students with a 36:64 female to male ratio were also the highlights of this ranking survey. These world rankings are based on several factors such as teaching, research, citations, industry income, etc.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Acceptance Rate

Rochester Institute of Technology’s acceptance rate lies somewhere around 66%. This means that 66 out of every 100 students are accepted. SAT scores between 1200 and 1400 can land you into RIT. ACT scores of 27 and 32 is also sufficient. GPA is also considered as an important factor while admission. With a good academic result and letters of recommendation, your chances of getting accepted become even more.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Fees

Fees for Rochester Institute of Technology depends upon the program irrespective of the course taken. There is a fixed undergraduate rate for undergraduate courses and similar is the case for graduate courses. Rates are different for part-time and full-time. People who have audited a course are charged one half of the normal rate. Financial aid is applied as per need. The institute reserves the right to change any element in fee structure and its policies.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Review

Rochester Institute of Technology is considered as an outstanding school when it comes to quality education. It has a great co-op program, a quality environment, and is closely engaged with the industry as well. The undergraduate school provides a great opportunity for employment in some of the best companies like Intel, Google, etc. RIT is widely known for having the first microelectronics engineering undergraduate program. Ph.D. and other doctoral programs have evolved remarkably in the field of research.

  • When it comes to safety, RIT has taken every possible step for ensuring it. Rochester is a safe area with safety measures taken inside the campus. 
  • RIT offers a set of unique programs, especially in STEM fields. Other courses are equally good.
  • The campus also offers diverse cultural habits that are quite inclusive.
  • Students here have accepted the fact that RTI has made learning easy, understandable, and memorable.
  • They have learned new skills that help them to face real-life challenges effectively.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Admissions

Admission to the Rochester Institute of Technology is competitive in nature. The application procedure is personal. This means that each application is considered individually based on certain parameters. These parameters are academic results, scores of standardized tests, letters of recommendation, and other transcripts.

  • The candidate first needs to complete the Common Application or RIT application.
  • An application fee of $65 is to be paid.
  • The next step is submissions of high school transcripts that can be either sent electronically or mailed to the admission office of RIT.
  • A letter of recommendation should be attached along with your application.
  • Self-reported scores of tests like SAT or ACT should also be submitted.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Deadlines

There is a priority deadline for RIT. Complete applications received by this deadline are given priority for admission. If any application is considered after this date, then it is considered on a space-available basis. For rolling applications, there is no particular deadline. They are accepted throughout the term. Applications are submitted from the first month of August.

DeadlinesEarly Decision IEarly Decision IIRegular Decision
Application November 1stJanuary 1stJanuary 15th
Recommended FAFSA Submission November 1stJanuary 1stJanuary 15th
Decision NotificationMid-DecemberMid-JanuaryMid-March
Deposit January 15thFebruary 15thMay 1st

Rochester Institute Of Technology Requirements

A lot of factors contribute to your admission to RIT. Out of these, some are very crucial and important. GPA tops this requirement list. A GPA of 3.7 and above is good enough. SAT and ACT scores are critical to your admission. RIT is considered moderately competitive when it comes to SAT scores. A score of 1400 and above is considered as a score above average. ACT cut-off is strongly competitive for RIT. The average score is approximately 30.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Fees Structure

The fees for the undergraduate program at Rochester Institute of Technology is $45,890 for the year 2020. For the graduate programs, these fees is $47,818. Some students received scholarships of amount $19,555 on an average basis. To receive diplomas, transcripts, and other recognitions it is important that the full fees are paid. The fees structure for Fall 2020 is shown below:

Tuition (12-18 credit hours)$25,282$50,564
Student Activities Fee$153$306
Student Health Services Fee$185$370
Board $2,918$5,836
Total Estimated Billed Expenses$32,608$65,216

Rochester Institute Of Technology Scholarships For International Students

The provision of affordable and accessible education to all is a key feature of the Rochester Institute of Technology. It believes in the principle “An innovative, Creative Education is within reach”. It invests $180 million on its students. Also, it distributes $140 million to help students meet the cost of education at RTI.

