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Established in 1966, the University of Konstanz is an examination situated college in Germany. With a world-class foundation, the college is focused on conveying top tier training across disciplines. The college contains exceptionally experienced academicians and examination researchers as employees. Likewise, the group of employees incorporates specialists from particular businesses.

The University of Konstanz is contained thirteen offices that are isolated into three resources: the Faculty of Sciences, the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Politics, Law, and Economics. The offices offered in the Faculty of Sciences incorporate Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Physics, Computer and Information Science, Chemistry, and Psychology

The University of Konstanz brags of cutting edge research facilities, workmanship studios, libraries, and IT focuses on supporting subjective learning. Since its incitement, the college stays to be the focal point of developments. It has teamed up with German Federal and state governments for the ‘Greatness Initiative’ and ‘Greatness Strategy’ research endeavors. Further, the college has banded together with different examination colleges over the world for coordinated exploration programs.

Some key highlights of the University of Konstanz are under:

  • It keeps up associations with the business for marketed research activities and innovation move. 
  • The University of Konstanz is a worldwide centre point for instruction. Understudies over the world take admission to the college to seek after a promising vocation. 
  • Emeritus teachers from unfamiliar colleges visit Konstanz for conveying unique talks. 
  • The University of Konstanz has banded together with rumored worldwide colleges for information sharing, understudy trade, and study abroad projects.
  • The University of Konstanz swanks an energetic grounds offering sports fields, wellness focuses, theatres, cafeterias, and different offices.

University of Konstanz ranking

Situated on the shores of Lake Constance, at the northern foot of the Alps and only four kilometers from the Swiss fringe in Germany’s “boutique” the University of Konstanz.

Opened in 1972, the college offers more than 100-degree projects to 10,000 understudies across three resources in humanities, sciences, and law, financial matters, and governmental issues. With more than 250 worldwide trade programs set up, the college values have a solid worldwide viewpoint and teams up with the absolute most renowned colleges on the planet, including Yale and Berkeley.

The University of Konstanz ranking is mentioned below:

  • QS World University Ranking #=443
  • QS WUR By Subject Ranking #51-100
  • Graduate Employability Ranking #251-300
  • Global – Overall
  • THE World 189
  • QS World 352

University of Konstanz Germany

Driving examination, greatness in instructing and studies, internationality, and interdisciplinary collaboration have been highlights of the University of Konstanz since the time it was built up as a change college in 1966. The University of Konstanz is an exploration situated change college that acknowledges its duty to society by giving top-notch research and instructive chances.

Since its establishment in 1966, the University of Konstanz has separated itself through its high-level examination, greatness in instructing and studies, internationality, and interdisciplinary coordinated effort.

It is focused on the essential thought behind a college, in that so as to create logical information, close connections among examination and instructing must be developed.

Some key features about the University of Konstanz Germany are listed below:

  • Current and future social difficulties are tended to through the college’s examination and study programs. 
  • The University of Konstanz highly esteems offering complete help to its best in class ability. 
  • We bolster all our lesser analysts as they progress into scholarly professions or take on driving jobs in industry and society. 
  • Konstanz is a city with exceptional personal satisfaction.
  • The Communication, Information, Media Centre (KIM) is the college’s focal specialist organization for IT and library administrations.

University of Konstanz masters

The University of Konstanz offers various masters projects with a global direction: 

Masters projects educated in English, two-fold qualification masters projects just as some of the masters’ projects with numerous courses trained in English as well as with attention on universal issues.

The college selects around 11,000 understudies every year.

It has a semester-based scholarly schedule. 

Undergrad programs are educated in German while a portion of the alumni programs are instructed in English. 

Significant courses like Master of Sciences, Economics, Political Administration, and so on are offered in English. The admission seasons change from course to course.

University of Konstanz masters admission requirements are listed below:

  • Bachelor’s degree with a 2.5 or above GPA.
  • Resume.
  • One page Motivation Letter.
  • Two Recommendation Letters.
  • GRE score.

University of Konstanz masters computer science

The Master’s program in Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz is outfitted towards the PC helped handling of enormous volumes of information and is intended to give understudies keen on the improvement of complex data and examination frameworks with the imperative information.

Different branches of computer science are listed below:

Guaranteeing that this sort of framework is both in fact achievable and easy to use requires a careful handle of an assortment of strategies and innovations from various parts of software engineering.

  • Information system development (e.g. databases, software engineering, and networks)
  • Visualization (e.g. computer graphics and computer vision)
  • Data analysis (e.g. data mining and visual analytics)
  • Algorithms (e.g. network science and signal processing) and
  • Information science (e.g. interaction design and information retrieval).

