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A hall ticket is an admission card of any candidate for a particular examination in the authorized center. A hall ticket was majorly introduced for the purpose that certain tests are required by the employers to check the capability and adaptability of the job seekers against the job’s requirement.

In continuation of this, there are many applicants to a single post, and choosing one out of thousands of candidates requires some checkpoints and thus making it difficult for the employers to avoid any business or to bring fair treatments to all these qualifications are made mandatory. Thus there arrives the need for hall tickets. To help analyze the admissions of the applicants into the examination hall. 

Every hall ticket contains the essentials of the candidates like name, a post they have applied for, centers, applicant Identity number, father’s name, gender, examination venue, date, and time of the examination to be conducted. Every hall ticket is checked before granting the admission of the ticket holder into the center for its authorization by proper means and person to avoid any malpractice, unfair means, or unsettled selection of the candidate. 

A detailed provisional list is sent to the examination venue to clarify and cross-check every candidate for their sole presence in the examination center, where students try and manipulate the entry exchange in an attempt to qualify that examination. Every hall ticket is accompanied by a photograph to avoid any discrepancy and malpractice into the examination hall.


the allotment of hall tickets is made to ascertain certain uses or advantages for attaining high security and better finding of the right candidature in the field of employment. Thus the advantages are –

  • Mark of identification  
  • Online and a web-based process
  • Easy customization 
  • Highly secured 
  • Customized professional layouts 
  • Easily printed via pdf formats 

The examination holders very keenly and wisely prepare every hall ticket, whether they are competitive examination, junior high school/senior secondary examinations, or jobs related examination, every field requires some identifying marks of its candidates. 

With increased technology aspects and an increase in the quality of knowledge, every employer or examiner has got various options to link their work in an online format to avoid any disturbances in the examination’s point of view. Such a fast forward technology has been proved to be boon to the society in terms of fair trials and fair opportunities being given to every student/ candidate. To bring in the best talent and help motivate the most deserving youth/ students for the appreciation of their efforts, every step has been taken so cautiously by the examiner that no student or candidate misses an attempt to succeed. 

Technology has created reliability and transparency for every examinee to attempt all sorts of competitions without any fear of loss due to corruption. In this arena where appraisal of one community is hampering the other, there are equal treatments, and opportunities are being provided to all the deserving candidates to prove their candidature and give out the best results without fear of any partiality or biasness.

Thus printing and availing the hall tickets has immersed as the most secure and reliable way to conduct any examination and avail the best deserving candidate along with his/her talent into that particular field who carries a zeal and passion towards that nomination into that particular job. The major purpose of this introduction of hall tickets is to bring in the most convenient and hassle-free conduction of the selection processes.

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