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Wuhan University is a national research university that comes under the top public universities in Wuhan, China. Supported by the Central Government of China, Wuhan University was found in the year 1893. Also, one of the oldest universities, Wuhan University (WHU) has around 1500 international students. It is acknowledged as the “Most Beautiful University in China”. WHU campus covers a huge area of 2.42 km. A cherry blossom festival is conducted every year during spring at Wuhan University.

WHU is considered as one of the most prestigious universities in China. It offers a variety of courses and programs. There are many colleges that come under Wuhan University. These include schools of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Sciences, Art, Humanities, etc. Wuhan University provides a great learning experience for developing life-long skills.

  • Wuhan University comes under the Ministry of Education of China. 
  • It has also developed cooperative relationships with over 400 institutions and research universities across varied regions. 
  • WHU is widely known for its beautiful campus and cherry blossom gardens.
  • With a huge population of 55,252 students, 3,737 faculty members, WHU has established 35 schools and colleges.

Admissions for Foreign Applicants-


  1. Applicants should be well behaved and healthy and must have foreign citizenship. 
  2. The educational background of candidates should be equivalent to the Chinese High School Diploma if they wanna pursue under-graduate programs at Wuhan University. Whereas for Post-Graduate and Doctoral programs, candidates should have their Under-Graduate study degree and Master’s degree equivalent to the respective Chinese Bachelor‘S and Master’s programs.
  3. They must provide High School Transcripts, the official Regional/National transcripts of the High School Graduation Program, and the results of International Standardized Examinations. 
  4. The age of applicants must be above 18 or above by September 1, 2020. 

Language Requirements- 

  1. HSK( level 4) certificate is required for applicants who would like to pursue educational programs in Science, Engineering, and Medicine. 
  2. For studying Liberal Arts, applicants need to have HSK(level 5) certificates. 
  3. For applicants who have not yet obtained the required certificates can first apply for the study of the Chinese language at Wuhan University and, after obtaining the required certificate, can apply for the undergraduate programs. 

Application Procedures-

Interested candidates must log in at the Online Application System at the official website of the Wuhan University International Students Service System within the application period, upload the required documents, and pay the required fee. 

Documents Required- 

  1. Frontpage of passport or visa page that has been issued by Chinese embassies. 
  2. Diploma/Certificate of high school education or certificate of expected graduation of the interested candidate. 
  3. High school transcripts. 
  4. HSK Level four or above certificates/scores. 
  5. Form for the Financial Sponsor in the required template, which is provided on the official website. 
  6. Score Report of English language test of any international standardized test like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. 
  7. Certificate of application fee payment 800RMB equivalent to Rs. 8000. 
  8. Physical examination report in the past three months by authorized medical personnel. 

Following the online registration, there will be a comprehensive evaluation of the documents submitted by the candidate. On the successful evaluation of the documents, candidates will have to then appear for an interview. Candidates having an outstanding academic record and documents will directly get an offer to study at Wuhan University. 

Duration of study-

  1. For Under-Graduate Programs- Four years. 
  2. For Master’s Programs- Two to Three years. 
  3. For Doctoral Programs- Three to Four years. 

Tuition Fees and Accommodation Charges- 

Wuhan University provides on-campus accommodation to all of its foreign students where they are also provided with timely healthy meals.

TypeLanguageLiberal ArtsScience & EngMedicine
Undergraduate studentsChinese 20,00024,00030,000
Undergraduate studentsEnglish  23,00028,000  40,000
Master’s degree studentsChinese 23,00028,000  38,000
Master’s degree studentsEnglish  33,000  38,00050,000
Doctor’s studentsChinese 30,00040,00045,000
Doctor’s studentsEnglish  36,00046,00055,000

Wuhan University Ranking

Wuhan University holds a remarkable position in many standard university rankings. These rankings are based on several factors. Education experts, companies that come for placements, quality of education are all taken into account. These rankings are a true reflection of the actual reputation of Wuhan University around the world.

