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Poland is a new and vibrant country full of life-long opportunities for young people eager to get quality education, develop their knowledge, build skills, and enhance international exposure. It has one of the largest academic indexes in Europe with over 1.5 million graduates.

Polish universities deliver the highest teaching standards, follow all quality requirements, and are becoming increasingly international. They are constantly progressing and developing, being a driving force behind the success story of Poland. Excellent and open-minded teachers, student-centered staff, modern facilities, and a variety of foreign language courses make Polish universities attractive to foreign students and all that will help to promote your personal growth and career.

Polish higher education institutions participate in exchange programs for foreign students and engage in bilateral agreements and individual exchange programs undertaken by specific colleges. Both of these measures lead to the growth of ties between Polish and international higher education institutions. In the last twelve years, Poland’s education sector has been the most rapidly evolving in Europe. The number of institutions of higher education has increased fivefold while the number of students has quadrupled.

Why Study in Poland?

The following are some of the specific features that, when talking about quality education, seem to draw students from all over the world.

  1. Many courses that universities offer can be taken at just about 2000 to 3000 euros a year. For certain situations where the university rector sees fit, such fees are often reduced or even taken off entirely.
  2. While Polish is the main language, as most of the courses offered are taught in English, students do not need to learn Polish to study in Poland.
  3. All international students may apply for scholarships through the Academic Recognition and International Exchange Bureau which arrives in Poland to study.
  4. Because Poland is located in Central Europe, students can take advantage of tourist visas and travel to other places to help improve their world outlook.
  5. Having a rich 650-year history, Polish universities can combine the best of their experience with a modern outlook, particularly for students studying Engineering in Poland.
  6. Polish higher education system is developing rapidly and it holds 4rth place in terms of the number of students enrolling in higher education.
  7. In Poland there are about 400-500 courses which are offered in English.
  8. Globally recognized courses.
  9. Studying in Poland is relatively cheaper than studying in other parts of Europe.

Study in Poland for Indian Students

Poland is evolving as one of the popular destinations for higher education among Indian students who are planning to study abroad. Students who wish to enter an organization on an outstanding position in the medical field or if the candidate is more inclined towards excelling in innovation in the job in engineering then studying in Poland is one of the finest options.

Programs in Poland are designed with the aim of developing leadership, entrepreneurial, and other capabilities and also with a vision to equip the students with all the vital skills necessary for them to excel in their career.

Cost of Studying in Poland

The cost of living in Poland is still relatively low, and even lower, than in most other European countries. For a shared room a place in a student dormitory will cost less than EUR 100 per month. Overall, you can get by on less than EUR 500 per month depending on the city and what lifestyle you want.

In Poland, full-time education is optional for Polish citizens at state institutions of higher education. It is also free for foreigners starting studies on terms applicable to Polish citizens at state HEIs.

All other foreigners must pay tuition fees of no less than the equivalent of a PLN of:

  1. For technical higher education, master’s and postgraduate master’s courses, about EUR 2000 per year.
  2. Approximately EUR 3000 per year for undergraduate, postgraduate and specialist courses as well as for internships in research, architecture, specialism, and habilitation;
  3. For vocational courses and apprenticeships, about EUR 3000 per annum.
  4. Approximately EUR 2000 a year for a language course and a research training course in Polish

Study in Poland Without IELTS

Universities without IELTS where you can study in Poland:

Universities in PolandLocation
Adam Mickiewicz UniversityPoznan
Warsaw University of TechnologyWarsaw

There are several ways one can study without IELTS in Poland. Here’s how to:

  1. A video interview with the candidate will be provided by the University administration. General questions will be asked about the history of students, career choices, and why they have chosen the particular university.
  2. The other way around is when a student comes from a native English-speaking country, or the previous degree was done where the instruction language was English, so certain universities in Poland will not ask the foreign students for the IELTS scores.
  3. Some universities in Poland have their own English language skills assessments to be carried out until the applicant enters Poland. The criteria and exemptions for IELTS differ with the Schools and the applications.

Poland Student Visa without IELTS

Once you’ve secured an allotment at a Polish university, the next big step and one of the most important is applying for a student visa in Poland. Also, when universities admit students without IELTS ratings, in certain countries, the visa application asks for English language proficiency tests. This is not the case with Poland.

The candidate’s English language evaluation is taken care of by the Visa interview with the Polish embassy. No separate English-language tests are required in most cases. With home countries, courses, and universities, however, the rules change. When applying for a Study in Poland, it is always advisable to consult with the Polish embassy beforehand.

