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Linkoping University is a public university. It was established in 1969 but was granted full university status in 1975. Linkoping university is situated in Sweden. It is one of the larger educational institutions in Sweden. There is 4 campus of Linkoping university named as Campus Valla, Campus US, Campus Norrkoping, and Campus Lidingo. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs.

The Linkoping university intake approx. 32,000 students annually in all the 4 campus. In all the 4 campuses 4,000 employees are present. The university offers programs related to different fields like doctors, engineering, economics, etc. The university consists of 12 large departments which include knowledge of various fields. The university offers from basic to advanced study with 120 courses. The university also offers research projects for the students.

Linkoping University Campuses

The Linkoping University has 3 campuses located in Linkoping and Norrkoping. The fourth campus is located in Lidingo in Stockholm. The first campus is named Campus Valla and is located at a distance of 3 kilometers from the center of Linkoping.

The 2nd campus is the University Hospital Campus, which specializes in medicine. It is home to the talented faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The 3rd campus is the Norrkoping, which is located about 40 km northeast of Linkoping. This campus houses a fourth of the total students enrolled in the Linkoping University.

The 4th campus is called the Carl Malmsten School of furniture or the Malmstens Linkoping University. This has been added to the Linkoping University in the year 2000. After 60 years of working in the city center, it was shifted to Lidingo, which is located in the outskirts regions of Stockholm.

Linkoping UniversityResearch Centres

The research centers of the Linkoping University include – 

  1. Control, Autonomy, and Decision-making in Complex Systems (Linnaeus Centre CADICS)
  2. Disaster Medicine 
  3. Gender Excellence
  4. Hearing and Deafness (Linnaeus Centre HEAD)
  5. The National Supercomputer Centre
  6. Novel Functional Materials (Linnécentrum Lili-NFM)
  7. Organic Bioelectronics (OBOE)
  8. Norrköping Visualization Center C

Linkoping University Ranking

Linkoping University ranked in the top 30 universities in the world.

  1. LIU is on the global top 400 according to QS World University Rankings 2019.
  2. The QS World University ranking of LIU is 324.
  3. The Academic reputation of the university is 19.7.
  4. The LIU ranked 301 positions in the Academic ranking of world universities.
  5. In Times Higher Education (THE), LIU ranked at 4031 position.

Linkoping University World ranking

LIU comes under the top 50 universities in the world in the 30th position.

  • The World University ranking of LIU by Times Higher Education is 401.
  • The QS World University ranking of LIU is 324.
  • The Academic Ranking of World universities of LIU is 301.

Linkoping University QS Ranking

  • The QS World University ranking of LIU is 324.
  • The LIU’s place under QS Top 50 universities under 50 is 40.

Linkoping University Masters

LIU offers approx. 27 international master’s degree program. All the courses taught in English. The university offers courses in various subjects. Most of the master courses are for a 2-year duration.

The master’s program in various subjects is as follows:

  1. Business and Management 
  2. Design
  3. Engineering
  4. Logistics
  5. Natural sciences
  6. Social sciences
  7. Life sciences and medicine 

Linkoping University International Students

The students from outside Sweden or all over the world take admission in Linkoping university. The admission process and requirements for international students are different. The Linkoping university international students have to apply for admission before the deadline so that the admission acceptance letter comes soon and the student can able to apply for the visa.

Linkoping University Accommodation

The LIU provides accommodation for international as well as domestic students. The university provides a perfect package for students which helps the students to easily maintain and fins the living place in Sweden. They can focus on the study and classes very carefully and quickly. The LIU accommodation offers various facilities to the students.

  1. Single, double and triple sharing room.
  2. Electricity, heat water.
  3. Laundry facilities
  4. Cleaning room service
  5. New linen, pillow, and towels.

Linkoping University Scholarship

Linkoping university offers various scholarships. The international scholarships of LIU are for international masters course students. the student only needs to pay the tuition fee.

Once the student is selected for the scholarship then according to the scholarship the tuition fees are reduced by 25%, 50%, and 75%. The scholarship offers only limited students who are eligible and able to grasp the scholarship.

  1. The student of a master’s degree course can apply for LIU scholarship.
  2. The scholarship needs to apply before the deadline.
  3. The student is required to pay the tuition fee which will be returned according to the percentage once selected for the scholarship.
  4. The candidate needs to choose the master’s program.

Linkoping University Tuition Fee

The student needs to pay tuition fees every semester. The candidate can pay the tuition fee via online mode.

  • The application fee for applying to admission to Linkoping University is SEK 900.
  • The tuition fee can be paid semester wise.
  •  The tuition fee of LIU range between SEK 80,000 to SEK 1,36,000. 
  • The tuition fee is different for different courses.

Linkoping University Cost Of Living

The Linkoping university cost of living depends on the accommodation you take and the facilities you choose. It also depends on the lifestyle and place to live. The average amount for the cost of living is described below. The amount does not include courses and tuition fees of the university.

