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Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen University, which is popularly known as HAN University was established by merging several universities in Arnhem-Nijmegen region on February 1st, 1996. This institution offers an education of high quality in the fields of disciplines and a research oriented institution. It has four faculties and 14 institutes at present.

At present HAN University has two campuses. One is located in Arnhem and another one is located in Nijmegen. First rate facilities are guaranteed by both the campuses, such as ample social space, many multimedia centres, study centres, cafeterias, sports ground and clubs, laboratories, lecture halls and what not. 


  1. The Elsevier Magazine publishes  a ranking each year of all the universities , present in the Netherlands , of applied sciences. Without any doubt, HAN University acquires a high rank. 
  2. A very high ranking is scored for some of the international courses offered at HAN University. 

HAN University of applied sciences world ranking

  • The  world rank of HAN University is 14.

 According to the students reviews , the university has an overall score of 3.7 stars. With more than 30,000 students and 2000 staff members, the HAN University is one the most important and best institutions in Netherlands. 

HAN University of applied sciences QS ranking 

  • 5,712 is the graduation rate of HAN University of Applied Sciences (bachelors), with a 7’ A’ (very good) overall scores across various indicators. 
  •  The ranking results are based on the opinions gathered by more than 2,00,000 students about the various facilities.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees have been lowered by the Dutch government in the 1st year of study for many students. For the new session of 2020-2021, the fee has been lowered. 

For the 1st year, the tuition fees are given below:

Bachelor Courses

Life sciences, communication, chemistry, international business, mechanical engineering, automotive engineering and electronic and electrical business – 2,143 euro 

Master Courses

Engineering systems as well as molecular life sciences – 2,143 euro

The students must give the fees before or on the prescribed date at the start of the academic session.


Before thinking about taking admission, it is important to check out the courses since the studies are highly research-based and must go with your interests or else you will not be able to cope up. If you want to get a job as a researcher, this university is highly recommendable. The professors, as well as the departments of research, are friendly, but, the fees are quite high.

Some of the reviews by common people and students :

Janel Desai says, “A nice campus with a variety of study programs except for master’s course. There are numbers of bachelors and other study programs are available here. “

Raymond Soltani says, “ Not the most disorganized university out there, if you planning on studying an engineering course that is not the automotive study then you make your final decision. “

Helke K. Says, “Very bad student service! I am for more than two weeks forth and back with the Vraagpunt for certified copies of the diploma.”


There are a number of scholarships available for students in the HAN University of applied sciences. Excellence in education is rewarded by the university. The eligible candidates must be undergraduate Non-EEA students. The given amount of time for the scholarships are 4 years and a fee of 2500 euro must be given each year.

Some important scholarships of the HAN University are given below:

  1. Jacobs Foundation Research Fellowships,
  2. Education Future International Scholarship,
  3. Government Scholarship Overseas Study,
  4. The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant ; 

and many more such scholarships.


There are a lot of courses in HAN University in various fields for students of different interests. Facilitating major projects and excursions, giving guests lectures and participating in research and projects are provided by many automotive systems at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. The various systems are provided below:

  1. Bachelors in Automotive Engineering  with a duration of 4 years and a yearly fee of 7.2 lakh
  2. Master of Science in Automotive Systems with a duration of 18 months and a yearly fee of 7.2 lakh 
  3. Master of Science in Sustainable Energy with a duration of 18 months and a yearly  fee of 7.2 lakh
  4. Bachelor of International Business with a duration of 4 years and a yearly fee of 6.2 lakh
  5. Bachelors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a duration of 4 years with a yearly fee of 7.2 lakh


A 4 year course taught in English is offered by life sciences at HAN University of Applied Sciences. More than half of the time, the student will be engaged in practical works but theoretical knowledge is gained side by side.  After graduation, you are well prepared for any jobs that you desire. 

  1. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – After graduating from life sciences, the student will have the opportunity to choose from several carers such as commercial enterprises and health care providers.
  2. TOP STUDENTS – Goal-oriented students are more attracted to the courses of applied sciences at HAN Universities.
  3. LECTURES WITH EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD – The lecturers are highly professional and have worked for various places like hospitals and commercial businesses as researchers. 


Application for non-degree courses –

 If you want to go for non-degree courses, you can enrol your name in the website of non-degree course at HAN University of Applied Sciences. But first it is very important to know about all the courses to ensure that if it matches with your interest. A Cambridge certificate is must for the application. 

