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The European School of Management and Technology, otherwise called ESMT Berlin, is a private non-benefit business college situated in Berlin, Germany. The business college was established in 2002 by 25 worldwide organizations and foundations including Bosch, KPMG, Siemens, and T-Mobile. ESMT Berlin possesses the 24th situation in Europe in Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2018. 

One intriguing point to note, ESMT Berlin is the principal college to acknowledge bit coins in instalment to accomplish adaptability! Notwithstanding the principle grounds, there is an ESMT Satellite Campus at Schoenberg, Berlin. This grounds is accessible to the understudies for bunch study purposes or to deal with different group ventures. The school doesn’t give nearby convenience. 

The schools’ aptitude centres on the improvement of enterprising pioneers with a worldwide spotlight on social duty and the administration of innovation. ESMT is one of the highest level business colleges in Germany with a worldwide system of graduated class in more than 50 nations. All ESMT programs profit by cosy associations with ESMT’s corporate system and organizers. The business college offers an interdisciplinary stage for talk among policymakers, scholastics, and business pioneers. 

Some of the key features listed under the ESMT berlin are:

  • All ESMT programs profit by cozy associations with ESMT’s corporate system and authors. 
  • The business college offers an interdisciplinary stage for talk among policymakers, scholastics, and business pioneers. 
  • ESMT is the most global business college in Germany, over 80% of ESMT’s employees have a non-German foundation, and in each program, the classes are 70% to 90% universal.
  • ESMT is a state-licensed personal business college, whose projects are likewise certified by AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and FIBAA.
  • ESMT creates pioneering pioneers who think all around, demonstration dependably, and regard the person. 

ESMT Berlin ranking

ESMT Berlin is positioned tenth among non-US business colleges and seventeenth all inclusive in the Best Business Schools 2019 positioning by Forbes. Berlin, September 18, 2019. ESMT Berlin is positioned 65th comprehensively and seventeenth in Europe, in the current year’s The Economist positioning of the worldwide 100 full-time MBA programs. 

  • Business colleges 

ESMT Berlin put #1 in Germany and ninth in Europe in the Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2019. 

Berlin, December 9, 2019 

ESMT Berlin put fifteenth in the Bloomberg BusinessWeek European Business School Ranking 2019. 

Berlin, December 12, 2019. 

ESMT berlin world ranking

ESMT is one of just three business colleges in Germany to hold the accreditation “Triple Crown.” ESMT is authorize by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. The “Triple Crown” is the most noteworthy qualification of value for business colleges around the world. 

ESMT has been authorize by FIBAA, the Foundation for International Business Accreditation Administration, since 2006. 

The German Council of Science and Humanities (Wissenschaftsrat) recharged its accreditation of ESMT Berlin to give PhDs in October 2018. ESMT was first granted this privilege in 2013. 

QS Global Rank #80 

ESMT Berlin MBA  

ESMT’s MBA is a one-year, customized program that begins in January every year. The MBA program is situated in Berlin, in the core of Europe, with huge global and intercultural parts. MBA courses centre on advancement, innovation, overseeing enormous information, supportable business improvement, enterprise, and worldwide vital administration. 

Some key focuses about the ESMT Berlin MBA are recorded underneath: 

  • At its centre, ESMT’s MBA program takes an overall administration and self-awareness approach that gets together to 65 understudies from in excess of 30 nations, in Europe, yet around the globe. 
  • At ESMT, we accept that half of a MBA experience is new learning in the study hall, and half is integrative self-awareness. 
  • All through the program, the MBA moves understudies to work in assorted groups, find their drives and cut-off points, and question customary reasoning
  • Living in Berlin gives understudies incredible area favourable circumstances in any of the three centre tracks. 
  • Advancement and Entrepreneurship courses lead you from thought age to execution and commercialization, with Berlin’s pioneering environment as a setting. 

ESMT Berlin MBA fees 

ESMT’S MBA is a fantastic and reasonable interest in your future. By and large, graduates win more than twofold the education costs during their first year of work after the MBA. Most up-and-comers subsidize their examinations with a blend of individual assets, credits, and grants. 