  1. Food – SEK 2500
  2. Student accommodation – SEK 3700
  3. Local travel – SEK 500
  4. Phone/ internet – SEK 300
  5. Hobby/ leisure – SEK 1500
  6. Total average cost of living – SEK 8500

Linkoping University Admission Requirments

The admission requirements in Linkoping university is different for bachelor’s and master’s degree. The admission requirement for bachelor degree programs is as follows – 

  1. 12th standard passing certificate.
  2. Proficiency in the English language.
  3. IELTS score should be 6.5 and not less than 5.5.
  4. TOEFL paper-based exam score should be 4.5.
  5. TOEFL internet-based exam score should be 20.

The admission requirement for master degree programs is as follows – 

  1. Bachelor’s degree certificate
  2. Transcripts
  3. Supporting documents for English proficiency
  4. Supporting documents for specific entry requirements.
  5. Copy of passport or ID.

Linkoping University Courses

The course list of Linkoping university is as follows – 

  1. MSc Aeronautical engineering
  2. MSc electrical engineering
  3. MSc Industrial Engineering and management
  4. MSc computer science
  5. MSc Mechanical engineering
  6. MSc Sustainability engineering and management
  7. MSc Material science and nanotechnology
  8. MSc Statistics and data mining
  9. MSc Communication system

Linkoping University Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering is the master’s degree course in LIU. The duration of the course is 2 years. The 1st year of the program deals with fundamentals of aeronautics, such as aircraft design, aerodynamics, engineering system design, product modeling, and aircraft system and installation.

The course gives you a great and incredible view of aircraft design. The focus of the full program gives specific attention to the progression and detailing of the significant use of engineering design tools. The tuition fees for the course are INR 9.4 lakh per year.

Linkoping University Masters In Computer Science

The duration of the master’s in computer science program is 2 years in Linkoping university. It’s a postgraduate degree program. The students who are qualified with computer science degrees are eligible or suitable for this program. The student will study the technologies and theoretical field found in this course.

The core subject of the course is computer science and programming. The course offers some elective subjects like artificial intelligence, database, and data mining, information security, advanced computer graphics, etc. The tuition fee for the course is INR 9.4 lakh per year.

The course offers you 5 specialization areas:

  1. Visualization and computer graphics
  2. Artificial intelligence and data mining
  3. Computer networks, disturbed systems, and security
  4. Embedded systems
  5. Programming and software methods

Linkoping University Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is the master’s degree course at Linkoping University. The duration of the course is 2 years. The course includes subjects and studies about engineering, biology, and medicine to develop new technologies, materials, processing, etc.

The aim of the course is of improving the healthcare system and research department. The program consists of 4 specialization subjects like Medical informatics, Biomedical signals and instrumentation, Bioengineering and Medical imaging. The tuition fee for the course is INR 9.4 lakh per year.

Linkoping University Sustainability Engineering and Management

The Sustainability engineering and management course is a master’s degree program. The duration of the course is 2 years. The aim of the program is to train future engineers. The program consists of 2 research groups like Energy systems and environmental technology and Management. The name of the department in which these courses study is the Department of Management and Engineering. 

  1. The duration of the course is 2 years.
  2. The course is a post-graduation degree program.
  3. The program gives knowledge about developing products, services, and technical systems, resource effectiveness, etc.
  4. The tuition fee for the course is INR 9.4 lakh per year.

Linkoping University Industrial Engineering And Management

The duration of the Industrial engineering and management course in LIU is 2 years. This is a master’s degree program. The students who are from engineering background then this course is best and suitable for them. The program develops the engineering skills of the student. The necessary tools are required to integrate engineering, management, and mathematics. 

  1. The duration of the course is 2 years.
  2. The core subject of the course is project management and organization, management systems and sustainability, production planning and control, and quality management.
  3. The tuition fee for the course is INR 9.4 lakh per year.

Linkoping university Mechanical engineering

The Mechanical engineering course is of 2-year duration course in LIU. It’s a master’s degree program. The course deals with the product and development cycle. The final idea of the course is too encompassing everything to the final product. The mechanical engineering course is the term that comes out from the mandatory courses named as mathematics and computer programming courses.

  • The duration of the course is 2 years.
  • The tuition fee of the course is INR 9.4 lakh per year.
  • The program offers some specialization subjects like Engineering system design, Engineering mechanics and Manufacturing engineering and management. 

Linkoping University Review

The Linkoping university review by the student is not very bad. According to students review the university score 4.5 out 5 stars. Approx. 87% of students recommend taking admission in Linkoping university.

The description of some of the reviews is as follows:

  1. In the first review, it is written that the experience of studying at the university was very good. The lectures are very helpful. The teachers give you a very good knowledge of every subject.
  2. In the second review, it is written that the studying experience is very spectacular. Understanding the basic tenants of ethics. The communication with the professors was very satisfying and knowledgeable.


Q1. Is studying in Sweden expensive?

Ans. The range of fees in Sweden is between SEK 50-350 per semester. Depending on the place to live, the cost of living effect. The bigger cities are expensive for living as compare to the smaller ones.

Q2. What is a scholarship program for LIU?

Ans. The scholarship program at Linkoping university is very good. The university provides a scholarship for eligible students. The scholarship gives about 25%, 50% and 75% reduction in tuition fees.

Q3 What are the courses provided by the university?

Ans. LIU provides a variety of courses in the field of engineering, science, communication, etc. The undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs offered by the university.

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