ESSEC Business School – Ranking, Fee, Courses, Acceptance Rate

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A pioneer of business-related learning since 1907, ESSEC’s strategic to react to the difficulties of things to come. In an interconnected, mechanical, and questionable world, where the undertakings are progressively intricate, ESSEC offers a one of a kind instructive methodology. This methodology is established on the creation and dispersal of forefront information, a mix of scholarly learning and handy experience, and a multicultural receptiveness and exchange.

Established in 1907 in Paris, ESSEC Business School is a focal point of scholastic greatness supported by its staff’s exploration. The School’s notoriety is based on a spearheading soul that shapes the two its logical aspirations and its instructive methodology and is reflected in its broad graduated class network. 

The mission of ESSEC Business School is to make and scatter forefront information, to prepare and create striking pioneers and powerful pioneers for both the business world and society in general. ESSEC Business School energizes understudies and members in its projects to envision – and meet – the monetary, administrative, social, ecological, and moral difficulties of an inexorably questionable world. The school causes them to accomplish an ever-increasing number of complex objectives by utilizing innovation with a human touch.

The ESSEC symbol, bearing the aphorism “Per scientiam promotion libertatem,” mirrors the journey for greatness, the intensity of information, and the readiness to face challenges – values that are key to the ESSEC people group. This is additionally the center of ESSEC’s instructive model: to give our understudies ever more prominent freedom through the scattering of information.

Essec Business School Singapore

The École Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales Business School, initially established in Paris in 1907, is a non-benefit relationship under the French law of 1901. In 2005, the school initiated its grounds in Singapore, a nation known for its instructive greatness, meaning to accomplish persuasive world-class research in Asia however its multi-social personnel. ESSEC moved to its new grounds at Nepal Hill, Singapore in January 2015. One of the 76 schools on the planet to have accomplished the triple accreditation of AACSB, the school has invited more than 5000 understudies and supervisors. AMBA and EQUIS likewise authorize it. 

From a lone wolves’ degree to PhDs, ESSEC offers immense, remarkable scope of projects to instruct business pioneers. Also, official instruction programs are given. This exploration driven business college has 18 changeless educators situated in the Asia-Pacific Campus. ESSEC’s global workforce and examination staff originate from the absolute most lofty foundations around the world.

The degree programs offered completely in Singapore incorporate ESSEC and Manheim Executive MBA Asia-Pacific, MSc in Management of Health Industries, and MSc in Marketing Management and Digital. Bi-grounds programs, in particular Global BBA, Master in Management, Master in Finance, MSc in Data Sciences and Business Analytics, Advanced Master in Strategy and Management of International Business and Global MBA, are accessible.

Essec Business School Ranking

In 2020, the Essec Business School is ranked number 4 in France.

Essec Business School World Ranking

The Essex Business School World Ranking is:

  • #3: Top Master in Management Grande Ecole, in 2019 by Financial Times. 
  • #5: Best Master in Finance Pre-experience, in 2018 by Financial Times.
  • #7: ESSEC Best European Business School, in 2019 by Financial Times.
  • #5: Executive Education Top 50 schools, in 2020 by Financial Times.
  • #17: Executive MBA ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA, in 2018 by The Economist.
  • #10: Master in Management Grande Ecole, in 2019 by The Economist.

Essec Business School Fees

For ESSEC Business School the fee structure course-wise is:

Fee (INR)
Bachelor in
4 YearsIELTS: 6.5,
10.4 Lakh
MSc in
2-3 YearsGMAT, GRE31.2 Lakh
MSc in Finance1 yearGMAT, GRE16.4 Lakh
Executive MBA15 monthsIELTS40.2 Lakh
MSc in
Management of Health
1 yearGMAT, GRE18.7 Lakh

Essec Business School Admission Requirements

For admission in Essec Business School, the documents which are required are:

  1. SOP: Not required
  2. LOR: Needed for all courses
  3. Essays: Not required
  4. CV: Needed for a few courses
  5. Additional documents: Required
  6. Be at least 26 years old at the time of application
  7. At least 3 years of post-university professional experience (excluding internships)
  8. At least 2 years of experience in a management role
  9. Work experience abroad or in an international environment
  10. Bachelor’s Degree
  11. A competitive GMAT or GRE score
  12. Advanced level of English

Essec Business School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is around 13.7% for ESSEC Business School.