MBA educational cost and charges at ESMT 

Complete educational cost + charges: € 43,500 

*These charges incorporate the expense of books and cases. They do exclude travel to and from the Global Network trades. 

Notwithstanding educational cost, understudies should spending enough cash for movement and everyday costs. We prescribe understudies spending plan €1,000 to €1,500 per month for everyday costs. 

ESMT Berlin MBA ranking

ESMT is one of just two business colleges in Germany to show up in each worldwide positioning among the top business college rankings, reflecting amazing vocation situation of graduates and high fulfilment among current and previous understudies. 

Authorize MBA programs must show acknowledged industry quality guidelines. ESMT endeavours to surpass these norms and is one of just three colleges in Germany with “triple crown” accreditation. 

ESMT Berlin MBA ranking is recorded beneath: 

ESMT Berlin set tenth among non-US business colleges and seventeenth internationally in the Best Business Schools 2019 positioning by Forbes. The Forbes positioning depends on the middle ROI accomplished by the alumni from the class of 2014. 

ESMT Berlin set fifteenth among European business colleges in the Best B-Schools Ranking by Bloomberg.78% of understudies and graduated class assessed the atmosphere for global understudies as very positive. 

ESMT reconfirmed its place in the Financial Times MBA positioning in 2019. In 2019, 

ESMT positioned: 

  • #79 on the planet 
  • #13 all-inclusive for esteem for cash
  • #3 in Germany 

In its first “MBA for Entrepreneurship” positioning 2018, the Financial Times positions ESMT Berlin as: 

  • #38 Globally 
  • #16 in Europe 
  • #2 in Germany 

In 2019, the Economist positioned ESMT’s MBA program as: 

  • #65 on the planet 
  • #2 in Germany 
  • #17 in Europe 

ESMT Berlin MBA placements 

ESMT Berlin positions in 8ᵗʰ situation as far as an incentive for cash as per the most recent Financial Times Global MBA rankings.

The Economist puts ESMT in 10ᵗʰ situation for European MBAs and Bloomberg BusinessWeek positions it as the 15ᵗʰ spot for worldwide MBAs. 

In case you’re hoping to change vocations, ESMT offers an extraordinary emotionally supportive network to do as such. 

Notwithstanding a progression of workshops, you approach one-on-on vocation training with a devoted coach that you can connect with during your time nearby. Besides, you’ll have the choice to work with a corporate coach, in the event that you pick. 

There are likewise counseling ventures, enrolment occasions, and corporate introductions notwithstanding CV books which are flowed among the school’s corporate associations.

The ESMT Berlin MBA placement subtleties are: 

  • €125,000. Most noteworthy announced pay by 2017 MBA graduates. 
  • 85% of 2017 MBAs got propositions for employment inside 3 months of the graduate. 
  • €80,000. Middle pay rates (counting rewards) for MBA graduates. 
  • 88% of MBA graduates acknowledged occupations in Germany.


The Master’s in Management (MIM) program joins temporary positions and a social effect venture with applied coursework and exploration on the most recent business and global administration speculations. The two-year Master’s in Management program starts in September of consistently. 

The program is educated in English and is separated into two tracks with attention on global administration. One track (Quantitative Business) is intended for quantitative choice experts and one track for imaginative and key masterminds (Innovative Management). As of now positioned in the FT Business School positioning as the #1 business college in Germany and #9 in Europe, ESMT is one of just two business colleges in Germany to show up in each global positioning among the top business college rankings.

Some key points about the ESMT Berlin MIM are reflected under:

  • The ESMT MIM sets you up for a worldwide profession. 
  • The MIM program joins entry-level positions and a social effect venture with applied coursework and exploration of the most recent business and the board hypotheses. 
  • The program gives an interdisciplinary stage to talk between the executives, business, and the scholarly world. 
  • ESMT offers a differing scope of projects spend significant time in instruction, examination, and the board. 
  • ESMT has an 84% situation record. The area is very charming and is inverse to the UNESCO world social legacy Museum Island.

ESMT Berlin MIM fees

ESMT’s Master’s in Management is an amazing interest in your future. Numerous ESMT graduates get employments with pay over twofold their educational cost at ESMT. Most ESMT understudies finance their investigations with a blend of individual financing, credits, and grants.

