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Situated in one of the beautiful places, the Audencia Business School was first established in the year 1900 in Nantes. With the main campus located in Nantes, Western France, Audencia has spread its influence far and wide, attributing to its other three campuses located in Paris, Beijing, and Shenzhen.

The Nantes campus is home to four schools, mainly- the City Campus, the SciencesCom Campus, the Atlantic Campus, and ExecEd Campus. Felicitated with more than 190 academic partnerships, this university has well-established itself in academia. The university has also managed to strengthen its reputation through its well-renowned courses, often recognized time and again by The Financial Times as well as The Economist.

One of the well-renowned universities in entire Europe, this university is devoted to academic excellence and research. Ascribing to its success over the years, Audencia has also been credited with three international academic accreditations- AACSM, EQUIS, and AMBA. With an unprecedented record of 4700 student registrations from all over the world for the academic year 2019-20, the institution also promotes diversity across all its campuses. 

The university also became a part of a UN-funded program called the Global Impact in the year 2004. This initiative aimed at bringing the business firms under the umbrella of human rights and the working environment.

Courses Offered-

The university is known for providing some of the best bachelors and masters courses across all Europe-

  • Bachelors in Management
  • Bachelors in Business Administration
  • Masters in International Management
  • Masters in European and International Business Management (French, Spanish, and English)
  • Masters in Management-Engineering
  • Masters in Food and Agribusiness Management
  • Masters in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management
  • Full-Time MBA
  • Masters in Management (French)
  • Communication and Media Studies (French)
  • Doctorate in Business Administration

Admission Requirements

While the admission procedure and requirements are different for each course, the students are however required to possess these preliminary documents-

  • Student’s CV, along with their Statement of Purpose.
  • Copy of transcripts from schools or institutions situated outside France.
  • Written tests (if required) including CAT, GRE, GMAT results.
  • English proficiency test results (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Copy of Identification Proof (Passport) 

Please note that while Audencia’s intake of students occurs in two cycles- fall and spring- the deadline for the admission procedure for this fall session is 31st July 2020.


With tie-ups, along with different companies in the corporate sector, Audencia offers personalized placement guidance and offers for all its students. With an average salary of 43,639 Euros, Audencia has maintained its record of 96% student placements every year. 


Apart from offering a diverse and accommodating curriculum, Audencia also offers a variety of scholarships for its students. Scholarships worth 500,000 Euros are awarded each year to students from different fields and backgrounds. These scholarships are often offered to students in the form of partial fee waivers for the academic year. The students are also evaluated for the same based on their project or merit to conclude if they are eligible for availing of the scholarship. 

Student Services

Audencia also offers student services to national as well as international students. The services available are as follows- 

  • Assistance in student visas
  • Housing Contracts
  • Course information and grades
  • Campus information
  • Help from French Students

The college also has a committee of French students, also known as the International Connection Team, who help international students in adjusting to studying in Audencia and life in Nantes. 

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