University of Konstanz courses

The University of Konstanz unequivocally organizes internationality and interdisciplinary joint efforts. The college takes an interest in logical joint efforts and trade programs with in excess of 70 colleges around the world, making it one of the tip-top colleges in Germany. The admission of global understudies is 13%, demonstrating it is a multicultural establishment to concentrate in Germany. The proportion of female to male is 55:45 at the University of Konstanz.

The list of courses offered at the University of Konstanz is given below:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Education.
  • Master of Science. 
  • Master of Education.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information.
  • Master of Computer Science and Information.
  • Bachelor of Psychology.
  • Master of Psychology.
  • Bachelor of Art, Literature, and Media sciences.
  • Masters of Art, Literature, and Media sciences.

University of Konstanz English courses

Numerous divisions at the University of Konstanz offer a wide scope of courses instructed in English, and some in English/German simultaneously. On the Master level, a greater number of courses are educated in English than on an undergrad level, however all in all, English courses are on the ascent. Indeed, even in German showed courses, a great deal of writing read is in English. Giving your introduction or composing a research paper in English is likewise consistently a choice.

The list of English courses offered at the University of Konstanz is:

  • Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines.
  • Biological sciences.
  • Computer and Information sciences.
  • Economics.
  • Life science.
  • Multilingualism.
  • Political Economy.
  • Political and Public administration.
  • Sports science.
  • Chemistry.

University of Konstanz data science

Data science, otherwise called information revelation in databases (KDD), is a mechanized procedure to find new and fascinating data with regards to enormous amounts of information. 

Data science confers the standards of information the executives and examination and propelled techniques for data planning and perception just as the necessary fundamental standards of center software engineering. As the amount and intricacy of putting away information from science and industry keep on expanding, the requirement for smart machines and master bolstered examination techniques for this information additionally increments.

The master’s degree program of data science at the University of Konstanz is:

  • The Master’s program in Social and Economic Data Science (SEDS) offers understudies from various scholarly foundations the chance to represent considerable authority in the assortment, handling, and investigation of quantitative social and monetary information. The present data society is portrayed by an ever-developing plenitude of information from sources as different as authoritative records, overviews, or system logs. However, such information simply gives the “crude material of information”, and it takes all-around prepared investigators to recognize the important structures, and to remove significant data from these sources.

How to apply for the data science program at the University of Konstanz is:

  • Program start: Winter Semester. 
  • Talk/prep courses start October.
  • Application cut-off time: 30th April. 
  • Language of guidance: for the most part English. 
  • No education costs for EU/EEA Citizens (education costs for understudies from outside the EU/EEA nations) 
  • MSc SEDS Applicants transfer all essential application records on the web.
  • You are welcome to apply even if you have not yet graduated and are in your final year.

University of Konstanz tuition fees

For each educational cost bill paid by the global understudy, the separate college will get 300 euros. 

The assets will at that point be utilized to pay for help administrations for global understudies at the college. One of the objectives is to raise the graduation rate for global understudies. The staying 1,200 euros, just as the all-out education cost of 650 euros for understudies in second-degree programs, will be applied to the state spending plan. These assets will go towards making sure about the drawn-out financing of college training in Baden-Württemberg.

The fees structure at the University of Konstanz is given below:

  • Overall Fee $1000.
  • Cost Of Living 644-1243 USD / month.
  • From the beginning of the 2017/18 scholastic year, non-EU understudies will be required to pay €1,500 (~US$1,600) per semester – adding up to €3,000 (~US$3,200) every year. 
  • Understudies increasing a subsequent degree will pay a decreased expense of €650 (~US$700) per semester. 
  • In spite of the fact that training at German colleges in Baden-Württemberg will never again be free, it’s important that these education costs are still altogether lower than in numerous different pieces of the world.

University of Konstanz international students

The University of Konstanz has a place with Konstanz’s Egg region with the old town of Egg. 

There are two walkers and bicycle connections that interface the college grounds to the town and lakeside. Much the same as the town, the college’s games grounds are situated on the lakeside of the road, north of Egg. The greenhouse is situated in the north-west of the north parking garage and is open on weekdays.

How to apply at the University of Konstanz for international students is given below:

  • So as to finish a trade program at the University of Konstanz, you should be designated by your home college. Ask your International Office what prospects there are to come to Konstanz and note the particular application cut-off time. 
  • When you have been effectively designated, you will get an invite email with the most significant data just as a connection to the online enlistment.
  • When you have entered your information, you should transfer further records to the framework. If you don’t mind total the online enlistment by: 15 May for the winter semester (October-February) 
  • After the total online application, we will begin preparing. You will for the most part get your confirmation in June/July (for the winter semester) or in January/February (for the mid-year semester).
  • Understudies who communicate in German or English as their first language or who concentrate only (not in singular courses) in English in their nation of origin don’t need to present a language declaration.

