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Vancouver Community College is a public community college in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The college is one of British Columbia’s largest and oldest community college with around 140 certificate and diploma programs. VCC offers career programs, diplomas and degrees in a wide range of fields. Ranging from arts, business and trades, students are given various opportunities to discover their passions, gain essential skills, and learn what it takes to succeed in a competitive workforce.

Vancouver Community College has been providing quality education and is a key player in contributing to class post-secondary educational courses, for over 50 years. The College firmly believes in creating cultural and social environments and real-time inspired academic environments for students to be compatible and efficient in their careers-to-be. 


Earlier what started as four different institutions, from 1965 are known under the same name, Vancouver Community College. The College comprises of three campuses. The first campus is situated at Hamilton, and is also known as the Downtown Campus. It is also accessible by the SkyTrain of Vancouver. 

Famously known as the Broadway Campus, the second campus of VCC is situated in East Broadway. Covering an area of approximately 12,400 metre square, the campus was sponsored by the government and various community donors, totalling upto $55 million. It houses the Training programs of Health Sciences of Vancouver Community College.

Shared with the VCC/BCIT campus is the third campus of VCC, which houses the Heavy Metal Trades department of VCC.  In addition to these three campuses, Vancouver Community College has around 36 learning and community outreach centres.


Home to nearly 22,000 students around the three campuses, 6% of them being international students, Vancouver Community College offers both full-time and half-time programs to students, such as Academic Upgrading, Design, Hospitality, Music and Dance, Baking and Culinary Arts, Hair and Makeup, Instructor Training, Technology, Apprenticeship Training, Human and Family Services Youth Training in Trades. Not only academically, but even on a personal basis, the College provides assistance and supports students in many ways. Some of them are new student orientation, medical insurance, educational planning, and information about studying and working in Canada. 

Vancouver Community College believes in providing practical and on-field knowledge, more than mugging up textbooks and passing tests. Therefore, most of their programs require the students to train themselves in local businesses in order to achieve the same. JJ’s Dining Room at the downtown campus, is run by culinary arts students. The Four Corners restaurant and the Seiffert Market are run by VCC hospitality management students. The Broadway and Downtown campuses have several coffee and snack kiosks as well as full-service cafeterias. The VCC salon at the Downtown campus offers hairstyling services from students learning in the Hair Design programs. Many of them are open to both, students and general public.

VCC is not only accessible to general students, but also to students with disabilities. It allows such students to pursue their specialized or the mainstream programs and have access to equipment and braille or taped class material. The college also offers on-site licensed, non-profit child care, professional counselling, and on-site health services with a doctor at each campus.


Vancouver Community College offers students a wide range of careers options and programs to choose from. Offering both full-time and part-time courses and programs, the College provides the student with the one-year certificate, two-year Diploma degrees or three-year Bachelor’s degrees, depending upon the opted course.  

The broad categories under which the courses are divided are:

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Baking and Culinary
  • Business
  • Design
  • English as a Second Language
  • Hair, Esthetics and Make-up
  • Health Sciences
  • Hospitality
  • Human and Family services
  • Instructor Training
  • Languages and Writing
  • Music and Dance
  • Students with Disabilities
  • Technology
  • Transportation Trades
  • University Transfer
  • Youth Train in Trades


Vancouver Commercial College creates an accessible environment for students; a place where they can hone their skills, develop attributes and abilities and gain experience, to succeed in the future. It believes that students have unlimited potential, which needs to be moulded and guided properly. It makes sure that all its graduates are equipped with the right skills for their respective industries. 

The College values the different cultures and traditions students from all across the world bring along with them and works together for the best interests of the college community as a whole.

Vancouver Commercial College envisions at becoming the first choice for students for innovative and experiential learning for life. 

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