What to Study in Poland?

Arranged in the focal point of Europe, Poland is among the biggest and most crowded nations in the district – ninth biggest in Europe by territory and 6th in the European Union (EU) by the populace. Poland has appreciated solid monetary development lately, especially since joining the EU in 2004; amidst the financial emergency of 2009, Poland was the main European country to report financial extension. 

With a history going back for over a thousand years, Poland’s social legacy is extraordinarily rich. This remembers its longstanding conventions for the advanced education area, with the main college in Poland, established in the fourteenth century. Today, Poland is turning into an undeniably famous investigation goal, with around 72,000 universal understudies deciding to concentrate there in 2017/18.

Top Courses to Study in Poland

Many courses are there to study in Poland which can enhance the skills of each and every student at reasonable tuition fees and some of the top courses to study in Poland are:

  • MBBS
  • Engineering & Technology
  • MBA & Management
  • Business & Economics
  • Aviation

Study in Poland from India

While the Polish have a long tradition of educational programs that have not only been lucrative to themselves for 650 years but have also proven beneficial to the world, the system has undergone a rapid shift that demarcates much of the educational courses to be divided into three phases: Bachelor (Licencjat, Inżynier), Master (Magister), and Professor (Professor). There are a few classes, however, such as Law, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine, Medicine, and Dentistry, which still have only two levels, Master and Doctor.

One of the unique features that many studies in Poland consultants can shed light on when students ask for as compared to popular destinations is that not only is education and overall expenses cheaper than in other popular destinations, but Poland’s universities cultivate a sense of belonging as well as independence for international students.

Study in Poland Fees

Although Polish education is free for Polish students, don’t worry, the educational prices for foreign students are still much lower than in many other European countries.

If you are an EU / EEA student you are not expected to pay tuition fees for Polish-language courses but you are vying for admission spots with Polish students.

If you’re not from an EU country, you’ll need to pay tuition fees to study in Poland. The good thing is, rates are lower in Poland than in many other European nations.

The fees for the courses are:

  • USD 2230 per annum for initial, second and long period studies.
  • 3350 USD per year for undergraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate medical internships, as well as for research, craft, specialist, and post-doctoral internships.
  • 3350 USD per annum for technical and apprenticeship courses.
  • 2230 USD per year for an annual Polish language preparatory course to begin training in Polish.

Study in Poland for Free

Reliably positioning as one of the top understudy goals consistently, Poland’s top-notch instruction draws in understudies from everywhere throughout the world with more than 400 distinct colleges to look over. Consolidating that with moderate education costs and ease of living is anything but a marvel why very nearly 50,000 universal understudies rush to this nation every year to read and for the chance to consider it their home.

Top-notch instruction isn’t just implied for Polish understudies. Getting your instruction from Polish colleges is commonly reasonable and ease. In case you’re from another European nation, you can approach a lot of open projects liberated from cost. Non-European understudies, then again, need to pay a limited quantity to cover their education costs which commonly run from $3,300 to $4,500 every year.

Steps on Studying in Poland for Free 

1. Apply to Universities in Poland

To concentrate in Poland period, you should apply and get acknowledged to the Polish colleges. 

The absolute best colleges offering reasonable education costs in the nation are: 

  1. College of Warsaw 
  2. Warsaw University of Technology 
  3. School of Science – Warsaw 
  4. Poznan School of Banking 
  5. Silesian Academy of Medicine in Katowice 

Besides the reasonable education costs, there are additionally choices for you to read in Poland for nothing. A few colleges offer grants to help to merit universal understudies to access advanced education. 

While a few classes are instructed in English, an enormous part of the courses is really educated in Polish. This can be a colossal hindrance for understudies who are not familiar or conversant in the Polish language yet. Taking a gander at the brilliant side, be that as it may, learning the Polish language can open a lot of entryways for you from numerous points of view. 

Getting a grant is essential in the event that you need to read in Poland for nothing. The uplifting news is that there are diverse instructive projects and grants accessible for European just as global understudies. Select understudies with extraordinary capabilities will likewise get an opportunity of profiting exceptional grant awards.

2. Get Scholarships

Prerequisites for grant 

Every college has its own rules in assessing grant applications. Most instructive projects are intended to channel candidates such that solitary the top and meriting understudies can pass the rigid capabilities. For instance, just understudies with a specific GPA or higher scholastic standing will have the option to meet all requirements for most grants. 

