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Deggendorf Institute of Technology is originated from Technische Hochschule Deggendorf. This institution was established in the year of1994 in a small town of Deggendorf, Bavaria. It is one of the best-ranked institutions of Germany for applied science. 

Institution excels in providing the best academic and practical exposure to the students, and it has various branches. This 26-year-old institution offers various bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology Ranking

Deggendorf Institute of Technology ranks 157 across the country and 3757 across the world.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology World Ranking

Deggendorf Institute of Technology ranks as one of the best universities across the world by acquiring the 3757th rank globally for its high-quality education and friendly atmosphere.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology Masters

A Master’s degree is one of the important stages as it shapes the individuals for their future in the working environment. DIT offers courses taught in English and German languages, which are officially accredited by FIBAA and ASIIN. Nearly 6000 students graduate every year with an international degree.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology Masters in English

Since DIT is an international institution with students from different places, it offers courses not only in German but also in English, making it much easier for the students to adapt and learn the skills they provide.

There are various courses offered for master’s degree like

  • M.Sc. Applied Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • M.Eng. Healthy and Sustainable Buildings
  • M.A. International Tourism Development
  • M.Sc. Life Science Informatics

Deggendorf Institution of Technology Applied Computer Science

We use a lot of electronic devices in different organizations, but all those devices are not just computers or tablets. Minute devices like embedded systems control all these electronic devices. The development of these embedded systems is Applied to Computer Science.

This institution offers students the opportunity to work independently on the field of research through the theoretical knowledge gained by the faculties. The faculties provide them all the support to learn and expertise in design, research, development, and testing.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology Mechatronics and cyber-physical systems

This course offers the graduates to gain more knowledge about the networked systems in digital production. The four technologically oriented studying units deal with modern simulation, cooperative and autonomous systems, innovative human-machine interface, and additive manufacturing processes.

The paper offers the opportunity to research on the development of cyber-physical system applications. It would help you gain the standards of fame as there would be an increased demand for graduated of mechatronics and cyber-physical systems shortly.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology application

Students from different corners of the world are eligible to apply for the courses they prefer in DIT. The application forms are available for two batches:

  • From 15th November for March batch
  • From 15th April for October batch

Deggendorf Institution of Technology admission requirements(h2)

The application process is almost the same for the native and the international students, but the international students are expected to write an entrance exam and submit a few documents

  • A certified record of secondary school, college, and university
  • A copy of a university diploma, college, and secondary school must be provided upon graduation
  • The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores are required for students whose first language is not English.
  • A recommendation letter from teachers or school officials.
  • Photocopy of passport page with name and the photo displayed.
  • CV and photo
  • Final bachelor certificate and transcripts of records

Deggendorf Institution of Technology application deadline

The application forms for both the sessions are available online, avoiding the need to travel.

Application period

  • 15th April-20th August (October session) 
  • 15TH November-15th January (March session)

Deggendorf Institution of Technology how to apply

You can study in Deggendorf Institute of Technology even though if you’re an international applicant from a non-German high school. Apply directly through the DIT online application platform and follow the steps given in the application portal.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology courses


  • B.Eng. Energy Systems Engineering
  • B.Sc. Health Informatics
  • B.Eng. Industrial Engineering
  • B.A. International Management
  • B.A. International Tourism Management/ Health and Medical Tourism


  • M.Sc. Applied Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • M.Eng. Health and Sustainable Buildings
  • M.A. International Tourism Development
  • M.Sc. Life science informatics
  • M.Sc. Medical Informatics
  • M.Eng. Mechatronic and cyber-physical systems
  • M.A. Strategic and international management

Deggendorf Institution of Technology International Management

If you are looking to be an amazing multilingual manager who can lead different organizations, then Deggendorf Institution of Technology is the best place in Germany to opt bachelors in International management.

They train students to gain marketing, finance, leadership skills, and other relevant skills that are required to shape them as international multicultural managers.

Deggendorf Institution of Technology review

Anonymous (about the university)

I’ve completed my first semester in this institution. I’m finding it interesting and easy to adapt to this atmosphere. Since this institution is located in a suburban region, it’s a bit difficult to find a part-time job.


The best school for medical informatics in Germany


It is an innovative university, where most of the professors are highly qualified with enough practical knowledge to share  


✅ Deggendorf Institution of Technology master’s

This institution will be the best choice if you’re looking to pursue master’s degree. It would train them with relevant skills as this university excels in providing high-quality education. This is an international institution that provides globally recognized certificates and employment opportunities in top organizations.

✅ Deggendorf Institution of Technology assessment test

Though students are selected based on their post-qualification grades, there is a common assessment test in which the students should score a minimum score to be eligible to acquire a seat in the institution.

✅ Deggendorf Institution of Technology application portal

If you would like to apply to the Deggendorf Institution of Technology, then you can directly visit the official website of the institution where the application forms for the courses are available online itself from 15th November.

✅ Deggendorf Institution of Technology Application requirements

1. Cv and photo
2. Photocopy of passport with name and photo displayed
3. Recommendation letter from teachers or college officials
4. Certifications of secondary schools, college, and university

✅ Deggendorf Institution of Technology ranking

This institution is one of the top-ranked universities known for its globally certified graduate degree. It is ranked 157 across the country and 3757 across the world. Thus, this institution would be a good choice to pursue higher studies abroad.

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