Monash University

Monash University is an Australia based University. Monash University is a public research university. The university is located in Melbourne, Australia. Monash University was founded in 1958. The university consists of 4 campuses. Monash University is the 2nd oldest university in Australia. There are more than 46,000 undergraduates and 13,000 postgraduate students in Monash University. Monash University includes various departments like the Department of Forensic Medicines, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, etc.

Monash University Ranking

The QS World ranked Monash University at number 2 globally for pharmacology and pharmacy. The university is ranked 26 globally for the law. The World ranking of Monash University is 58. Monash University is ranked 75 by Times Higher Education. 

Monash University Campuses

There are various campuses of Monash University not only in Australia but also outside Australia.

The campus which are situated in Australia of Monash University is as follows – 

  • Clayton campus – The Clayton campus is the largest campus of Monash University and covers approx. 1.1 kilometers squares area. The Clayton campus is located in Clayton, Victoria. The Clayton campus includes variety of courses like arts, business and economics, engineering, IT etc. 
  • Caulfield – The 2nd largest Monash University campus is Caulfield campus. There are different teaching facilities and motivating skills which are provided to the students.
  • The Alfred – The Alfred campus is located in the Alfred hospital. The Alfred campus includes Central Clinical school and the School of public health and Preventive medicine and Forensic science department.
  • Parkville – The Parkville campus of Monash University is situated in Melbourne. The campus provides you the specializations in the areas of science and medicinal chemistry. 
  • Peninsula – The Peninsula campus of Monash University is located in Frankston on the edge of Melbourne. The campus offers variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses like Nursing, Health science, physiotherapy etc. 
  • City – The Monash law city campus of Monash University is the centrally located campus. The campus offers the postgraduate courses. 

The campus which are situated at international level – 

  • India – The Monash University campus located in India named as IITB-Monash Research Academy. The campus is situated from 18th century in India. This is the joint partnership between Monash and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. 
  • Malaysia – In 1998, The Monash University Malaysia campus is established. The campus is located in Bandar Sunway, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • Italy – The Monash University Prato Center is located in city near Florence in Italy. 
  • China – The Monash University campus is located in Suzhou, China. The campus offers master’s and PhD programs.

Monash University Admission Process

The Admission process of Monash University is as follows – 

  • Where to apply – The students’ needs to apply for admission on the official website of Monash university.
  • When to apply – The deadline date for application is provided on the website of Monash University. The students can check their progress of application on the logging portal.
  • Application fee – The application fee of Monash University is 69 USD for International students which needs to pay while submitting the application form.
  • How to apply – You need to create an account on the Monash University official website and fill all the details which are required. The candidate need to require application details which are as follows:
  1. Code of the course in which you want to apply.
  2. Name of the course.
  3. Choice of campus
  4. Copy of passport
  5. Proof of English language requirements test scores
  6. Documents of results, certificates etc.
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