Realizing how to convey in English, be that as it may, is an obligatory prerequisite for every universal understudy as you will be required to show evidence of language capability in your application. Candidates are additionally required to make sure about their own understudy visa from their own nation already, which is standard when you need to concentrate in a remote nation. 

3. Find a Part-course of events of work

Despite the fact that a few grants as of now spread the understudies’ everyday costs, the not really lucky ones can likewise decide on different approaches to read in Poland for nothing. In the event that your grant just covers your education costs, finding a low maintenance line of work can be an extraordinary method to cover your costs while living in the nation.

Global understudies can gain around 2.5 – 3.75 Euros every hour relying upon the work and the foundation. Understudies normally gain as much as 317 Euros ($355) every month on normal doing different low maintenance occupations while contemplating. 

Poland offers plenty of grant bundles that can be taken advantage of by qualified understudies. Look at the different instructive projects offered by every college to know whether you have the correct capabilities to benefit of one.

PR After Study in Poland

In the event that you are having a place with some other nation aside from EEA or EU, you should apply for a drawn-out visa through the Polish government office. For this, the enlistment testament is basic. The visa is substantial just for 1 year. In spite of the fact that legitimacy can be recharged in a neighborhood authoritative office. This visa permits just 3 months remaining back in Poland. Presently, on the off chance that your need to prolong or broaden the time of you remain and need a Post Study visa in Poland, the main way you have is to apply for a home license. It is the general principle under the Polish government. 

For applying for the license, the understudies must have legitimate evidence of medicinal services protection strategies and enough cash to tolerate the expense of the remain. Be that as it may, it is significant that you apply for a brief living arrangement grant inside 3 working long periods of entering Poland.

Generally, you can apply for a lasting living arrangement card simply following a couple of long stretches of a legitimate remain in Poland. The quantity of those years shifts in various cases, however stays essential in the application procedure.

As a rule, people who can get a changeless habitation license are: 

  • Offspring or outsiders who hold a lasting Polish or long haul EU habitation grants, who were conceived inside the time of the report’s legitimacy; 
  • Offspring of Polish nationals staying in their authority; 
  • The Pole Card’s holders or individuals of Polish drop proposing to settle in Poland; 
  • People wedded to Polish residents for in any event 3 years who had lived in Poland preceding the changeless living arrangement card application for in any event 2 years; 
  • Human dealing casualties who had remained before the application for at any rate 1 year in Poland based on an impermanent living arrangement card, have helped out the police and have communicated defended dread of coming back to their nation of origin; 
  • People living in Poland for in any event 5 years preceding the application, who hold an exile status, auxiliary insurance status or who are permitted to remain in Poland as a result of philanthropic reasons; 
  • People living in Poland for at any rate 10 years preceding the application, who have been allowed an endured home license and in spite of the fact that are obliged to return can’t do that for legitimate or helpful reasons; 
  • Shelter searchers.

How much gap acceptable for study in Poland?

Around 36000 global understudies came in 2014! Medication and Engineering programs are the most well-known among understudies! No IELTS/English! Remain back alternative up to 03 yrs.! The best Medical and Technical Universities in Europe! 

Poland is a cutting edge and dynamic nation brimming with open doors for youngsters ready to get quality instruction, upgrading their insight, improving abilities, and boosting global experience. With over 1.9 million understudies it brags of the most elevated solarization lists in Europe. Every year practically a large portion of a million youngsters from the US, Canada, UK, Brazil, China, Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Scandinavian, and other European and Asian nations start their instruction at Polish colleges and universities.

  • In the wake of contemplating understudy can profit 1-year Job search visa and stretched out stir grant as long as 3 years. 
  • Poland is a European nation, yet the living expenses are still lower than anyplace else in Europe. 
  • As long as 5 years of study hole is Acceptable. 
  • An exceptionally simple opportunity to get a lasting habitation visa.

Study in Poland with Scholarship

Every college has its own rules in assessing grant applications. Most instructive projects are intended to channel candidates such that solitary the top and meriting understudies can pass the rigid capabilities. For instance, just understudies with a specific GPA or higher scholastic standing will have the option to meet all requirements for most grants. 

Kinds of Scholarships 

1. Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program

Allowing universal understudies to approach an advanced education framework, the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Scholarship Program is centered around second-cycle studies to choose nationalities. This is an incredible path for worldwide understudies to read in Poland for nothing.

