Exam Fever

Examination fever is nothing but a larger extent of stress over a specific thing repeatedly. In a world full of competitions where every second person has to face the stress over every competition, whether boards or any other competitive examination.

Usually, parents or teachers or every society member tends to judge the student’s capability and intelligence based on marks obtained in the examination. The knowledge lies not on what a student is performing but based on how he tackles his life problems or any other abrupt situations. Examination fever is nothing but a psychological aspect of what a student’s stress is all about.

In India, particularly, examinations have created peer pressure into the student’s lives, where be it parents, teachers, or any guardian; everybody falls for grades due to high competition in every field. Fear usually leads to stress developing anxiety and depression in students leading to poor performance in the examinations calling it an examination fever. Every child’s first performance is given the highest weightage.

However, there are no places after graduation, where his marks judge a student on boards. Still, every parent, whether educated or not, put up lots of hopes and requirements in terms of pressure onto a student’s capability to prove to the society in terms of their child’s growth.

There are various reasons due to which examination fever occurs. They are – 

  • Results – what is most important in an examinee’s point of view is the results for every action there is a result and examinations are those tests which have results giving effect to a child’s intelligence quotient 
  • Self-confidence – every grade of a student, whether a small test or examination, gives self-confidence in terms that there is a rise in self-esteem.
  • Comparison aspect – every second parent or teacher tends to compare on student or child from the other which marks low or high confidence into an examinee’s life
  • Constant trigger– the teacher’s constant trigger onto a child’s examination purpose, time management, hard work downfalls a student’s confidence and determination.

How to tackle Exam Fear–

There are many ways and methods to overcome situations like these to bring stability into the student’s perceiving and fighting spirit; whatever may be the consequences, one should have the capability to face it. Walking into an examination hall and knowing the after-effects of an examination creates stress and anxiety that can easily grow up to give a panic or anxiety attack to any student. The ways are:

  • Create time management 
  • Avoid Parental pressure 
  • Prepare notes 
  • Make out time for breaks 
  • Schedule your subject 
  • Sleep well 
  • Avoid distractions 
  • Practice sample papers 
  • Use highlighters 
  • Bring stability and concentration 
  • Learn, do not mug up 
  • Do not follow your companion’s study methodology
  • Have a positive attitude 

There are various surveys and studies conducted like –

  • Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) – a study conducted by TISS which says that out of 740 schools one-third student’s face examination fever  
  • Times of India – the report mentioned that every day more than 16 students committed suicide due to examination fear.
  • CNN IBN – a comparative analysis of students of Mumbai and Bostan was made where 16 % of Mumbai were stressed in comparison to 2 % of Boston. 


The competition has increased drastically, which has made a student grow more of stress for every stress management activity teachers, students and society is equally responsible. Every university, college, or teaching institution has to understand the symptoms pre-hand to take proper precautions and avoid contingencies harming a student’s life and intelligence quotient.

Methods shall be adopted to give peace and calm to a student facing such examination and handling a battle itself. “A failure in exam or subject is not an indicator of a future life; therefore, never give up.”

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