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Oxford University, based in England, is considered to be a top-class institution in both education and its financial profit for its fees structure. The course fees which is considerably paid by enrolled students for facilities, tuitions, supervision by the administration, and academic considerations. The fee structure does not include any residential or living expenses. Therefore the living expenses shall be incurred by the student.

Oxford University Fees

There are separate figures for different calendar years and keep on changing with changing facilities from 2019 to 2020. The course fees have seen minimal change, which is charged based on the course one opts for. The course fees are eventually published into the university website and are mentioned for the convenience of the students to carry a baggage of improvement into the fee structure beforehand.

The course fees, which are usually paid by the enrolled students, are bifurcated on both university and college grounds and are settled as per a formula that includes a departmentalized fee structure within.

Fee Structure

The student who is natives of the home country (United Kingdom) or the European Union have fees worth £9,250 for any undergraduate program being the first one.

The government has certain financial assistance policies framed to provide loans for the non-payment of fees on an upfront basis. The government of the United Kingdom assists those students who are unable to manage their fees for the university. The eligibility is fixed yearly based on funds and finance the university holds.

The students whose native places are United Kingdom OR European Union and have taken education from Oxford University, the oxford university fees shall be at the same rate, and they will not be eligible for any financial assistance or loan advancements form the government of the United Kingdom.

The information regarding the leaving of European Union membership has been mentioned on the website itself along with implications of leaving without completing the course for oxford university fees structure schemes.

Outside region students –

The students who belong to foreign countries are not made eligible for any kind of financial assistance or loans from the government of the United Kingdom, they shall be considered as overseas or island students as per the guidelines of Oxford university fees policy. The overseas or island students are charged reasonably higher fees than the regular domestic students in terms of services they take from Oxford University. Also, the medicinal advancements shall be charged on a much higher rate than the regular domestic student’s fees as per the oxford university fees structure guidelines. 

Fee status Annual course fees payable by the student
OverseasBetween £25,740 and £36,065*

Medical Students criteria

The benefits in the fifth and sixth year of medical course for the United Kingdom students shall be borne by NHS while there is even a specific organization which covers the fees of fifth and sixth-year medical students of European union students whereas no such benefit is provided to overseas or island students instead they are charged at a much higher rate for academic facilities they are opting for.

Criteria for fees 

The fees of any course do not a have a definite structure but have a fluctuating rate that depends majorly on three factors, they are –

  • Home
  • EU
  • Islands and Overseas.
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