NUEPA or National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration is a research-focused university which is located in New Delhi, India. This Institute was established by the ministry of education, which is now known as the Ministry of human resources department, Government of India. It was established in the year 1962.

NUEPA Department

NUEPA or National Institute of Education Planning and administration has eight different academic departments and also two centers to maintain the objective of better governance and Management. To be named, the departments are as follows- 

  1. Department of Educational planning– This is one of the fundamental divisions of NUEPA. The main function of this department is the integration of inputs, processes, and products of planning at all levels. As the emphasis is increasing on the education as a means of reducing property and also promoting sustainable development, the department considers the expanded scope of educational planning which is not only their to cover the institutionalization of strategic planning at the macro level but also promoting decentralization and use of local-level planning techniques which includes school mapping, micro mapping and school improvement planning for improvement of quality of investment in education. 
  2. Department of Educational planning– The function of this particular department is to conduct and to promote research on the economic and financial aspects of education at all levels. The department focuses on all of its activities like research, teaching, and training around issues that relates to public and private financing of education. 
  3. Department school and non- formal education– This particular department focuses on the critical issues of school education, non- formal and adult literacy. The studies based on research are conducted in various areas to develop and improve school education throughout India. Besides conducting research and the programs based on development. The department extends support to the state and Central government in formulating and implementing policies and plans. 
  4. Department of Educational management information system– in order to give strength to the database and management system on education in India., the department undertakes research, capacity building activities and also provides technical advice. The department also fulfills the responsibility for strengthening the management information system of secondary education. 

It has developed an information system which is called DISE. The DISE is there to collect and compile detailed information on all the schools which are present in our country. DISE or District Information system for Education is covering the unrecognized schools and also recognized and unrecognized madrasas the year 2010-2011.

This department also conducts conferences, seminars, workshops, and research which regard to Educational management information system. 

  1. Department of Educational administration- This department basically focuses on the training and research on Educational management and also planning and management of resources and education. 
  2. Department of Educational policy– The main activity of the department of Educational policy is training, research, and dissemination. The department stimulates a few discussions on policy issues. This department also conducts short term courses. 
  3. Department of higher and professional Education– Department of higher and professional Education has constantly been providing research support and policy advice to the ministry of human resource development which underlies the government of India. This department has also provided academic support to regional conferences of UNESCO leading up to the world conference on higher education and planning commission. 
  4. Centre for policy research In higher education.
  5. National center for school leadership.

NUEPA Objectives

One of the most basic objectives of the national institute of educational planning and administration is the training programs of the individuals in pre-services as well as post-service situation. These training programs are organized by the authority so that individuals can achieve perfection in the field of administration, planning, and allied discipline. The organization also plays a very important part of undertaking aid and coordinating research in a different aspect. Professional guidance to individuals for getting wonderful academic guidance is one of the other objectives of the National Institute of Educational planning and administration.

Now further talking about the role of NUEPA. This organization needs to perform plenty of functions in the society. The very first role is to provide training to the individuals. Various important facts are workshops, seminars, meetings which the authorities at the National Institute of Educational planning and administration would require undertake. Another responsibility of the organization is to provide guidance to agencies and perfect planning to Educational organization. These also provide consultation services to the government, educational institutions, and public bodies. The national institute of educational planning and administration has very great involvement with Educational Institute and management bodies. The contribution led by the staff members of the organization has worked in a fantastic way in the field of education and planning, department of higher education, education finance, educational administration, nonformal education etc. For more information about this issue regarding the National Institute of Educational planning and administration, check out their official website.

NUEPA Programs

National Institute of Educational planning and administration takes on the following activities-

  1. Training of Educational administrators and planners. 
  2. Research in the field of educational planning and administration.
  3. Providing consultancy services at national and international services. 
  4. Disseminating the latest knowledge and information through its publications. 
  5. Organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops in Educational planning and administration.
  6. Providing a particular forum for the exchange of views and experiences between practicing educational administrators, planners, and academics.
  7. Sponsoring the research projects in Educational planning, policy, and management

NUEPA offers the following programs in Educational policy, planning, finance, and administration.

  1. M.Phil.: This program is of two-year duration and is offered in not one but three parts. The very first part comprises compulsory papers; the second has optional papers. In the third part, a student is supposed to do the dissertation work. 
  2. Ph.D.: The full-time Ph.D. program is of five years duration. A student must complete the thesis within this timeframe. However, it can be extended too, but only on the recommendation of a supervisor. For part-time students, the maximum time is seven years. But prior to taking up the course, a student has to mandatory go through an eighth month pre-PhD course to get himself registered for the main Ph.D. course. Under the pre-course, one has to appear for four papers of part 1 of M.Phil. Program. In the remaining months of time, a student has to prepare a synopsis to be submitted to the Institute for one’s registration to Ph.D.

Birth of NUEPA is basically associated with UNESCO’s regional center for Education planners and Administration, which was started in 1960-61 for taking care of the Educational needs of South Asia. This organization was renamed as the Asian Institute of Educational planning and administration in the year 1965. 

It was in the year 1970 that the institution was taken over by the government of the nation, India, from UNESCO and was renamed as National staff college for educational planners and administrators. The Institute with the name it has now was rechristened in the year 1979. 

The NUEPA as an autonomous organization emphasizes planning, management, and capacity building in Educational policy, through research, training, consultancy, and dissemination. The structure of NUEPA is based on nine academic and one administrative unit.

The minister of the human resources department of the government of India is the chairman of the NUEPA council. Director of Institute as head of the executive committee has the responsibility of Policymaking and their implementation. 

Financial advice to the Institute is the responsibility that is supposed to be fulfilled by the finance committee. Highly reputed scholars of various Institutions of the country, senior educational administrators of the country, and members of the faculty of NUEPA, which is comprised of the planning and program committee, tender advice on academic programs and training, and research. 

International organizations like the world bank, UNESCO, COL, etc. also receive assistance from the NUEPA on varied issues and topics. 

National Institute of Educational planning and administration is fully involved in the capacity building and research in management and planning of education in not only the Indian nation but also in the whole of South Asia, for the huge contribution made by it in the field of education, it was awarded the status of deemed to be university in the august of the year 2006. This means that the university is now fully authorized to conduct its own examinations and provide the students with degrees.

It also has a variety of departments with the help of which it runs quite smoothly and to be making a list of these departments are- 

  1. Department of Educational planning
  2. Department of Educational administration
  3. Department of Educational policy
  4. Department of Educational finance
  5. Department of school and non- formal education
  6. Department of higher education
  7. Department of international cooperation
  8. Department of sub-national systems
  9. Department of operations research and system management

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