Essec Business School Courses

The ESSEC Business School Courses are:

  1. ESSEC Global BBA
  2. Master of Science in Management – Grande École
  3. Master in Finance
  4. ESSEC M.S. Advanced Masters
  5. ESSEC Global MBA
  6. Ph.D. in Business Administration
  7. ESSEC Executive Education
  8. ESSEC & Mannheim Executive MBA
  9. ESSEC Executive MBA Asia-Pacific

Essec Business School MIM

The Master in Management at Essec Business School is a 2-year, full-time, adaptable multi grounds program that gives passage to overall markets and joins the best of an esteemed French “Grande Ecole” program with an exceptional introduction to universal encounters with two world-class grounds in both Paris and Singapore.

Understudies characterize their investigation and vocation way by building their own scholastic, expert, and worldwide educational plan accomplished through the system of scholarly and corporate accomplices.

Flexibility: at the core of the MIM program; students determine their study and career choices by creating their own personal, professional, and international curriculum achieved through the academic and corporate partners network.

Essec Business School MBA

An MBA degree is a crucial step towards high profile employment in today’s business world. ESSEC provides general and tailored MBAs for young professionals looking for a career booster, designed to improve your management skills in a critical and innovative way.

ESSEC Business School ‘s Global MBA is a 12-month, full-time MBA program with a focus on emerging markets and experiential learning that prepares post-experience students for an international career. It offers six Majors that require students to specialize in the following areas: Luxury Brand Management, Hospitality Management, Digital Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.

Essec Business School Master in Finance

The Master in Finance replaces the old Master Techniques Financières since 2016. The Master in Finance is perceived by the French Higher Education and Research Ministry as a graduate degree. The Master in Finance has an association with the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). It is one of the most specific projects of the school as it was positioned fifth-best in money on the planet by the Financial Times in 2018. 

There are three specific tracks: 

  • Corporate Finance: M&A, Private Equity, ECM, DCM, Equity Research, Leveraged and Project Finance; 
  • Budgetary Markets: Sales, Trading, Risk Management, and Portfolio Management; 
  • FinTech and Analytics: Quantitative Asset and Risk Management, Data-based Market Making and Trading and Quant Hedge Funds (with a strong Math/Physics degree).

Essec Business School Luxury Brand Management

The major in Luxury Brand Management helps you to build and improve the ability to handle a luxury brand or company with success. The program will help you learn the renowned French know-how and empower you to succeed in the luxury industry.

Essec Business School Placements 

Some intriguing realities about the arrangement of ESSEC Graduates are as per the following: 

  • 98.2% Employability Rate: Those graduates who choose to go directly into work find their job within 6 months of graduation. 
  • Normal beginning pay of ESSEC Graduates is € 55,000 (INR 44,00,000) 
  • 37% of Graduates work outside of their nation of the starting point.
  • A portion of the top managers of ESSEC is The Boston Consulting Group, Societe Generale, LVMH, Ernst&Young, BNP Paribas, PwC, Deloitte, General Electric, J.P. Morgan, Rothschild, McKinsey, Accenture, KPMG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and so forth.

Essec Business School Review

The Ecole Superieure des Sciences et Commerciales (ESSEC) which was founded in 1907 as the Economic Institute. With HEC and ESCP it is one of the three Paris-based Grandes Ecoles – France’s highly selective and prestigious sector of technical institutions – specializing in business education which is known as the “Trois Parisiennes”.

Some reviews which are given by students are:

Anonymous Student
A flexible schedule and top-quality classes. A top business school ideal to find a top-notch job in France. Great flexibility to define your project and schedule. Many possibilities to finance your master’s degree. An international campus providing all necessary to grow an international culture.

France, Graduate
Management Science
ESSEC is a great school if you are looking for a flexible program that allows you to learn the necessary basic subjects of business management while also have the freedom to tailor your electives to your own specific interests.

