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SRH Berlin is a private university in Berlin and is a part of SRH Holding. Previously known as the OTA University, it joined the SRH Holding in the year 2007. The SRH Berlin offers Bachelor’s, Masters and MBA programs in German and English languages. It has captivating campuses at two places in Germany, namely at Berlin and at Dresden.

The SRH Berlin offers some excellent courses which are accredited by the government of Germany and many international organizations like the FIBBA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) all across the world. Study at SRH Berlin is characterized by the innovative curriculum, small study groups, and exchange programs. The students are trained to think critically and to approach problems with an interdisciplinary and result oriented thought process.

The international orientation of the university is reflected by their curriculum, faculty and a cosmopolitan mix of the students. The faculty is experienced, practical and approachable.  The international office of SRH Berlin is their first point of contact with foreign students. Besides, offering other services, it also assists its international students in the Visa process. All in all, the university offers and expects from its students a high-performance standard in studies.

SRH Berlin University

With a focus on technology and management, the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences offers its students high quality internationally acclaimed education that prepares them for the future. Focusing on the interrelationship between teaching, research and real-life work experience, the university aims at providing the best curriculum and study environment for its students.

It is their goal to lead young and talented people to pursue future-oriented study programs and qualified state-approved degrees that will lead to above-average job prospects. The university also wants to support and encourage its students to become independent and confident individuals. It is their goal to contribute to foster innovation and qualification in the economy and society with their application-oriented research and scientific education.

Key points to remember about the SRH Berlin University include:

  1. The five schools of SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences combine modern management and entrepreneurship, media and creative industries, technology and IT in modern study programs.
  2. Since July 2009, the university has been accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities. In fact, the SRH Berlin University is the only private university in Germany to have an advance quality seal, till the year 2025.
  3. The Master’s program, ‘international management’ has been awarded the FIBBA premium seal.
  4. The popularity of the university among international students can be estimated from the fact that it houses about 2000 students from 85 different countries.
  5. It gives opportunities to students from day one to join their start-up lab or participate in SRH career service activities

SRH Berlin Ranking

 As part of SRH Holding, a leading private provider of educational and health care services in Germany, the SRH Berlin University is highly recognized in Germany and abroad. In fact, they are the first provider of Bachelor’s programs in Berlin. The SRH Berlin operates two campuses in Berlin and Dresden.

About 52% of the students are international and come from as many as 85 countries. They maintain a partnership with 88 partner universities all across the globe. One needs to have valid TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score to seek admission to this university. An average score of PTE 59 and above; TOEFL 87 and above; and IELTS 6.5 and above is admissible as admission criteria. They follow a selective admission policy based on the entrance examination.

The admission rate range is 50-60% making this German University an averagely selected institution.  The 31 universities in Berlin are listed in 28 different university rankings by the institution as well as by subject-specific rankings. 14 of these universities are listed in at least one institution or subject-specific ranking.

  • The SRH Berlin ranks 7 among the 31 universities in BERLIN.
  • The country rank is 227
  • The world rank is 5386.

SRH Berlin Review

SRH Hochschule Berlin (SRH University of Applied Sciences, Berlin) is one of the best institutions in Germany for applied science working excellently for more than 15 years.

It is a non-profit private higher education institution and offers plenty of international programs. Officially accredited by the Senate Chancellery for Science and Research, Berlin, SRH Hochschule Berlin is a very small coeducational higher education institution.

  1. It comprises of highly qualified professors in its pool of faculty. The faculty members have significant experience in their respective fields. Technical and analytical approaches are implemented in teaching methodology. 
  2. Besides profound theoretical knowledge, great emphasis is given on practical learning. The University carries out soft skill enhancement initiatives to make students adroit to cutting edge technology.
  3. The really important thing to recognize a University of international reputation is the excellent service they give to technical courses and support students throughout their studies. SRH Hochschule Berlin does a great job with that. Its smaller class sizes help to provide additional support to the students with one to one interaction.
  4. The University gives great exposure in the field of study, offers unique programs with high job opportunities. 70% of alumni have given 5-star rating out of 5 to its services and courses.

SRH Hochschule Berlin Tuition Fees

Moderate living costs added to good quality education makes Germany a good place to study. Further graduates from German universities can apply for 18-month job permit there.  Being a private university, SRH Hochschule Berlin tuition fees is a bit on the higher side. However, the fees should be regarded as an investment towards a bright future rather than cost.

Name of the courseDurationFees in INR*
MS4 semesters9.1 lakhs 
MBA3 semesters12.2 lakhs
Engineering4 semesters9.1 lakhs
MIM4 semesters9.1 lakhs
BBA6 or 7 semesters8.6 lakhs
  • *The fees vary according to value of Euros.

SRH Berlin Masters

With an international perspective and focus on career-oriented guidance, the SRH Berlin Master’s program is quite popular among students wanting to pursue higher education in Germany. The SRH Berlin offers a Master’s program in various fields at its campuses in Berlin and Dresden.

