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An interview is the most common platform nowadays in any selection process, be it admission to any school or for any job. The hiring or selection process is anytime the toughest task, choosing a standardized candidate who can meet the demands of the company or institution. Interview questions are the most important aspect which is needed to tackle any interview these days.

Every candidate is required to stand by the criteria set by the interviewer to clear any interview. Candidates, on a pre-hand basis, try to get certain information about the usual questions asked for any interview clearance.

Interviewing is more of an art rather than any technical aspect which can only be resolved or chosen by an artist. Interview questions are particularly based on the criteria to judge the stability and qualities required by the employer in any employee based on work, which shall be handed over to the employee in the further time slot.

There are two types of interview convened by any organization –

  • Structured interview – where there is the same set of questions prepared for every candidate to bring in a comparison against the selection process.
  • Semi-structured – in this, there is a subject which is finalized and not the question Performa is prepared, the interviewer here is leveraged to get into any details of the subject.
  • Unstructured – this type of interview does not carry any subject or set of questions; rather, the interviewer creates questions on the spot given the conversation which is being carried on in the process.
  • Open-ended – during such questions, there no subjective analysis rather, a yes or no series is followed without any interruptions.

An employee is interviewed to get the best into any organization and speed up its economic and managerial growth. This can be established on a certain checklist.

The checklist is as follows –

  • Grit– how determined is one to take up a certain opportunity and get into the best possible result in any situation.
  • Rigore– the good researcher is one who analyses any situation and gets a backhand knowledge and data in particular about any plan or task
  • Impact-prioritizing any work or schedule of work in a given period and complete accordingly to balance of any trade value or economic value. 
  • Teamwork– bringing in a strong team and work as per the team with full supportive spirit without any clash between any organization employees.
  • Ownership– to work with full faith and truthfulness into an organization and stand with your organization people in any situation 
  • Curiosity– to learn at every step and bring the best of you for any organization 
  • Polish– how well polished or standardized a candidate is while an employer interrupts or bashes in any situation, which method can be adopted to tackle any such situation

All the interview questions state how well a candidate holds the quality of a leader or every other quality, which is required to be inbuilt into a candidate to be a backbone for his employer or his company.

Some common topic of interests from a candidates point of view – 

  • Every candidate should be well dressed 
  • A candidate should come prepared thoroughly for the post applied
  • The employer’s background check-up and every historical detail of that company should be studied
  • Every answer should be professional and to the point 
  • Only practice rather than mugging up pointers
  • Be calm and composed 


Every interview question is based on the aspect of behavior, patience, respect, and knowledge which is instituted in any of the candidates, and there should be balance along with the confidence to face the interview or any abrupt situations with panic. The process of interviewing was more or less started to check the capability of the employee to tackle the work environment of any organization.

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