  • QS World Rankings, one of the topmost international rankings, has ranked Wuhan University in the 246th position for 2021.
  • According to World University Rankings by Times Higher Education, Wuhan University stands at 351st position for 2020.
  • Academic Ranking of World Universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranks WHU at 151st place.
  • Wuhan University has managed to secure the 285th position for 2020 in Best Global Universities Rankings.

Wuhan University School Of Medicine

Wuhan University School of Medicine, also known as the Faculty of Medical Sciences is considered as one of the best medical schools in China. With more than 4,700 full- time scholars and 1,200 faculty members, the school is widely known for its courses in Medical sciences. 

It constitutes of 8 colleges that include Wuhan University of Basic Medical School, College of Pharmacy, First Clinical College, etc. There are also 3 research institutes namely the Institute of Medical Virology, Medical Structural Biology Research Centre, and Animal Centre. Apart from this, there are also 3 affiliated hospitals.

Wuhan University MBBS

The MBBS program of Wuhan University School of Medicine attracts students from abroad as well apart from regular scholars from China. The duration of this program is 6 years with a planned internship session in the last one year. Subjects of medicine include Human Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery, Orthopedics, etc. The internship is done in medical hospitals in China. Students get an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the practical field.

The fee structure of Wuhan Medical University for the MBBS program includes the tuition fee and the accommodation fee. The estimated tuition fee per year is 40000¥ while the hostel fee for the same duration is 7200¥. Basic amenities are taken care of to ensure the comfort of students. Wuhan University School of Medicine has properly structured faculty who possess great teaching, medical treatment, and research skills. They possess senior professional titles or are Ph.D. supervisors.

Wuhan University Journal Of Natural Sciences

Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences reflects the latest advances in scientific research and academic universities. Its main aim is to encourage the exchange of information and communication between Wuhan University and the world. The topics that are featured in this journal cover various domains such as life science, material science, etc.

Wuhan University Journal of Natural Sciences also publishes papers that are presented in various conferences in China and other countries around the world. Chinese academic achievements are also included in this journal.

Wuhan University Computer Science

Wuhan University School of Computer Science aims to develop technical skills, a strong foundation, and systematic knowledge in the field of Computer Science and Technology. Subjects that are classified in this school are as follows:

  • Computer Science and Technology (Bachelor)
  • Information Security (Bachelor)  
  • Computer Software and Theory (Master)  
  • Information Security (Master)  
  • Applied Computer Technology (Master)  
  • Digital Technology of the Movie and the Video (Master)
  • Computer Architecture (Master)
  • Computer System Architecture (Doctor)  
  • Computer Software and Theory (Doctor)  
  • Information Security (Doctor)  
  • Software Engineering (Doctor)  
  • Computer Application Technology (Doctor)  

Wuhan University Courses

Wuhan University offers several graduate and undergraduate programs in multiple fields. All these courses are research-focused and offer the development of required skills in their respective departments. The list of courses are:

  • School of Automotive Engineering
  • School of Transportation
  • School of Material Science and Engineering
  • School of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Energy and Power Engineering
  • School of Resources and Environmental Engineering
  • School of Information Engineering
  • School of Computer Science and Technology
  • School of Automation
  • School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Navigation
  • School of Logistics Engineering
  • School of Chemical Engineering
  • School of Sciences
  • School of Management
  • School of Economics
  • School of Media and Law
  • School of Art and Design
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Politics and Administration
  • School of Online and Continuing Education
  • School of International Education
  • School of Vocational Technology
  • Department of Physical Education


Wuhan University is not only famous for its faculty and standard education but also for its notable alumni. They are spread in different roles and spheres of life including entrepreneurs, archaeologists, government officials, and various others.

  • Karim Masimov
  • Zhangren Huang
  • Jun Ke
  • Yangyu Ou

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