The fees at ESMT Berlin for the Master’s in Management program are:

  • Master’s in Management tuition
  • Full program tuition: €29,500

The educational cost is paid in three portions more than two scholarly years. ESMT’s MIM educational cost covers all courses and workshops, showing materials, direction, and professional support. 

Notwithstanding educational cost, understudies should spend enough cash for migration to Berlin, Germany, everyday costs, and course books. We suggest that understudies financial plan €1,000 every month for everyday costs.

ESMT Berlin MIM ranking

Since the beginning of the ESMT Master’s in Management in 2014, the program has developed in size and height. As per the rankings of the most significant news and business magazines in Germany and around the world, ESMT Berlin has made sure about a prominent position.

The ESMT Berlin MIM ranking is as follows:

The ESMT Master’s in Management program has been positioned eighteenth in the principal Economist “Which MBA?” worldwide positioning of the main 40 Masters in Management (MIM) programs in 2019.

The ESMT MIM is ranked:

#3 for personal development/educational experience and geographical diversity.

#6 for faculty quality.

ESMT Berlin has been positioned third in the rundown of Europe’s Top B-Schools for Masters in Management (MIM) Degrees. 

ESMT has positioned #35 by and large and #17 for International Mobility universally in the Global Masters in Management positioning.

ESMT Berlin admissions

EMBA admissions centre on finding skilled, high-potential pioneers who can prevail in a difficult domain. Those applying ought to be locked in with ESMT’s crucial objectives, explicitly an enthusiasm for innovation the board and a craving to maintain mindful authority rehearses.

The Admissions process at the ESMT Berlin are:

Admission requirements

  • Step 1: Pre-evaluation.
  • Step 2: Online application.
  • Step 3: Interview.
  • Step 4: Admissions and Scholarship Committee.

 ESMT Berlin admission requirements

ESMT regulates confirmations tests for applicants who decide not to take the GMAT/GRE or GMAC Executive Assessment. The affirmations test is either controlled in Berlin, as a one-day appraisal simultaneously as the in-person meeting, or it very well may be passed online in the mix with a Skype confirmations meet.

The ESMT Berlin admission requirements are:

EMBA applicants should fulfill at least the following:

  • At least five years of expert experience, including three years of administrative involvement in an accentuation on initiative characteristics and accomplishments (overseeing individuals, procedure, or spending plans) 
  • A college degree or equal proficient capability. 
  • Either solid GMAT/GRE scores, the GMAC Executive Assessment or ESMT’s confirmations test scores*. 
  • ESMT’s MBA GMAT code is H4D-SJ-46 or basically scan for ESMT by name. Our Designated Institution (DI) code for the GRE is 7768. 
  • TOEFL scores might be required for applicants with constrained involvement with business English. 
  • TOEFL scores (95 least), PTE score (64 least), IELTS score (7 least), or other English capability tests are acknowledged)
  • ESMT Berlin acknowledges My Best™ scores for the TOEFL iBT® test, notwithstanding TOEFL iBT scores from solitary test date.
  • The ESMT TOEFL establishment code is 8707. 
  • On the off chance that English is your local language or you earned a college degree only educated in English, you don’t have to take an English capability test.

ESMT Berlin fees

ESMT Berlin is situated in the city of Berlin in Germany. The foundation was built up in the year 2002. 

This is a Private kind of foundation. Projects accessible at ESMT Berlin are Master. The all outnumber of understudies took a crack at ESMT Berlin is 233.

Tuition Fees*

EUR 43,500

*Total tuition + fees. These fees include the cost of books and cases. They do not include travel to and from the optional international field seminar and Global Network exchanges.

ESMT Berlin acceptance rate

All candidates must be met before they can be offered a spot on the MBA, and ESMT urges all candidates to go to the school for an individual meeting. On the other hand, interviews are directed by video Skype or, in outstanding cases, by telephone.

Usually, 25% of all submitted applications get accepted. The typical percentage of domestic students is between 10 and 15%.

