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Established in the year 1957, Lethbridge College stands out amongst other colleges, as it is the first publicly funded college in Canada. Lethbridge College was previously known as Lethbridge Community College, until the Board of Governors of the college voted to change the name it is today, in the year 2007.

The main campus of the Lethbridge College is in the city of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. The other regional campuses are in Claresholm, Vulcan County, and the Crowsnest Pass.

Learning at Lethbridge College

Learning, as well as teaching at Lethbridge College, is very convenient for all the students and staff members as they are offered a wide range of services and supports for all. A center named The Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation (CTLI) undertakes pilot projects and initiatives.

The CTLI consists of various departments:

  1. Buchanan Library– The Buchanan Library is as old as the college, and it provides students and teachers with a wide range of scholarly resources, and each needs the learning requires.
  2. Learning Services– Three departments named Accessibility Services website, Learning Cafe, and Testing Services work together with students and faculty members to provide services for student’s academic success.
  3. Educational Development– It includes the practice process to ensure educational growth. 
  4. Digital Learning Team– Digital Learning team, works setting up courses and lessons, working on assignments and exams, and providing various strategies with studies to ensure a hassle-free learning process.
  5. Learning Experience Design Team– Individuals in this team focuses on instructional and graphic designing, project management, video development, etc.
  6. Production Team- Production team, provides support to staff and the faculty members with technical aspects and also provides workshop facilitation for both employees and students.
  7. Audio Visual Team– Audio Visual Team focuses mainly on technical aspects of video conferencing, speakers, etc.
  8. Regional Campuses– As already mentioned, Lethbridge College’s CTLI consists of Regional campuses in three places Pincher Creek, Vulcan, and Claresholm

Academic Programs

Lethbridge College provides a wide range of courses in about 50 different areas, including preparatory studies, vocational training, and university transfer programs. Most of the courses start their sessions in January, September, or May. Few of the courses are categorized under agriculture, engineering, environmental, education, medical, general studies, etc

The academic centers of Lethbridge College are Applied Arts and Sciences, Trades, Technology, Environment and Design, Health and Wellness, Applied Arts and Sciences, and Justice and Human Service.

Some of the interesting facts about Lethbridge College:

  1. The land where Lethbridge College resides today is the traditional area of Blackfoot people, and members of various nations would come for hunting, fishing, and camping for more than 10,000 years.
  2. You can take a virtual 360-degree tour on the official website of Lethbridge College, click here https://lethbridgecollege.ca/virtual-tour
  3. Lethbridge College has a partnership with Alberta Rural Development Network and is a member of the same.
  4. Lethbridge College has an Applied Research Strategic Plan for the year 2018-2021.
  5. Lethbridge College has a Student for a Day where you can sign up, be a student for a day to experience, and decide if it’s the right college for you.
  6. The residence lies on both sides of the campus, making it convenient for reaching classes every day by walking.

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