Gate Admit Card

Gate or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is an aptitude test that is a basic requirement for getting admission or financial aid for a master’s degree or doctoral programs. Gate is focused mainly on Engineering, Architecture, Technology, and more. Gate qualification is mandatory. And many others consider Gate scores during recruitment. Gate examinations are conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) only once every year. The Gate 2020 score is valid for three years from the date of the announcement.

One of the major requirements to write this exam is the Admit card

An admit card is a document which you need to carry with you during any examination. No candidate can write the exam without the admit card. 

Things mentioned in an admit card :

  • Date of exam
  • Exam timing 
  • Registration number
  • Photo of candidate
  • Signature of the candidate
  • Instructions to be followed 

The Gate admit card is mandatory, and the Gate 2020 admit card will be available from January 3, 2020, to download. The candidates can download the admit card by going to the official site. The website to visit is Gate 

The credentials required to download the admit card are the application number, password, and captcha code. The admit card is only valid if the signature and photograph are visible. If it’s not clear, try to contact the authorities or else the candidates won’t be allowed to write the exam. Candidates are not supposed to bring a soft copy of the admit card. 

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How to download Gate Admit Card

  1. First, go to the website, i.e.,, and click on the admit card link.
  2. Now the candidate will be on a new page where she/he must enter the email ID or enrollment number and password. 
  3. After entering the required information, the login will open, and the candidates should click on the “download admit card” button. 
  4. On clicking the download button, The admit card will be downloaded. 

The candidates should have the admit card even after the examination is over. It’s a very important document that should be kept safe. 

Gate Admit Card

The above is a picture of an admit card. 

It should be in a hard copy with a colored copy of the admit card. And with the admit card, it’s mandatory to carry a valid photo ID card, and it should be similar to the photo uploaded in the application form. 

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Admit card of Gate contain :

  • Examination center name and address
  • Exam date
  • Time
  • Name
  • Gate paper
  • Signature
  • Exam day instructions
  • Registration number of applicant
  • Photograph.

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The candidates should realize that the admit card should be downloaded soon as the admit card is released, and for that, the candidates should keep on checking the website frequently. Downloading it as soon as possible may help the candidates be little stress-free and be prepared.

The above shows the date and timing of the examination. The candidates should be on time and should take along the admit card with them. 

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