ESMT Berlin undergraduate

ESMT’s crucial to create worldwide, innovative pioneers who act capably and regard the person. Class sizes are kept little with the goal that the advancement of the individual understudy is the core interest. Class sizes are kept little with the goal that the advancement of the individual understudy is the core interest. Subsequently our projects centre on cross-utilitarian points of view to connect departmental, lawful, and social lines inside a worldwide association.

Some key points highlighted under this program are:

  • ESMT degree programs create pioneers through an imaginative way to deal with the hypothesis, practice, and self-improvement preparing. 
  • ESMT is Germany’s most global business college. 
  • The understudy bodies are somewhere in the range of 70% and 95% worldwide, and the staff is contained 37 educators hailing from 19 nations. 
  • All degree programs are instructed in English and incorporate worldwide modules: MIM: Internships and activities can be spent abroad in unknown dialect classes. MBA: International Field Seminar, GNAM trade week, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. 
  • ESMT’s grounds is a critical case of Germany’s advanced engineering legacy.

ESMT Berlin application deadline

MBA Admissions works a moving cut-off time, with accessible spots in the class filled on a persistent premise. Space in the ESMT MBA class is restricted, and early application is unequivocally suggested. Candidates who have moved on from a Chinese college are required to experience an APS strategy so as to have the option to learn at a German college.

The following are deadlines for the next MBA intake:

  • April 5: Early choice cut-off time. Candidates will get the principal opportunity to hold their seats in the class. 
  • **June 28: Students intending to take a crack at the discretionary pre-MBA courses running from October to December are urged to apply by this date. Understudies not requiring a visa to enter Germany may apply after this cut-off time. These discretionary pre-MBA courses incorporate the serious German language classes in Berlin. 
  • August 31: Early feathered creature educational cost rebate cut-off time. 
  • October 4: Many of ESMT’s serious grants are granted by this cut-off time. (NOTE: applying before October 1 doesn’t expand your grant possibilities. After the October cut-off time there will in any case be fractional grants accessible) 
  • November 1: This is the last cut-off time for the MBA program on the off chance that you require a visa to enter Germany. In the event that the class turns out to be full, understudies will be waitlisted. 
  • December 6: For understudies not requiring a visa to enter Germany* Applications submitted after this date will at present be considered dependent upon the situation.

ESMT Berlin scholarship

ESMT’s MBA scholarship program helps make your objective of a worldwide business profession a reality. Upheld by its 25 corporate organizers, ESMT offers various halfway educational cost grants for MBA candidates. Consistently, there are likewise a set number of lofty full-educational cost scholarships accessible.

The ESMT Berlin scholarship details are:

MBA Scholarships

  • Early Bird Discount

Candidates who complete their application to the MBA program by the cut-off time underneath will be naturally considered for a prompt riser rebate on their educational cost to the MBA program.

Number of scholarships available: unlimited.

Value: € 3,000.

Qualification: Completed applications submitted to the MBA program by the cut-off time. Up-and-comers have a month and a half after this cut-off time to submit GMAT/GRE scores.

Deadline: August 31, 2020.

  • GMAT or GRE Scholarship 

Candidates who submit fruitful GMAT or GRE (proportional) scores will be considered for grants to recognize their prosperity.

Value: GMAT (or GRE equivalent) of 700 or higher       € 4,000

            GMAT (or GRE equivalent) of 650 to 690            € 2,000         

ESMT Berlin courses

ESMT’s curricular substance is thorough, significant, and brought to you by senior staff, whose front line research is distributed in top scholastic diaries. Reliably positioned as a standout amongst other business colleges in Germany, ESMT Berlin is authorize by AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS, and FIBAA, the most noteworthy qualifications of value for business colleges around the globe.

ESMT offers the following degree programs:

  • Master’s in Management (duration: 24 months)
  • Full-time MBA (duration: 12 months)
  • Executive MBA (duration: 18 months)

Moreover, it likewise offers open enlistment and altered leader training programs. These chief instruction programs are frequently customized that are chosen and arranged in discussion with organization delegates.

ESMT Berlin campus

The campus of ESMT Berlin sits in the noteworthy Staatsratsgebäude, the previous East German State Council in the core of Berlin. 

