In today’s world, cyber security is the most important things for remove any illegal work through virtually. It is undoubtedly, seen that world’s best cyber security course studied in Canada. Canada’s leading cyber security courses will teach how to identify & manage security threats that risk putting critical private, business & government information in the wrong hands. From this courses in Canada, we can learn to use software programs, hardware devices against security breaches from malicious hackers & computer network.


The cyber security course that are studied in Canada are: Diploma in cyber security specialist, fundamentals of cyber security, cyber-attacks, cyber-defence, cyber security foundation, cyber-crime specialist, cyber- crime expert foundation, graduation certificate in cyber security, honours in Informatics & Security, Master of Science in Computer Science- cyber security specialization. 


Between this, Diploma in cyber security specialist is most famous & popular. This course is studied in Torento School of Management. The duration of this course is 1 year. The subjects of this course are: Computer System & Networks, determine how security policies and protocols can be improved, learn computer communication across multiple operation system, invention of new technologies to prevent cyber -attacks of various types, anticipate in information security risk & implement new ways to protect organization computer system, fix flaws in computer systems and networks. The total teaching process is classroom based. Online teaching  are not available in this course. A lot of various scholarships are available. Likewise: Diversity scholarship, where the fees are deducted from 6,000 dollar to 3000 dollar. The best part is that you’ll also allow to get practical experience of tools & techniques that are common place in this filled. All the students of this program will be get job in multi-national company after the end of this course. The course is totally full time based. And the courses will start in the month of May-April.


Next the course is graduate certificate in cyber security. In 1966, this course was studied in Centennial College, Canada. Like the previous one, this course also the duration is only one year (two semester). The subject of this course are: cryptography, network security, cyber forensics, cloud security, mobile network security, ethical hacking techniques & tools, concept of information system security (which are the main part of cyber security). But for this course you must fulfilled the admission criteria. That is: you must be advanced College diploma certificate or Bachelor’s degree certificate in Computer Science or Electronics & Communication Engineering from the recognized board and also must be scored very well in TOEFL or IELTS exam. No any scholarships are available in this course. Although, the fees of this course is generally low (5,687 in Dollar). Actually this course was started because of the industry’s increasing demand for well-educated security professionals in the public and private sectors. This course is also based on full time duration and class room teaching. The classes of this course will start in the month of April-September.


Apart from this, the most important and valuable course for cyber security is Bachelor of Technology with honours in Informatics & Security. In 1967, this course was started on Seneca College, Canada. The subjects of this course are: understanding security of infrastructure components, Technology planning & acquisition, Research Methodology, Project planning & management, Internal & external security needs, Analysis of project & system requirements, Analysis of project & system requirements, Analysis and implementation of distributed computer systems, design & implement secure information acquisition, and Transmission & storage practices & Understanding data communication principles, operation system. These all are the subject of four year based course. No scholarships are available in this course. After taking this certificate you can solve various technological threats includes hackers, malware & data breaches. The fees for  this course is 29,884 in Dollar. Full time based & it is also followed the classroom teaching policy. Normally the classes will start in the month of August-September. 


In Canada, Professional Master of Science course in Computer Science (cyber security specialisation) is also available. In 1964, this course was started in Simon Fraser University in Canada. The course duration is 16 months. In our present world, the cyber security professional are high demanding. So, this course is also very high value in our present scenario. The fees for this course, is 30,533 in Dollar.


This is all about details on cyber security courses in Canada. If you have the dream to be a cyber-security professional and erase all illegal hacking then your career in cyber-security in Canada will surely the right option.

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