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Maynooth University is one of the finest University of the world established in Ireland in the year 1997 to provide education to all the students round the corner. There has been a larger perspective of its institution from early 1775, which was the initial step of its establishment later termed as an unofficial establishment into the individual locations.


A university called the St. Patrick’s College Maynooth was certainly established in the year 1795 for named as one of the youngest institution of education in Ireland imparting knowledge with its peak. By the end of 1850 St. Patrick’s College Maynooth or the new Maynooth University has become the largest seminary in the world. There have been ending numbers of factors responsible for the development of Maynooth University. Some of them are –

  • The confiscation of the Irish colleges in the French revolution 
  • The relaxation of the penal laws due to the war between Britain and France 
  • The myth of Irish bishops and English government for the influence created in the minds of the Irish priests due to “contagion of sedition and infidelity” 
  • The approval of the act for the Better Education of Persons professing the Popish or Roman Catholic Religion by the parliament.

Negative Impact

There have been innumerable circumstances tackled beyond the establishment of Maynooth University where initially the university had to fight for the government grant for its recognition, later there created an unpleasant situation when a bunch of students were expelled in the year 1798 and yet again at the rising of Robert Emmett in the year 1803. The suspicion on the government has now started to boom up by the year 1820. Then the public of England and Ireland started to protest about the expenses incurred on the education of catholic priests.

Statistical Achievements

Since the approval of the university act of 1997 for guidelines being established as per the working of the National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Maynooth University). For now, the growth of Maynooth University has taken a front foot where the development in terms of quality of education and adoption of new-age techniques have started thereof. The dynamic nature of the university has initially geared up to build a needful education environment for its students and its employees who shall be working into the University for its prosperity into the whole world.

Administration and Staff

The university now comprises of 13000 students from 9000 in its initial establishment from across 90 countries then. The faculty growth has taken up a rapid change in the count which is more than 800, with full infrastructure and modernized facilities available for all the next-gen students. The university provides a full range of diversified courses for graduation post-graduation and PHD level of education in the field of humanities, science and engineering, and social sciences, including business, law, and education. The collegial culture of Maynooth University gives a way to interdisciplinary approach for research and helps tackle the most fundamental challenge of facing society and develop a creative and communicative behavior into a student of the University.

Current Growth Status

  • World University Rank – Ranked #701-750
  • Times Higher Education (THE) 2020-
  • The University Ranked #301-350
  • U.S. News & World Report 2020-
  • As per Best Global Universities Rankings, Ranked #817

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