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The TU Kaiserslautern refers to the Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern. It was established in 1970. The University of Kaiserslautern is situated in Germany and is a research university. The TU Kaiserslautern is the biggest university in Germany for distance and independent learning courses. It is a public university. The mathematics and computer science subject is the reputation of the university. The aim of the university is to self-strengthen the students and let the students do more self-study. 

Every year approx. Fourteen thousand eight hundred sixty-nine students enrolled in the TU Kaiserslautern. Students from all over the world apply for admission to the university. The research field of the university is on engineering and natural science subjects. The facilities of the sports club are offered by the university. The students can play sports like badminton, table tennis, hockey, football, etc. Both outdoor and indoor sports students can play. 

For distance learning courses, the university provides all the study material with books and notes to the students. Several courses are provided by the university. The online seminars also organized for distance learning courses students. The students can participate in on-campus activities. They need to come to college to write the exams. 

TU Kaiserslautern Rankings

The ranking of TU Kaiserslautern university is given by various ranking institutions. The overall score of the university is 71.2. The citations ranking for the university is 541. The basis of rankings is different for different ranking sectors. The Quality Publications Ranking is 786. 

The World Rank of TU Kaiserslautern university is 782. The 20th position is given to the university by National Ranking. The Alumni Employment ranking of the university is 997. The Research output ranking is 911. 

TU Kaiserslautern Masters

The students holding a bachelor’s degree can apply for the master’s program. The Bachelor’s degree is a must for getting admission to the Master’s program. For some departments, the aptitude test is necessary for applying to the Master’s program. The aptitude test is carried out at both the professional and personal level.

The admission in Mater courses will be given to the eligible students. The student needs to fulfill all the required admission requirements. The students who want to enroll in a master’s program need to fill the application form before the deadline. The students who are not from TUK or from outside can apply via online mode for getting admission in a master’s course.

The bachelor’s degree is essential, which needs to be attached to a master’s program application form. The bachelor’s degree grades will help the students for further process and increase the chance of getting admission. The student can select one subject out of the various subject for master’s degree programs such as Architecture; Computer science; Spatial & Environmental planning; Biology; Physics; Chemistry; Economics & School of management, etc.

TU Kaiserslautern computer science

The core department of TU Kaiserslautern university is the Department of Computer Science. This department of computer science was started in 1974. The department consists of 24 professors. There are many new areas of computer science which can be used for research. The high-quality lecture and seminars will be provided to the students. The teaching should be given with proper knowledge and monitoring. 

Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offer by TUK university in Computer science. The university offers remarkable opportunities to the students. The students need to fill the application form for applying for the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree program in computer science. The enrolments can be done during the summer and winter semesters.

  • The bachelor’s degree program in computer science duration is three years.
  • The master’s degree program in computer science duration is two years.
  • The enrolment can be done in the summer and winter semesters.
  • The department of computer science is the main department of TUK.
  • There are different fields of computer science in which students can do specialization. 

TU Kaiserslautern automation and control

The Automation and Control course offer by TUK University. It’s a 3-year master’s program. The program deals with the automation control of the complex industrial system. A total of 90 ECTS CPs is a must. The production consists of production automation, power grids, robotics, e-mobility, or mechatronic systems. 

In this program, students will get a thorough knowledge about control therapy, modeling and identification, development of a safe and secure system, robotics and mechatronic system, and embedded and communication system. The curriculum of the course includes a core program, an elective program, and a master’s thesis. The student can choose the elective subject according to their preference. The regular modules will be provided to the students for working on the projects. 

  • The automation and control program is a 3-year master’s degree program.
  • The compulsory subjects are logic control, digital signal processing; robust control; methods of soft-control, etc. 
  • The application for this course will be filled via online mode. 
  • The language of the full course is English.
  • The student can choose any of the elective subjects according to their preference. 

TU Kaiserslautern embedded System

The embedded system (ESY) is a master’s program. It’s a 3-year full-time program. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers this course. The curriculum of the course a mandatory core and elective part. The language of the course in which teachers teach the subjects in English.

The standard period of study of the ESY course is three semesters. The embedded system is the system in the computer which directly interacts with other systems. This is a full-time course. The study materials will be provided to the students during the on-campus study. 

  • The ESY is a 90 ECTS credit point master program.
  • The study of the course is three semesters.
  • The language of studying the course is English.
  • The three major areas of study under this course are Architectures of Hardware and Software Systems, Design methodologies for system-on-chip and embedded systems, and embedded system applications.
  • The teachers are specially recognized and active researchers. 

TU Kaiserslautern Application

The application process for applying to TUK university will be done via online mode. The candidate needs to register first and log in for applying to the university. The application form will be available online on the official website. The application form is different for bachelor and master degree programs and also for distance learning courses. 

The candidate needs to create the account on the official website and create the password of their account. The candidate needs to save the login details with them. There are various steps that every candidate needs to follow for filling the application form correctly and properly. The steps which candidate need to follow: –

  • Make your decision, of course, selecting by searching on the website before filling the application form.
  • Prepare your application while filling all the details on the official website.
  • Submit your application to fill all the required details.
  • The application will go for further process to the university.
  • The candidate will get the notification about the application process.
  • Deposit the assessment fee after submitting the application form.
  • The assessment fee is 50 EUR.
  • After that, the candidate will receive the notification of admission or rejection.
  • If the candidate gets the notification of admission, then at the same the candidate needs to apply for the visa.
  • The candidate will get the letter of acceptance. 

TU Kaiserslautern application fee

The application fee of TUK university is 50 EUR. The fees for different courses are different. The application form needs to be filled by the candidate for applying in the TUK university. After submitting the application, it will go for further process. The application fee needs to be submitted after the above step.

The social insurance contribution fee per semester is 241,81 EUR. This fee includes student ticket transport services in and around the university. On all the above processes, some exceptions will be there.

  • The application fee of TUK university is 50 EUR.
  • The fees must be paid through bank transfer. 
  • Paying the assessment fee does not mean that your admission is confirmed.
  • The fees must be paid before the application deadline. 
  • The candidate needs to print the receipt of the payment.

TU Kaiserslautern application deadline

The application deadline means for applying in every course there a particular time period and date at TUK university. The application deadline is a date before which every applicant needs to submit the application form. The application must be received on time to the university.

The application deadline for the limited degree program is the cut-off deadline. The late application submission will charge the extra fees. The student also needs to apply for a visa once the admission is confirmed.

The application deadline for Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Advanced quantum physics is:

  • The application deadline for the summer term is October 31.
  • The application deadline for the winter term is April 30.

The application deadline for Commercial vehicle technology (CVT), Cognitive science is:

  • The application deadline for the winter term is April 30.

The application deadline for European master in the embedded computing system (EMECS) is:

  • The application deadline for the winter term is January 31.

The application deadline for distance learning courses is:

  • The application deadline for the winter term is July 15.


TUK University offers various scholarships to the students. There are different programs in which a student can opt on the base of scholarship. The scholarships will be provided for German as well as foreign students. The doctoral candidates and scientists are also eligible for the TUK scholarships. The information on various funding and funding organizations will be given to you. 

The scholarship will be given to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. The private foundations also offer some scholarships for financial support. For scientific publications, the TUK university has some specific funding. 

  • The TUK university offers a various scholarships for the students.
  • The specific funding is there for scientific publications.
  • The financial support via scholarships will be provided to the students.
  • The scholarship will be provided for various different fields like Studying in TUK, Doctorate in TUK, Graduate funding, and Research in TUK. 

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