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Governors State University, founded in 1969, is a public university located south of Chicago, Illinois to provide quality and accessible education that prepares its students to succeed in a global society, GSU has a broad curriculum with different degree programs and certifications. GSU offers degree programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels for undergraduate, freshman, transfer student, and international students. 

Initially, to serve the underserved student populations such as veterans and nontraditional students with some college credits, GSU now has the strength of 3526 undergraduates and 2194 postgraduates students, with 51% of them are minorities. Understanding that daytime classes don’t fit many students’ schedules, GSU also offers courses through modes of classes at night, online, on television, and locations around the Chicago area.

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Governors State University is a state-funded college in University Park, Illinois. 

  1. The 750 sections of land (3.0 km2) ground seem to be found 30 miles (48 km) south of Chicago, Illinois.
  2. GSU was established in 1969
  3. Governors State University offers various degree programs at the undergrad, master’s, and doctoral levels. 
  4. GSU has four schools: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the College of Health and Human Services.

GSU Location

The campus is located in University Park, 30 miles (48 km) south of Chicago, Illinois, on a 750-acre (3.0 square km) landscape with several lakes and nature trails.

Governors State University has four colleges: 

  • College of Arts and Sciences,  
  • College of Business, 
  • College of Education, and 
  • College of Health and Human Services. 

GSU Courses

GSU has the accompanying schools: Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, and Health and Human Services. The college in general is licensed by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 

The business programs are licensed by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and the policy implementation program is certified by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). The college is likewise an individual from the Illinois Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs.


Fees – Rs 12.3 Lakh (Approx)
Duration – 3-4 years


Fees – Rs 8.7 Lakh (Approx)
Duration – 1.5-2 years


Fees – Rs 10.4 Lakh (Approx)
Duration – 2-3 years


Fees – Rs 5.6 Lakh (Approx)
Duration – 1-1.5 years

GSU Academics

GSU offers 64 degrees and 24 certification programs in the field of business, industry, healthcare, art, and education. The University has a membership in the Illinois Council of Baccalaureate and higher degree. It is also accredited by the higher learning commission of the Northcentral association of colleges and schools.

The Governors State University has the following degree and certification programs:

GSU Bachelors

After completion of the first two years at another university or associate’s degree, GSU offers several Bachelor’s degrees to its students to opt.

  1. Accounting, Bachelor of Science
  2. Anthropology and Sociology, Bachelor of Arts
  3. Art, Bachelor of Fine Art
  4. Biology, Bachelor of Science
  5. Biology, Bachelor of Science Teacher Education Concentration
  6. Business Administration, Bachelor of Arts
  7. Business and Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts
  8. Chemistry, Bachelor of Science
  9. Chemistry Teacher Education, Bachelor of Science
  10. Communication, Bachelor of Arts
  11. Communication Disorders, Bachelor of Health Science
  12. Community Health, Bachelor of Health Science
  13. Computer Science, Bachelor of Science
  14. Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Arts
  15. Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Arts
  16. Economics, Bachelor of Arts
  17. Elementary Education, Bachelor of Arts
  18. English, Bachelor of Arts
  19. English Teacher Education, Bachelor of Arts
  20. Gender and Sexuality Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  21. Health Administration Program, Bachelors 
  22. Health Informatics Program, Bachelor of Science
  23. History, Bachelor of Arts
  24. Information Technology, Bachelor of Science
  25. Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  26. Manufacturing Management, Bachelor of Arts
  27. Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts
  28. Mathematics Teacher Education, Bachelor of Arts
  29. Media Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  30. Political Science, Bachelor of Arts
  31. Psychology, Bachelor of Arts
  32. RN to BSN Completion Program
  33. Social Work, Bachelor of Social work
  34. Theatre and Performance Studies, Bachelor of Arts  

GSU Masters

GSU offers master’s degrees for students building on their Bachelor’s degree or for professionals advancing in their fields in each of its four colleges.

  1. Accounting, Master of Science
  2. Addictions Studies, Master of Health Science
  3. Art, Master of Fine Arts
  4. Business Administration, Master of Business Administration 
  5. Business Analytics, Master of Science
  6. Chemistry, Masters of Science 
  7. Communication, Media and Performance, Master of Arts
  8. Communication Disorders, Master of Health Science
  9. Computer Science, Master of Science
  10. Counseling, Master of Arts
  11. Criminal Justice, Master of Arts
  12. Educational Administration, Principal Leadership Master of Arts
  13. English, Master of Arts
  14. Environmental Biology, Master of Science
  15. Health Administration, Master of Health Administration 
  16. Health Informatics, Master of Science 
  17. Human Resource Management, Master of Science
  18. Independent Film and Digital Imaging, Master of Fine Arts
  19. Management Information Systems, Master of Science
  20. Mathematics, Master of Science
  21. Nursing, Master of Science
  22. Occupational Therapy, Master of Occupational Therapy 
  23. Political and Social Justice Studies, Master of Arts
  24. Psychology, Master of Arts
  25. Public Administration, Master of Public Administration
  26. Social Work, Masters of Social Work
  27. Supply Chain Management, Masters of Business Administration (Online)

GSU Doctoral

For research and certification beyond the master’s profession in Education or Health & Human Services, GSU offers programs for the candidates.

