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Resignation is the act of leaving or quitting one’s job or position by our own will and choice. Resignation is a formal action. Resignation is voluntary. Resignation is the process of terminating one’s job and leaving the organization in which one is currently working.

It is an official notice to the employer. Resignation can be given verbally or in writing. Generally, all professional organizations and companies demand a written resignation letter. A written resignation letter acts as proof and future reference for both the company and the employee. 

Employees can resign either by a written letter or by an E-mail to their boss. Apart from the resignation letter, an employee who is willing to quit has to give a two-week notice to the organization for the same. This notice intent the departure from the company and says that one will remain in the position for two weeks and will complete and wrap up all the pending tasks and projects. 

A resignation letter should include these points –

  • A statement with an intent of quitting the job
  • Reason for quitting 
  • Name of the current position and department
  • Last day at work
  • Gratitude towards the colleagues and the company
  • Offer to train the replacement
  • One’s contact details   

Also if you are resigning by the Email and intent to give the letter through the mail, then one should follow these points- 

  • One should check the obligations and terms and conditions before writing resignation email
  • Include digit signatures and credentials 
  • Keep a hardcopy of Email which has been sent
  • Follow up to check if the recipient has received the mail and ask for an acknowledgment

Although it is advisable to always give a resignation letter in physical form and not by Email, in some cases where one cannot give a letter in hard format, email works.

Below is the sample letter template

Resignation Letter

General Resignation Email

Resignation Letter

Example 2:

Resignation Letter
/ Application

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