Application of Bachelor’s courses – 

              To apply for bachelor’s courses, you can use the official website of HAN University. Instructions and the required details are provided in the official website as well. After enrolling your name, if you get selected, you will receive an official email from the university itself. For all the bachelor’s courses, like

  • Life Sciences
  • Communication
  • Chemistry 
  • International Business 
  • Mechanical Engineering 
  • Automotive Engineering 
  • Electricals and Electronic Engineering 

All these require 2,143 euro for EU/EEA students and 7,399 euro for non-EU/EEA students.

Master’s courses – 

For master’s courses, the procedure is same as that of the bachelor’s courses. The application fees for are following courses are,

  • Molecular Life Sciences – 2,143 euro for EU/EEA students and 8,668 euro for non-EU/EEA students.
  • Engineering Systems – 2,143 euro for EU/EEA students and 8,668 euro for non-EU/EEA students.


Entry Requirement for Han University Applied Science

So as to be acknowledged to HAN College of Applied Sciences, you have to meet various affirmation criteria. 

Bachelors Courses 

Endorsement of optional training that is at a practically identical level to Dutch auxiliary instruction: for example Havo or Vwo, Level 4 recognition from a Dutch MBO school, Global Baccalaureate, Abitur or Fachhochschulreife, General Declaration of Optional Instruction (GCSE-A level), Secondary school with An or B grades, Sekolah Menegah Atas (SMA). 

Confirmation of English language capability: for example TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher, IELTS score of 6.0 or higher, Cambridge Endorsement in Cutting edge English (CAE), Cambridge Authentication in Capability of English (CPE). 

In the event that you take a TOEFL test, you can ask ETS TOEFL to send us your score straightforwardly by utilizing the HAN College of Applied Sciences code: 7832. 

Support in Coordinating exercises. Coordinating offers guidance on whether the picked course is probably going to suit your inclinations. Courses that utilization decentralized choice coordinate Coordinating into this system. Increasingly explicit data is accessible here. 

Adequate evaluations in specific subjects. To see the specific subject required please keep an eye on the affirmation page of your course of intrigue. 

Masters courses 

Applicable Lone wolves degree 

Evidence of English language capability: for example TOEFL iBT, IELTS or Cambridge Declaration. 

See the affirmation page of your course of enthusiasm for the specific subtleties and for any extra necessities. 

Non-degree courses 

HAN offers a few non-degree courses: trade courses or short courses that can be taken independently from a degree course. Enrolment in non-degree courses requires adequate verification of English language capability: 

  • TOEFL iBT score of 80 or higher 
  • IELTS score of 6.0 or higher 
  • Cambridge Endorsement (CAE or CPE) 
  • Different prerequisites 

A few courses may have extra affirmation criteria. It would be ideal if you check the ‘Affirmation’ heading for the course you are keen on. At times, understudies will be welcome to a meeting as a major aspect of the affirmation procedure. The meeting can happen up close and personal or by Skype or phone.


nternationalisation is a key region at HAN College of Applied Sciences. One angle is the global versatility of HAN staff and understudies. Another viewpoint is information trade in a worldwide system of universal accomplices. 

One of the obligations of the Worldwide Office is offering help for approaching global and active students from abroad. Worldwide understudies that have been acknowledged to HAN can rely on Global Office staff to assist them with functional issues. 

Worldwide system 

HAN College of Applied Sciences perceives the significance of being a piece of a worldwide system and trading thoughts regarding advanced education with our accomplices in various pieces of the world. HAN has set up numerous associations with colleges and establishments everywhere throughout the world. 

These organizations offer understudies chances to concentrate abroad. They likewise furnish encouraging staff with open doors for instructor trades and support in worldwide ventures. The Universal Office likewise gives help and backing to network extends in Africa and Eastern Europe


Campus addresses

When planning a visit to HAN University of Applied Sciences, it is important to know that the campuses are spread over 2 cities: Arnhem and Nijmegen.

International Office: Nijmegen Campus

Postal address:

P.O. Box 6960

NL 6503 GL Nijmegen


Campus address:

Kapittelweg 33 (B 0.02)

6525 EN Nijmegen

T +31 (0) 24 353 09 03 

International Office: Arnhem Campus

Postal address:

P.O. Box 5171

NL 6802 ED Arnhem


Campus address:

Ruitenberglaan 31 (E1.01)

6826 CC Arnhem

T +31 (0) 26 365 81 32

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