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Riga Technical University is a non-profit institution found in Riga, Latvia. It has several branch campuses located in Liepaja, Cesis, Ventspils, and Daugavpils. It offers various degree programmes in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, and Electronics and Telecommunications, just to name a few. Riga Technical University is the top most University of Latvia and also the oldest technical University in Latvia running since 14th October 1862. Every year more than 10000 international student apply for this University.

The University also became the first Baltic University to offer the MBA (Master of Business Administration) in English. Riga Business School was established in 1991 in association with University of Ottawa in Canada and State University of New York at Buffalo. 


In order to promote awareness about environmental conservation and protection, the University has built a Green Campus in Kipsala which is well equipped with environmentally-friendly technological stuff. Solar panels are incorporated on the roof of RTU Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering. The faculty is well-furnished and equipped with heating and lighting systems, air-conditioning and ventilation.

The faculty of architecture is located in a tech-savvy building. It has CO2 sensors, automated window blinds and a ventilation system.

Various methods are adopted to reduce the consumption of thermal energy, water and electricity.


The scientific library of the Riga Technical University has huge collection of printed books. It also gives students access to databases, e-journals and e-books. The library has adopted the Radio Frequency Identification Technology. It houses reading rooms, silent rooms, group discussion rooms, a transferrable conference hall, individual booths, etc. It has a rich collection of books on literature, engineering and architecture.


  • Students can fill in the online application form through the official university website. They may submit the same along with a motivational letter and CV.
  • Students also need to submit all the necessary documents as per the admission criteria. These include photocopies of passport identification pages, previous education documents and certificates and evidence for English language proficiency.
  • Once the necessary documents are submitted, students are required to pay the admission fee. The application will not be processed unless the application fee is paid.
  • As soon as the application is processed, the university invites the applicants for an online interview.
  • The University may also inform the applicants to appear for entrance examinations online if applicable.
  • The results are usually announced by the university within a span of 3 weeks.

The University is a pioneer in the field of education and research and cultivates a rich multicultural and inter-disciplinary environment. It is a world class university which aims to provide high quality education to its students. The notable alumni of the university include famous politicians, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers and scientists. 

The Riga Technical University strives to place education as a priority in policy as well as practice. It follows a result-oriented approach to ensure prosperity, stability and progress of the students and economy as a whole. It is a forward thinking, employment oriented, educational facility that boasts state of the art technology in education, ahead of the curve.

Founded in 2013, LISAA School of Design located in Bangalore is one of the few schools in India recognized by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Specifically, LISAA is located in Koramangala that is a sub-part of Bangalore district, and it is famous for its IT firms. It is a good platform for showcasing skills as participation in international events in Design and Film Making helps the student to explore and compete on an international level, and LISAA has a really good touch with the Industry, International programs, and Project based field work helps the students to find their maximum potential. LISAA is famous for its B. Sc courses in Design and Interior Designing, and offers 10 courses across 3 streams. For further details, visit their website at https://lisaabangalore.com/

Students of LISAA experiences a curriculum full of industry crafted activities and in depth knowledge about the project work with the industry gives the students a lot of room to master the skills that will reflect during the placement process, an surprisingly it works as LISAA is one of the most active and valued design schools of our country as the students get to collaborate with big names of the design industry and several brands. LISAA is also a partner with universities all around the globe that really reflects its reach. 

According to the reviews online, it received a mixed response in the case of management, as they need to step up for taking care of the student alumni and faculty members. Other than that, the placement procedure really stands out from the other design schools of Bangalore. The minimum package offered by the company revolves around 2.5LPA, whereas, the highest ranges around 8LPA. Companies like 3M, Alcatel, Funskool, Hermes Paris, and Prada are some frequents visitors of LISAA. 

The admission procedure for LISAA takes place through an entrance test known as LISAA CAT, and the eligibility criteria for the entrance test depends on the aggregate in Higher Secondary. The procedure initiates when the interested candidates apply online with required information. The shortlisted candidates receive the invitation letter for LISAA CAT, and if cleared the test, shortlisted candidates will be called for personal interview through Skype or telephonic interview based on LISAA CAT. 

Firstly, there is no distance education system in LISAA, and students need to attend college on a regular basis as attendance is mandatory as most of the subjects are practical based. Secondly, the fees structure of LISAA is pretty expensive in order to other fashion institutes of India. The fee for B. Sc in Fashion revolves around INR 9.50L for 3 years altogether, and for B. Sc in Interior design the fee revolves around INR 12.50L for 4 years. Whereas, the diploma courses are cheap and affordable, and all of the courses mentioned above are offered by the esteemed Bangalore University, as LISAA is affiliated to the Bangalore University. 

However, LISAA offers merit based scholarships to new candidates in all Undergraduate programs. The scholarships are performance based, and are given according to the performance during LISAA CAT. The scholarships are limited in LISAA and are given to the students whose family income is below INR 4L per annum. 

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