University of Konstanz application deadline

The University of Konstanz offers courses in numerous subjects like bookkeeping, arithmetic, account, sociologies, material science, software engineering, and so on. The confirmation procedure for household and global understudies are both led on the web. In any case, worldwide understudies have extra prerequisites and must be cautious with their visa procedures in order to finish it in time. To profit grants on a need premise, understudies must apply early.

The details of the application deadline are:

International applicants must apply 90 days before the accompanying cut-off times to be considered for confirmation: 

  • Program Deadline for Winter Semester Deadline for Summer Semester 
  • Undergrad 
  1. Study programs with affirmation restrictions July 15 January 15 
  2. Study programs without affirmation restrictions September 15 March 15

University of Konstanz postdoctoral fellowship

2-year Postdoctoral Fellowships are for each one of those in the beginning phase of their profession who intend to create and actualize a free exploration venture. 

Inside the Synergy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, we open the likelihood to (scholarly) accomplices to apply. 

This program permits two specialists with various disciplinary foundations to take a shot at a solitary task, each contributing their own effective or methodological ability while having the chance to hone their individual exploration profiles.

Every analyst will be granted an individual Postdoctoral Fellowship. 

It furnishes them with an expert foundation and a suitable working environment for leading examination. Every individual gets a yearly exploration recompense, for example for financing research collaborators or gear. Besides, it gives budgetary help for fire up, consumables, and travel expenses, and helps with creating scholastic aptitudes.

Eligibility required for the postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Konstanz is:

So as to be qualified, up-and-comers must satisfy all qualification measures: 

  • Candidates ought to be in control of a doctoral certificate conceded between October 16, 2018, and December 31, 2020. Prior graduation dates can be acknowledged in the event of maternity/paternity leave, or working agreements outside the scholarly world
  • Up-and-comers must not hold a changeless residency, or have a habitation or equal (Venia legendi). 
  • Up-and-comers with their own position subsidized by another program, which can be moved to Konstanz, are additionally qualified 
  • Candidates must propose an exploration venture that connects to a control spoke to at the University of Konstanz. Candidates should contact likely guides (Local Academic Partner) among the scientists at the University of Konstanz so as to guarantee suitable association.

University of Konstanz PhD

The University of Konstanz offers a colossal assortment of organized doctoral projects and doctoral investigation programs.

They mean to offer a straightforward street to the doctorate and close oversight that empower doctoral analysts to complete their proposition inside a sensible timeframe. As of now, 61% of our doctoral specialists are taken a crack at an organized doctoral program.

The list of Ph.D. courses offered at the University of Konstanz is:

  • Doctoral study programs.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in History.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Clinical Psychology, Neuro-Psychology, and Psychotherapy.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Literature.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Philosophy.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Politics and Public Administration.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Sociology.
  • Doctoral Study Programme in Linguistics.
  • Doctoral Programme in “Quantitative Economics and Finance”
  • Graduate School Biological Sciences (GBS)
  • Graduate School Chemistry (GCh)

University of Konstanz acceptance rate

The University of Konstanz is an enormous (uniRank enlistment extend: 10,000-14,999 understudies) coeducational advanced education organization.

Universität Konstanz offers courses and projects prompting authoritatively perceived advanced education degrees, for example, four-year college educations, ace degrees, doctorate degrees in a few zones of study.

Acceptance rate and Admissions statistics

  • Admission selection yes, based on entrance examinations and students’ past academic record and grades.
  • Total enrolment 12,500.

University of Konstanz admission requirements

Admission to undergrad and graduate examination programs is administered by the confirmation guidelines of the University of Konstanz. They contain fundamental data for every single imminent understudy and supplement the appropriate legitimate guidelines, particularly (state law on advanced education), (state law on advanced education confirmations), and the Baden-Württemberg (state law on granting admission to advanced education programs with affirmation limitations).

The admission requirements at the University of Konstanz is given below:

  1. Average Academic Score
  • GPA 3
  • IB 33
  • Percentage of 75
  1. Average Entrance Score 
  • IELTS 5.5
  • TOEFL 60

Universit of Konstanz accommodation

Konstanz is a city with an uncommonly high living quality. The city and its environmental factors are well known with understudies as well as with families and outside devotees. Since both Switzerland and Lake Constance outskirt Konstanz, the accessible living space is constrained and not generally reasonable. To consider all accessible lodging alternatives in Konstanz, it is essential to start your quest for convenience as right on time as could be expected under the circumstances.

  • Registering your new address

All understudies who have moved to Konstanz are lawfully obliged to enroll with the specialists inside about fourteen days (§ 17 paras.  “Government Registration Act”).