They offer a variety of courses under its Master’s program. Master’s program is currently available for science, engineering and computer science. The following courses are available for SRH Berlin Masters:

  1. M.Sc.  in Software Engineering
  2. M.Sc. in Computer Science: focus on cybersecurity
  3. M.Sc. in Computer Science: focus on big data and artificial intelligence
  4. M.Sc.  in Supply chain management
  5. M.A. in Entrepreneurship
  6. M.A. in International Management
  7. M.A. in International Management: focus on creative management
  8. M.A. in International Business and Leadership
  9. M.A. in Hospitality Management and Leadership
  10. M.Eng: Engineering and International Business
  11. M.Eng: Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management – focus on mobility and automotive management
  12. M.Eng: Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management – focus on the digital industry and industrial automation
  13. M.Eng: Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management – focus on digital building infrastructure

SRH Berlin Engineering and International Business

In addition to technical expertise, SRH Berlin Engineering and International Business students become acquainted with management subjects and theories and get to extend their project management skills within an international context.

They learn about Marketing, Sales, Finance, Investment Strategies, and International Contract Law. Thus students are able to assess the business environment, the economic viability, environmental impact and the efficiency of the projects and systems.

  • The entire course duration is of four semesters.
  • The admission requirements include a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, English proficiency test scores in the form of TOEFL or IELTS and a letter of motivation.
  • The focus is on solid business and engineering business with an inclination towards the global scenario.

SRH Berlin Renewable Energy

We are living in a fast-changing global economy. However, the ever-increasing demand for energy and natural resources make us realize that our resources are finite and that we need to come up with new sustainable solutions for old and new challenges. Renewable energy is the answer to this.

  1. The SRH Berlin Renewable Energy Masters program is a unique interdisciplinary combination of modules of Renewable energy, Water and Waste management. Using the synergies between these modules students acquire the ability to combine different technologies and skills to develop new sustainable solutions. 
  2. The students also acquire Soft Skills (Presentation, Negotiation and intercultural skills) which support them in becoming the open-minded, globally-thinking and responsible professionals of tomorrow. 
  3. Students get to know specialized forms of Research and development strategies and concepts and methods required to successfully lead technical and personnel projects on an international scale.

SRH Berlin Campus

SRH has campuses at Berlin and Dresden. Both campuses offer a host of services to the students. These services and facilities include SRH start-up Lab Berlin, a student welcome center, an international office, center for language and diversity. Besides, visa and career services are also provided to the students. The campus life is lively with many events conducted throughout the year.

  1. To find balance with studies, SRH Berlin offers many sporting and leisure activities.
  2. Every semester, staff and students hang out and celebrate important occasions at picturesque locations across the city.
  3. Excursions, career events, and presentations are held throughout the year.
  4. The academic calendar ends with an unforgettable graduation ceremony for the students.

SRH Hochschule Berlin Placements

The majority of jobs for “Engineering and International Business” graduates are within innovative growth industries and offer great career prospects. The Green or Blue Economy provides a basis for a variety of jobs that require experts with extensive engineering knowledge who are able to take on demanding management and leadership positions in international companies.

Besides its high-quality education and research availability, SRH Hochschule Berlin has a strong focus on graduate employability. The teachers always motivate students to do different projects and to attend seminars and job fairs which are beneficial to further their career and placement by networking in the relevant field.

  1. In order to raise students’ awareness of the corporate world and help their professional development and placement, SRH Hochschule Berlin has launched the Career Centre in partnership with and SRH Alumni Network.
  2.  Excellent contacts with the business world and the early integration of real work projects in the curriculum pave the way for a fast entry into the job market. SRH supports the search for suitable candidates for companies and recommends its students and graduates to them for hire or internship as per their requirement. 
  3. SRH Hochschule Berlin has a well-equipped Startup Lab for budding entrepreneurs. It imbibes entrepreneurial and creative skills and helps students and alumni having their own ideas to venture into their own startups.
  4. SRH also helps students desirous of working in Germany in getting permission to stay back after completion of their studies for job search.

SRH Berlin Scholarship

Unlike many other foreign universities, SRH Berlin has provisions for student funding in the form of scholarships. SRH Hochschule Berlin provides scholarships for different areas of study meant for Tuition and fees and not to be used for Living, Accommodation, Airfare/Travel expenses, Spouse/childcare, and health cover. Scholarship holders will benefit from a 50% reduction in their monthly tuition fees.

After the start of the program, usually after 1-2 semesters of study, students having a study performance above average may apply for a Deutschland stipendium (Germany scholarship).

  1. Once a year the University offers a small amount of these high-competitive scholarships. Scholarship holders receive a grant of 300 Euro/month for a period of one year. 
  2. The Career Service informs eligible students about the application round and the amount of available scholarship, which is funded partly by the federal government and partly by private sponsors. In addition to school and/or academic performance, selection criteria also include social commitment, volunteer work, international and work experience.
  3. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences awards PROMOS scholarships for studying or interning outside of Europe as well as for excursions and competition trips. The rates are the usual allowances as set by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).
  4. There are SRH Hochschule Berlin scholarships/internships for international students for various degree levels such as Undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. level scholarships.

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