  1. Counselor Education and Supervision, Doctor of Education
  2. Interdisciplinary Leadership, Doctor of Education
  3. Nursing Practice, Doctor of Nursing
  4. Occupational Therapy, Doctor of Occupational Therapy
  5. Physical Therapy, Doctor of Physical Therapy

GSU Certifications

GSU offers both undergraduate and graduate-level certificate programs in the fields of Education, Health & Human Services, Law Enforcement, and the sciences – including biochemistry and biotechnology.

  1. Addictions Screening, Assessment, and Referral
  2. Bilingual-English as a Second Language Education, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
  3. Biology Education, Certificate
  4. Chemistry Education, Certificate
  5. Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Post Master’s Certification
  6. College Career Counseling
  7. Computer Programming, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
  8. Data Analytics, Certificate 
  9. Digital Forensics, Certificate 
  10. Early Childhood Education, Post BA Certificate 
  11. English Education, Certificate 
  12. Family Nurse Practitioner 
  13. Marriage and Family Counselor, Post Master’s Certification 
  14. Mathematics Education, Certificate 
  15. Mindfulness in the Helping Professions, Certificate 
  16. Online Teaching and Learning, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate
  17. Reading Teacher Endorsement Certificate 
  18. School Counseling, Post Master’s Certification
  19. Special Education Endorsements

GSU Online

In addition to more than 120 online classes each semester, GSU offers fully online degrees at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral level.

  1. Addiction Studies, Master of Health Science
  2. Business and Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts
  3. Interdisciplinary Leadership, Doctor of Education
  4. Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Arts
  5. Nursing, Bachelor of Science
  6. Supply Chain Management, Master of Business Arts
  7. Teaching, Certificate

GSU Minors

  1.  3-D Animation and Modeling
  2. Accounting
  3. Addictions Studies
  4. American Studies (Social Science)
  5. Anthropology
  6. Art
  7. Biology
  8. Business Administration
  9. Chemistry
  10. Computer Science
  11. Creative Writing
  12. Criminal Justice
  13. Dance
  14. Economics
  15. English
  16. Entrepreneurship
  17. Finance
  18. Forensic Psychology
  19. Game Design
  20. Gender and Sexuality Studies
  21. Global Studies (Social Science)
  22. History
  23. Human Communication
  24. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  25. Latin American, Caribbean, and Latina/o Studies
  26. Management Information Systems
  27. Management
  28. Marketing
  29. Mathematics
  30. Media Studies
  31. Philosophy
  32. Practical and Professional Ethics
  33. Pre-Law
  34. Psychology
  35. Religious Studies
  36. Social Work
  37. Sociology
  38. Spanish
  39. Theatre and Performance Studies

GSU Dual-Degree Program

GSU and area community colleges have formed a partnership to serve your academic goals that provide full-time students with an opportunity to earn quality, accessible, and affordable associate and Bachelor’s degrees. Full-time community college students who have completed 12-45 credit hours and are in good academic standing at any of GSU partner community colleges are eligible for DDP.

List of community colleges under dual degree program:

  1. City Colleges of Chicago
  2. Kankakee Community College
  3. South Suburban College
  4. College of DuPage
  5. Moraine Valley Community College
  6. Triton College
  7. Harper College
  8. Morton College
  9. Waubonsee Community College
  10. Joliet Junior College
  11. Prairie State College

GSU School of Extended Learning

The School of Extended Learning (SXL) is established to help the students gain professional degrees or certification, which is not possible for them to acquire while being on campus daytime classes because of work, family, or active military service. SXL programs are designed to meet the educational needs of adults at all ages and every stage of life.

SXL offers courses like Courses to upgrade resume skills, Professional certifications, Test preparation, Lifelong learning for adults 55+, English language learning, Teacher Training, Military-connected student services, Business training, and employee engagement 

GSU Contact Details


1 University Parkway,
University Park, IL 60484-0975
Phone: 708-534-5000

GSU Notable Alumni

  1. Debbie Halvorson, Former U.S. Representative
  2. Sheryl Underwood, American comedian
  3. Muhal Richard Abrams, American composer
  4. Curtis J. Crawford, American businessperson
  5. Jerry Butler, American singer
  6. DuShon Monique Brown, American actress
  7. Bob Petty, American reporter


✅ What is Governors State University known for?

Ans. The most well-known majors at Governors State University incorporate Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities; Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services; Health Professions and Related Programs; Psychology; and Homeland Security, Law Enforcement.

✅ Does Governors State University have dorms?

Ans. Grassland Place, GSU’s remarkable home corridor, is a functioning, steady, and improving spot to live! Understudies from all societies, different backgrounds, and ages are drenched in this unique network, only an hour’s drive to Chicago.

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