  • Residence halls operated by Seezeit Bodensee Student Services in Konstanz

Seezeit Student Services can lease you one room of the around 2,400 rooms in one of 13 habitation corridors in Konstanz. If it’s not too much trouble utilize the “Zimmer-und Mieterportal” (room and rental entrance) to demand to lease a room or condo. Since there are normally more rental solicitations than accessible space, rooms are allocated to candidates haphazardly.

  • Other residence halls

Chérisy Konstanz 

Changed over, previous French military sleeping enclosure. 

No focal room assignment administration; the flatmates themselves pick their new flatmates.

  • Accommodation

More than one rooftop over your head. 

At the point when you start your investigations, you start an entirely different part in your life. Most understudies move into their first room, loft, or in a mutual level (“WG”). 

Finding a spot to remain in Konstanz is frequently tedious. Thus, you should begin early and plan in enough an ideal opportunity for the pursuit.

  • Be cautious: 

Kindly do not make any development instalments without reviewing the room, loft, or shared level (WG) without first arriving at an authoritative and composed concurrence with the landowner/landlord!

University of Konstanz review

The University of Konstanz highly esteems offering exhaustive help to its best in class ability. We bolster all our lesser specialists as they progress into scholarly vocations or take on driving jobs in industry and society. With the University of Konstanz’s association around the world, the systems in examination and lessons are not by any means the only method to advance the trading of understudies and researchers, however acquiring new bits of knowledge science through collaborations, information, and alternate points of view.

Some reviews under the University of Konstanz are:

  • First of the University has a decent area best the pool of Konstanz and it is a little Portable University which I truly like size wise. However, my course of studies was not what I anticipated. The talks are even more a paper introduction than real educating. The Student per Teacher Ratio is high which makes it very hard to get immediate help from your Professor. 

  • My primary program comprised of writing and etymology which I delighted in. There is just a single grounds where everything is educated and where just individuals some way or another having a place with the college go to (it is situated on a slope). Short separations, decent hall with a bistro (great espresso!). An extraordinary games list with heaps of offers for water sports (the lake is a favourable position). Current and well-prepared library. I suggest the language courses which you can go to for nothing out of pocket. 
  • In the HCI office, there are exceptionally decent educators. What’s more, in case you’re a global understudy, in the International Office, Frank Lutzenberger is consistently there for you. He is an astonishing person and consistently causes you with administration. There 80.000 occupants living in Konstanz and 12.000 of them are understudies including internationals. As it’s on the Swiss outskirt, it’s consistently conceivable to sort out one-road trips. It’s likewise extremely near Austria, Lichtenstein, and France.
  • English is presently the true language here and about all talks will be in English or French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese later on. The global office is exceptionally useful. The composing is on the divider for Germany and Merkel is out so things will improve. Constance University is the main foundation in Germany to genuinely put the understudies first and plan for what’s to come. 
  • Fifteen of us who graduated 50 years back returned for our gathering, some with mates. Numerous increases, new motivating ones to coordinate the requests of the 21st century. We were given a visit through the new labs and live demos of a portion of the fascinating innovative work being finished. The area is awesome. Throughout the late spring a long time at the Lake so much is going on that to focus on work must be a test.

University of Konstanz address

  • Postal address:

University of Konstanz

Box 216

78457 Konstanz – Germany

  • Visitor’s address:

University of Konstanz

Room Y 319

Universitätsstrasse 10

78464 Konstanz – Germany


✅ What is the understudy medical coverage about? 

You should have understudy medical coverage while you study. This is a significant pre-imperative for enrolment (§ 254 SGB V German social code).
You can be excluded from this necessity in specific situations. These incorporate inclusion through a parental protection strategy or private protection. The college acknowledges documentation of this elective protection inclusion as verification of understudy medical coverage inclusion. All general medical coverage suppliers issue this documentation upon demand.

✅ what is the installment reference for candidates? 

The installment reference is contained a 13-digit number.
It incorporates:
7800 + application number + semester condensing (for example “202” for the Winter Semester 2020/21)
The initial two numbers speak to the year where the semester for which you are enlisting starts (“20” for 2020). The third number is either a “1” for the late spring semester, or “2” for the winter semester. 

✅ May I apply before I have gotten my Bachelors confirmation? 

Truly. Applications from understudies who have not yet graduated are welcome. Kindly present your present scholarly record as pdf along with the supporting reports (with an authoritatively guaranteed interpretation into English or German, if pertinent) 

✅ What language abilities will be required? 

Proof of an adequate order of English from one of the accompanying English language tests:

1. Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency (least grade: C)
2. IELTS (least grade: 6.5)
3. TOEFL (least grade: 92 Internet-based focuses)
4. In singular cases, a proportional test checked and perceived by the comparing Examination Board 

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