General Science

Subjects like Physics, Chemistry & Biology are essential for the general modesty of issues around us, which is why these subjects become even more crucial for any successful review.

General research applies to the core subjects of science and not to a limited or extended study of a specific field or scientific discipline. According to Wikipedia, basic science is the creation and establishment of facilities to help understand the analysis and interpretation of events in the natural world. The basic science discipline is also referred to as pure science or basic science. The basic science sciences are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. There are ample areas of research in the field of basic science.

Simply put, mathematics is the science of numbers. It is studying quantity, form, volume, shift, and other properties. Mathematics has been developed from counting, calculating, measuring, and systematically studying the shape and motion of physical objects.

Biology is a science dealing with the study of life and living organisms, including their structure, function, development, evolution, distribution, and taxonomy.


  • Introduction to Human Evolution looks at Humans as a living organism, focusing on biological evolution, genetics, and fossil hominids.
  • Human Cadaver Dissection involves the dissection of one part of a preserved human corpse and the preparation of a specimen for anatomical laboratory study.
  • General Chemistry Laboratory provides laboratory techniques by chemical reactions and writing calculations, phase diagrams, equilibrium constants, acid-base titrations, voltaic cells, and kinetic and inorganic chemistry experiments.
  • Biogeography studies the relationship between plants and animals to the environment by examining the allocation of individual species as well as historical changes in the distribution of plants.
  • Food and culture takes an anthropological perspective on the role of nutrients in human development, biological determinants, and disparities between cultures, and world food policy
  • Biopsychology explores the interaction between brain and endocrine function and actions, including feeling, cognition, sexual behavior, alcohol affects, feeding, drinking, sleeping, dreaming, and thinking.

Career Prospects

General Science can work for many career interests. It may be suitable for students interested in health-related professions in pharmacy, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and medical technology.

Pre-engineering students used the major to obtain a wider scientific background than is offered by conventional pre-engineering programs in chemistry or physics. The major also fits well for students who want to teach elementary or secondary school physics. Bachelor’s degree in general science may be useful in many fields in pharmacy, dentistry, education, and research. In combination with other majors or minors, a degree in general science can also be excellent preparation for careers in law, business, and public relations.

University offering the course

  1. Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Mohali
  2. St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad
  3. NMKRV College, Bangalore
  4. Kasturba Gandhi Degree College, Secunderabad
  5. Aryabhatta College, Delhi
  6. Daulat Ram College, Delhi

Top Recruiters

Basic science graduates have a wide range of recruiting practices in different fields and a wide range of businesses.

Some of the top recruiters are:

  1. Genpact
  2. Wipro
  3. Tata Consultancy Services
  4. IBM
  5. Infosys
  6. ICICI Prudential
  7. Hindustan Lever
  8. Proctor & Gamble


✅ What is the general science?

General science is science in it’s basic and pure form. The science which deals with the things related to our day to day life. It includes basic Biology, physics, and chemistry

✅ What are general science subjects?

General Science Focuses on the Core Subjects and not general Topics. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology.

Who is the father of GK?

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