Situated on Museum Island, and a 10-minute stroll from Alexanderplatz, ESMT authoritatively opened in 2006 after modernization and rebuilding and now offers front line exploration and learning offices for understudies, supervisors, business pioneers, and policymakers. The grounds is additionally the area of prestigious occasions and meetings, for example, ESMT Annual Forum and ESMT Open Lectures.

ESMT Berlin alumni

More than 8,000 universal business experts speaking to various ventures and parts call themselves ESMT Berlin graduated class. 

They are pioneers and trailblazers in the worldwide business network, dynamic members in the life of the school, and key accomplices in the proceeded with the achievement of ESMT Berlin. ESMT graduate class aren’t simply part of the school’s past, they are an energetic piece of its present and a key to its future.

The list of alumni at the ESMT Berlin is as follows:

Leonardo Assad: While his work associates began their professions overseeing resources, investigating large information, or building money related reports, Leonardo Assad (Leo) was composing features for publicizing in magazines.

Presently an expert at The Boston Consulting Group in São Paulo, Leo says his experience is, in no way, shape or form, an obligation. “I use capabilities created in my promoting vocation, for example, innovativeness, customer the board, cooperation and relational abilities, to use my exhibition as an advisor”, he says with the certainty of a methodology master.

Moneef Barakat: ESMT engaged me in numerous ways. With my vocation foundation constrained to the Middle East and Africa, the school assumed a foundation job in building the solid and intentional centre of my European system. It is a compensating system of cohorts, graduated class, and visitor speakers who have helped me land two employments during the most recent three years.

Hillary Batchelder: Home nation: the United States of America, Current Job: Business Manager in the Microsoft organization.

Maxime Clermont: Maxime Clermont, MBA 2017, was searching for a dynamic and reasonable MBA program that stayed aware of applicable points and acclimated to evolving economies. Tune in to Maxime talk about how he found what he needed at ESMT Berlin.

Anne Drope: Maxime Clermont, MBA 2017, was searching for a dynamic and reasonable MBA program that stayed aware of applicable points and acclimated to evolving economies. Tune in to Maxime talk about how he found what he needed at ESMT Berlin.

ESMT Berlin review

There are various motivations to decide to read for your MBA at ESMT Berlin. Regardless of whether the region intrigues you, or ESMT Berlin’s presentation of more particular segments intrigues you, ESMT needs to make its ways for you. Subsequently, ESMT has presented three new specializations in technique, development, and investigation. ESMT has protracted the program to 14 months, permitting more opportunity for understudies to engage with hands-on venture work and system handovers, and so forth.

Some ESMT Berlin reviews are:

  • Best educators I could have requested and they help you inside and out. One of my schoolmates had likewise called attention to the establishing organizations of ESMT setting off to another school in the city and not going to our school by any means. That was peculiar. 
  • At the point when I came to ESMT, I didn’t know what’s in store. The program hasn’t been around as long the same number of enormous name schools. In any case, the school worked admirably keeping the program differing. They acquired 28 nationalities out of 50 understudies. The age normal was additionally somewhat higher than numerous US programs which were another factor in coming here. I came in at 34 years of age which at numerous different schools would have caused me to appear the old person nearby. Here I was not strange. 
  • All around organized projects, incredible offices, and a generally excellent profession improvement group. The graduated class relations with the school are incredible and very much kept up and cultivated. Generally speaking an incredible school directly in the centre of Berlin. 
  • ESMT Berlin is no normal business college, simply look at its area: in the previous National Council working of the old East German state, where the champion element is a dynamite, 20-meter high communist pragmatist recolored glass window delineating the GDR’s gallant specialists. 
  • ESMT mirrors those qualities about just as a business college could. Established in 2002 by 25 for the most part German global organizations, it is one of only four triple-licensed schools in Germany and was as of late positioned #1 in Germany in the FT European Business School Ranking. Its latest full-time MBA partner had 49 understudies from 24 nations, with 45% from Asia, 18% from North America and 14% from Latin America.

ESMT Berlin address

ESMT Berlin, arranged in the core of Germany’s capital, is a private, global business college established by 25 worldwide organizations. 

Schloßpl. 1, 10178 Berlin, Germany 

ESMT Berlin, address 

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