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Acadia University is a public and an undergraduate university which Is located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada with a few of its graduate programs at the masters level and one at the doctoral level. The Wolfville campus houses Acadia university archives and also the Acadia university art gallery.

This university offers over 200-degree combinations which are of the facilities arts, pure and applied science, professional studies, and theology. One of the most attractive things about the university is the student: faculty ratio which is 15:1 and the average class size is 28. There is also open Acadia which offers various correspondence and distance education courses and the current president of Acadia is Dr. Peter j. Ricketts.

In 2020 guide to Canadian universities by Maclean’s, Acadia secured 4th rank in the publication’s “primarily undergraduate” in the Canadian university category.

Acadia University Faculties Offered

Talking about the faculties, Acadia university is basically organized into four faculties which are

  1. Arts
  2. Pure and applied sciences
  3. Professional studies
  4. Theology

For student’s convenience, the faculties are further divided into departments which are more further divided into areas of teaching and research. Talking about research, Acadia has over 15 research centers along with 6 research chairs.

Even the undergraduate gets the chance of participating in the various research opportunities in a small university setting. The division which is made for research and studies of the graduate is separate from the faculties and oversees graduate students as well as the research programs of Acadia.

These programs of Acadia explore coastal environments, ethnocultural diversity, social justice, environmental monitoring, climate change, organizational relationship, data mining, the impact of digital technologies, and even lifestyle choices contributing to health and wellness. The research programs of Acadia include the tidal energy institute, the Acadia institute for data analytics and the beaubassin field station. The opportunities of applied research also include research with local wineries and grape growers, alternative controlling technology of insects, and techniques.

In the year 1996, Acadia also mastered the use of mobile computing technology during the period of the post-secondary education environment.

Acadia University Advantages

The Acadia advantage, the name of the academic initiative went on to integrate the notebook computer into the undergraduate curriculum and gave rise to innovations in teaching. Earlier in the year 2000, all the full time, undergraduates of Acadia students were already taking part in the initiative. The initiative went big and soon went beyond leasing notebook computers to the students during their academic years. Which included training, user support and the use of course-specific applications at Acadia that most probably revolutionized learning at the N.S campus, Wolfville, and beyond.

Due to its pioneering efforts, Acadia is also a laureate of Washington’s Smithsonian institution and a part of the permanent research collection belonging to the national museum of American history. Acadia is also the only Canadian university that is selected for inclusion in the Education and Academia category of the computer world Smithsonian  Award.

In 2001, Acadia university received the pioneer award for ubiquitous computing, it also achieved very high and reputable rankings in the MacLean’s university rankings.


Is Acadia a good university?

Ans. Acadia University is one of the best universities and the first university to be ranked number one in all four categories i.e. Best Overall, Highest Quality, Most Innovative, and Leaders of Tomorrow.

What is Acadia University known for?

Ans. Acadia University is known for its athletics programs, its conference and national championships than any other university in Atlantic Canada.

Is it hard to get into Acadia University?

Ans. The admission rate in Acadia University is 60-70% making this Canadian higher education organization a somewhat selective institution. International students are welcome to apply for enrollment.

How old is Acadia?

Ans. Acadia University was established in July 1916 by President Woodrow Wilson. In February 1919 when it became the first national park east of the Mississippi. It was not until January 1929 that it officially was named Acadia National Park.

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