The abrogating objective of this instructive program is to help the social and financial development of the beneficiary nations recorded underneath. Just candidates beginning from these recorded nations are allowed the chance to benefit from this program. 

  1. Angola 
  2. Chile 
  3. Ethiopia 
  4. Philippines 
  5. India 
  6. Indonesia
  7. Kenya 
  8. Columbia 
  9. Mexico 
  10. Myanmar 
  11. Nigeria 
  12. Palestine 
  13. Peru 
  14. South Africa 
  15. Senegal 
  16. Tanzania 
  17. Vietnam 

Study in Poland Requirements

The requirements which are needed to study in Poland are:

  • Visa is required from other country’s students to study in Poland.
  • They should have some stay permit in Poland while studying.
  • Security is another important factor.
  • Language is not as such a barrier there if a student doesn’t know Polish Language but apart from this language, they should have good knowledge of English Language.

This instructive program bolsters worldwide understudies who are keen on taking courses that are identified with the accompanying zones: 

  • Building and specialized sciences 
  • Agrarian sciences 
  • Sciences and regular sciences 

2. Gen. Wladyslaw Anders Scholarship Program

This grant program furnishes the chance to people with Polish sources who are out of the nation to read in Poland for nothing. It for the most part includes courses that are educated in Polish.

The incredible thing about this grant is that it doesn’t just cover the understudy’s education costs, however, it likewise gives them the fundamental payments and remittances to take care of the expense of living while at the same time concentrating in the nation. This program is accessible for candidates who hail from the accompanying nations: 

  1. Belarus 
  2. Ukraine 
  3. Bulgaria 
  4. Czech Republic 
  5. Croatia 
  6. Macedonia 
  7. Moldova 
  8. Lithuania 
  9. Latvia 
  10. Estonia 
  11. Romania 
  12. Serbia 
  13. Slovakia 
  14. Hungary 
  15. Albania 
  16. Armenia 
  17. Azerbaijan 
  18. Georgia 
  19. Kazakhstan 
  20. Kyrgyzstan 
  21. Russia 
  22. Uzbekistan 
  23. Tajikistan 
  24. Turkmenistan 

Candidates from Latin America and African nations may likewise apply for this program, despite the fact that they should fulfill some extra prerequisites in the application procedure so as to qualify. These extraordinary capabilities are: 

Candidates have a limit of two years after their registration test to embrace their examinations (just pertinent for first-year cycle understudies)  Candidates more likely than not finished their investigations two years after probably (just material for second-year cycle understudies)

Study in Poland Admission

So as to apply for a chose examination program initiating in October for the fall semester and February for the spring semester, a competitor should contact the confirmation office of the chosen University straightforwardly by email (telephone/fax) or through one of its outside enlistment workplaces. 

In the event that a competitor requires a visa to remain and concentrate on the domain of the European Union, the individual in question ought to apply for a chose program sufficiently before, with the goal that choice concerning visa issuance is made before the fall/spring semester starts. 

General Admission Requirements 

All in all, the necessities for global understudies applying for colleges in Poland are as per the following: 

Affirmation Information for BA or BSC (Bachelors) Candidates: 

  1. Legally approved optional school authentication or an official copy gave by the competitor’s secondary school, 
  2. rounded out an application structure, 
  3. 4 identification size photos, 
  4. duplicate of applicant’s ID (visa), 
  5. declaration of the English language capability alternatively (except if the secondary school courses were instructed in English); 
  6. the clinical endorsement with no contraindication for considering, 
  7. affirmation expense installment receipt. 

Affirmation Information for MA (Master) up-and-comers: 

  1. Undergrad program recognition or an official copy gave by the college, 
  2. up-and-comer’s CV with insights regarding the school and expert profession alternatively, 
  3. one scholastic reference and one individual reference alternatively, 
  4. rounded out the application structure, 
  5. 4 visa size photos, 
  6. duplicate of the competitor’s ID (visa), 
  7. confirmation of English language capability (except if the primary degree was educated in English), 
  8. the clinical declaration with no contraindication for considering, 
  9. confirmation expense installment receipt. 

Be that as it may, an up-and-comer may be furthermore approached to submit: 

  • Authenticated auxiliary school testament or an official copy gave by the applicant’s secondary school (while applying for ace program), 
  • An enhancement to the undergrad program recognition or a duplicate of the unhitched male theory, 
  • what’s more, other documentation* 

*since a few colleges have extra different confirmation prerequisites, it is fitting to contact chosen colleges before accommodation of your application! 