France, Undergraduate
Financial Management
ESSEC offers many courses for BBA. The first two year focuses on fundamental courses in business, such as marketing, accounting, finance, law, maths, statistics, etc. After the two years, people can choose whatever courses they are interested in. Some of the professors are excellent and very helpful to students. The French people are nice in general and helped me a lot in integrating in France when I first arrived.

Anonymous Student
The professionalism of the program
ESSEC is a very international university which welcomes from all over the world, with its 3 campuses it is present globally. The things which I would highlight is the quality of the lessons and professors. Courses are taught by professionals or teacher’s experts in their fields. What I have enjoyed the most are the opportunities offered by the school: there are plenty of conferences, workshops, classes where students can meet professionals and apply for internships/ jobs.

Anonymous Student
International school
It is a great university, offering you opportunities to go abroad and teaching you important concepts. The main thing that I will remember from my uni is that I was able to have lots of professional, personal, and societal experiences that I would have never had anywhere else.

Essec Business School Notable Alumni

Some Notable Alumni of Essec Business School are:

  1. Michel Bon, CEO of Carrefour (1985–1992) and CEO of France Telecom (1995–2002)
  2. Patrick Cescau, former CEO of Unilever
  3. Pierre Nanterme, CEO of Accenture
  4. D. K. Bandyopadhyay, Indian scientific management researcher
  5. Véronique Bédague-Hamilius, Former economist at the IMF and Principal Private Secretary of the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls from 2014
  6. Marie-José Pérec, former sprinter, three times Olympic champion

Essec Business School Scholarship

To sustain the
academic excellence of
the program
All international candidates
demonstrating high quality
GMAT score,
Can cover up to 40% of total
Awarded with
the admission decision at
each session of admission.
No additional application or request
To sustain the diversity of student bodyBe a citizen of all countries
(except France)
Up to 25% of the
Awarded with
the admission
decision at each session of
No additional
application or
The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds
the EIFFEL scholarship.
Reserved for
candidates, double nationality included, no older than 30 years old at the time the selection committee will meet (around mid-March).
A monthly allowance of €1,181 and covered costs of one international return journey and social security cover.ESSEC submits applications for EIFFEL scholarships on your behalf. Your application should be completed and submitted therefore in the first round of applications.
A platform to channel the influence of Lebanese finance executives worldwide in order to establish stronger bonds, nurture the next generation and promote Lebanon. 1. Be Lebanese or of Lebanese descent
2. Achieve and maintain academic excellence
3. Demonstrate interest in pursuing a career in Finance
4. Be in financial need
Up to 12 000$ per year for the duration of the academic program. ESSEC submits applications for LIFE scholarships on your behalf.  
The French-American Chamber of Commerce (FACC) provides aspiring young leaders with invaluable learning opportunities that will help expand their career opportunities, promote cross-cultural dialogue and improve foreign language skills.American citizenUp to $10,000NA
The ESSEC USA Alumni International Leadership Award-Philippe Mathe Fellowship” is a merit-based scholarship.
It is not mutually exclusive of any other scholarship obtained by the candidate.
Graduates from a US, Canadian, or Mexican University.€5,000.NA


Is Essec a good business school?

Ans. ESSEC is the first European business school to receive accreditation from AACSB. The flagship program of ESSEC, the Grande Ecole (Master of Science in Management), was ranked 3rd worldwide by the Financial Times in 2019 and the Financial Times were ranked 3rd worldwide by the ESSEC ‘s Master in Finance in 2017.

Is MBA better than MiM?

Ans. The main difference is that while both courses address a range of business subjects and basic business concepts, the MBA is typically tailored for people with several years of work experience. The MiM admission process focuses less on work experience but much of the application is close to an MBA.

Is GMAT required for MiM?

Ans. Many MiM programs allow students in any area to have an undergraduate diploma. Many MiM programs include graduates with fewer than two years of work experience, in action. Unlike MBA though, testing candidates on a may benchmark requires GMAT / GRE or other standardized tests.

Is MiM a good degree?

Ans. The MiM degree is seen as a means of starting a business career. Grades also take entry-level positions, while MBAs are typically promoted to mid-level positions, which tend to have more experience beforehand. Companies are eager to recruit qualified applicants from the MiM and MBA graduates pool anyway.

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