  • The scholarship is given based on merit or financial need or both.
  • Full scholarship on tuition fees is not available, instead, a part of it is provided.
  • For need-based scholarships, students need to complete the College Board International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) or Canadian Student Financial Aid Application.
  • For graduate departments, scholarships vary depending upon the student and his department.
  • The students need to maintain an average of 3.0 grade per semester.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Courses

Rochester Institute of Technology offers a rich variety of degree programs. There are innovative courses in many upcoming fields as well. Quality education is ensured in all these courses. Some of the courses offered are:

  •  Art, Design, and Architecture
  • Business, Management, and Leadership
  • Communications and Digital Media
  • Computing and Information Sciences
  • Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Environmental Studies and Sustainability
  • Game Design and Development
  • Health Professions and Medical Sciences
  • Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education
  • Photography, Film, and Animation
  • Science and Math

Rochester Institute Of Technology Computer Science

The Computer Science degree offered at RIT helps students to specialize in fields such as networking, security, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. Apart from programming skills, other skills like problem-solving and analytical reasoning are also developed through this course. Various program electives, regular curriculum, free electives are provided. Significant programming and software development are highlights of this course. Hands-on learning is imparted by means of laboratory work and cooperative educational experience.

Rochester Institute Of Technology MS In CS

Masters in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology is offered to those students who have an undergraduate degree) major or minor) in computer science. The students need to have a strong background in this field. The theoretical aspects are realized by means of practical ones. Various domains of computer science are covered such as data management, programming languages, distributed systems, computer graphics, and visualization, etc.

  • The entire course consists of a core curriculum supplemented with various electives.
  • In-depth specialization is offered in the computer science discipline.
  • This course prepares the students for academic as well as research careers in CS.
  • The course involves one regular curriculum, three cluster courses, four electives, and a thesis/project.
  • Students have a choice of full-time or part-time basis of this course.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Computer Science Ranking

Rochester Institute of Technology is strong in Computer Science and its related fields in research and teaching. It is ranked among the top Computer Science and Engineering universities. RIT is ranked 36th in the U.S. ratings and 14th in the North-east. In an article by Business Insider, RIT was placed fifth among the most popular computer science and engineering course. It stands in a better position than most of the colleges in terms of ranking, popularity, and focus.

Rochester Institute Of Technology Notable Alumni

Rochester Institute of Technology has over 135,000 alumni of which many are at a great position today. All of them belong to diverse departments and fields. These include Sports, Journalism, Engineering, Science, Arts, etc. A list of notable alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology is given below:


✅ What ACT score is needed for RIT?

Ans. ACT scores hold a major role while applying for the Rochester Institute of Technology. 75th percentile and the above score are considered decent to get into RIT. For the reading section, the score has to lie somewhat around 32. For the Math and Composite section, these values are 31 and 32 respectively. This brings down the average score to be 29.

✅ What does rolling admission mean in RIT?

Ans. Rochester Institute of Technology implements rolling admissions. This means that the school welcomes and evaluates applications even after a specific deadline. They continue doing this until all the seats for the incoming class of the term is filled.

✅ How much RIT merit scholarships are provided?

Ans. RIT provides more than 100 scholarships. NRS Scholarship Committee is responsible for the same. $2, 000 is the maximum award provided for four semesters. Students who have achieved a remarkable GPA in the second year at RIT avail this scholarship.

✅ Is RIT accredited?

Ans. Yes, the Rochester Institute of Technology is accredited. It is authorized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE).

✅ How good is RIT in terms of engineering?

Ans. Rochester Institute of Technology holds 72nd place in the category of Best engineering Schools. Different parameters are considered for this ranking and RIT has set a remarkable place in all these indicators of excellence.

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