Significant Note 

On the off chance that an applicant requires a visa to remain and concentrate on the domain of the European Union, the individual in question ought to apply for a chose program enough before, so choice concerning visa issuance is made before the fall/spring semester starts.

Where to Study in Poland?

There are many universities which are good to study in Poland. All universities provide good courses to students at reasonable tuition fees. Students from all over the country have a good option, and opportunity to study in the best colleges in Poland. 

Top Colleges to Study in Poland

The list of top Colleges to study in Poland are:

  • University of Warsaw
  • Jagiellonian University
  • Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań
  • Gdansk University of Technology
  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (WRUST)
  • University of Wroclaw

Requirements to Study in Poland

To concentrate in Poland, you are required to have finished optional level training and have a school-leaving testament affirm you are qualified to apply to college. Ownership of further authentication assessments, for example, the International Baccalaureate or English Baccalaureate will qualify you to unreservedly apply for undergrad learns at a Polish college.  

Understudy Visa 

The systems to applying for an understudy visa shift contingent upon the nation you originate from. Nonetheless, a portion of the prerequisites continue as before for all the nations and they include: 

  • A filled-in visa application structure 
  • Substantial identification 
  • Official letter of acknowledgment to a school in Poland 
  • A short CV 
  • Your school endorsements and certificates 
  • Proof of capability in the language in which you wish to consider 
  • Affirmation of having assets for contemplating and living in Poland 
  • Medical coverage
  • Identification photo 

Habitation Permit 

Another condition you have to satisfy to have the option to concentrate in Poland is to legitimize your stay in the region of the Republic of Poland. In the event that you are a European Union (EU) resident and you might want to remain longer than a quarter of a year in Poland, you have to enlist your stay in the nation.

In the event that you are a non-EU resident, you have to get a visa at a Polish department in your nation of origin before your appearance in Poland. Once in Poland, so as to draw out you remain, you have to apply for a Temporary Stay Card – Karta czasowego pobytu – 45 days before your visa lapses. 

Wellbeing and Security 

The wellbeing administration in Poland isn’t allowed to open and, in this way, you should hold a protection strategy in case of a disease or a mishap. On the off chance that you are an EU resident and have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you can exploit Polish wellbeing administrations complimentary.

Assuming, you don’t have such a card, you can purchase medical coverage in the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) for around 40 PLN every month. In view of the two-sided nation understanding the residents of Great Britain, Sweden and Slovakia can exploit Polish wellbeing administrations for nothing out of pocket, while Czech understudies can utilize it if there should be an occurrence of a crisis or an unexpected disease. 


You don’t need to be familiar with Polish so as to start concentrates in Poland. The information on English, French, or German does the trick. So as to apply for a given course, you should introduce a record affirming your insight into an unknown dialect at an adequate level to take an interest in the classes.

As indicated by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you would have one of the accompanying authentications: FCE, CAE or CPE for concentrates in English, DEFL B2 for concentrates in French or Zertifikat Deutsch Plus 3 for German investigations. A few Universities don’t require testaments as they direct their own language tests as a major aspect of their affirmation strategy.


How much does it cost to study in Poland?

Ans. The average tuition fees for Masters programs at a University in Poland are approximately EUR 3000–4000 per year. Whether it’s for science and engineering, medical or nursing, the cost of studying Masters in Poland remains accessible to foreign students.

Is it free to study in Poland?

Ans. Polish higher education is optional for Polish residents. You will also sit the same entrance exams as Polish students if you would like to study for free and take a course taught in Polish. Tuition rates at a private college would be higher, up to PLN 25,300.

Is Poland costly?

Ans. Living Price in Poland. Poland is a comparatively cheap place to stay and study relative to other European nations. Prices depend heavily on the city, but with about EUR 400 available monthly a student can get by. The mean cost of living for students ranges from EUR 425 to EUR 900.

✅ How much bank balance is required for Poland’s student visa?

Ans. Documents confirming ample funds for studying in Poland. Confirmation of Bank Loan if any or funds are in the account of parents/sponsors. Sponsor/parents account of funds from 5 to 8 lacs. FD Info if any.

How much a student can earn in Poland?

Ans. It can easily be 2k PLN net for Computer Science Students in a bigger city, the salary can be even bigger depending on the particular skills and city in which you live. If you’re talking about something like McDonald’s, it’s usually about 10–12 PLN net per hour, so it depends on how many hours you ‘re going to work.

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