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Visual communication is one of the three main types of verbal communication (oral, speaking) and non-verbal communication (actions, gestures, text). This type of communication relies on the individual’s eyesight. It is a form of conveying information and ideas that can be seen evidently. Many people have debated visual communication for nearly a thousand years ago.

There’s no doubt that many business and education communication is mainly based on text or written communication. Words are written text has an impact and is evidence of information being transmitted, but visual communication is not of that kind. Visual communication includes images, design, and graphics, which creates a greater impact on individuals.

Visual communication is the oldest form of communication, wherein we found Cave painting, which dates back to 40,000 years.  Cave paintings convey information through the painting and images, which is a form of visual communication. People tend to remember conversations that include images, graphics, and designs more than a conversation, including just words, for example, storytelling, which has a greater impact on kids as it includes images.

What is visual communication?

Visual communication is a form of communication which includes images, diagram, design, chart, and graph to transfer information which is received through the mode of eyesight of individuals. There are many advantages of visual communication, which is not found in any other mode of communication.

In the education system, we find that the images included in the syllabus crab greater interest among the students and results to be more effective than the words included. We find that even in business communications, they use a pie chart, bar graphs, and various forms of images and designs to make the mode of communication easier to understand.

Courses in Visual Communication

The communication, including images, design, and graphics, is visual. This form of communication has received a lot of interest in the present generation. As a result, it has been added to courses as a field to study and research.

There are many visual communication courses available which are:

  1. B.Sc in visual communication
  2. B.A in visual communication
  3. B.Sc in visual media
  4. Diploma in visual communication
  5. Bachelor’s of design in visual communication
  6. Certificate course in visual communication
  7. Bachelor’s of visual communication
  8. Bachelor’s of Fine arts in visual communication

B.Sc in Visual Communication

B.Sc in visual communication is an undergraduate course for three years, which is divided into six semesters. Students who have completed their 12th grade with a minimum of 50%  from a respective Institution are eligible for this course. Students interested in photography, typography, images, design, signs, and graphics can join this course to learn more about visual communication.

B.Sc in Visual Communication – Scope

Visual communication is a course that includes images, design, and graphics to convey information. This form of communication is dependent on eyesight. Students interested to learn more about visual communication can opt B.Sc in visual communication as it has many scopes as well, namely,

  • Design consultant
  • Books and magazines publisher
  • Web design companies
  • Advertising and publicity agency
  • In house designers

Visual Communication Example

Visual communication is the most effective form of communication than the other forms of communication, namely verbal and nonverbal communication. This form of communication includes images, design, typography, and graphics, transmitted in the form of information that has to be conveyed.

Few examples are:

  1.  Cave paintings
  2. Stories
  3. Videos
  4. Postures
  5. Bar graph presentation

Jobs for Visual Communication

Visual communication has managed to gain an interest in the present generation. We see that most organizations need visual communication professionals, which creates a lot of job opportunities for them.

There are many job applications open for the professionals in visual communication namely:

  • Visual communication designer
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrator
  • Visual communication associate
  • Video editor
  • Photojournalist
  • Web designer

Advantages of Visual Communication

Visual communication is a field that involves images and design to convey information to others. This course is included in many colleges and universities in the present years because of the students’ demand.

Visual communication has many advantages few among them are:

  • Deliver direct information
  • Flexible
  • More attention-grabbing
  • Creates an impact
  • Increases the credibility

Importance of Visual Communication

This form of communication has gained its importance in the field of business, technology, education, and entertainment as well. The impact caused by this form of communication cannot be gained through other forms. Visual communication is important for various reasons, but few major ones are:

  • It’s a simple form of communication
  • Impactful
  • Engaging
  •  Information retention
  • Time saver

Types of Visual communication

Visual communication is the most effective form of communication. Through this mode of communication, we can convey the information more easily. This mode of communication makes the individual’s to engage in the conversation. 

There are different types of visual communication:

  1. Objects
  2. Models
  3. Graph
  4. Maps
  5. Photograph

Colleges For Visual Communication

This form of communication has gained a lot of importance to the present generation. The demand to know more about this communication has made Universities to add it up as a course.

There are many good colleges providing knowledge about visual communications, few among them are:

  1. Loyola college
  2. St.Joseph college
  3. Prist University
  4. Christ University
  5.  Aalto university

Top 10 Visual Communication Colleges

Visual communication is a course that is more engaging for students who are interested in arts, images, photography, typography, and designs.

There are many good colleges for visual communication, but the top 10 universities are:

  1.  Northeastern University
  2. Ohio State University 
  3.  Purdue University
  4.  University of California
  5.  Carnegie Mellon University
  6.  University of Cincinnati
  7.  Pratt institute
  8.  North Carolina State University
  9. Lowa State University
  10. Syracuse University

History For Visual Communication

Visual communication can express feelings, emotions, ideas, information, and thought through the usage of arts, images, typography, photography, design, graphics, and sounds. Visual communication is the oldest form of communication than any other form.

The history of visual communication dates back to years before the alphabet or words used to communicate were invented. People communicate using images and art in the old times, which are now preserved in rocks and caves, dating back to about 40,000 years.

Job Salary in India For Visual communication

There is a need for professionals in visual communication nowadays. The modern era needs web designers, graphic designers, and so on. Many organizations have various job applications open for professionals of visual communication. The graduates of visual communication are paid an average salary of 22,000 to 55,000 per month in India.


✅ Is visual communication a good career?

Ans. Visual communication graduates have various job opportunities available in India and many foreign countries as well. This is an emerging career in India. This career involves work regarding designing and conveying information, including images. It is an interesting career for students interested in images, art, typography, photography, and design.

✅ Which is the best college for visual communication?

Ans. Here is the list of the best college for visual communication:
1. IIFA Lancaster degree college
2. IIFA Multimedia
3. Madras Christian College
4. AAT college
5. Nehru arts and science college
6. Christ University

✅ What are the different types of visual communication?

Ans. Here is the list of different types of visual communication:
1. Objects
2. Maps
3. Models
4. Graphs
5. Photograph

✅ What are the principles of visual communication?

Ans. The principles of visual communication are position, size, color, and shape are applied to various elements during design an image, or graphic. Contrast a notable element that gained attention, and repetition had the consistent characteristics of visual communication during the designed work.

✅ What are the four main aims of visual designs?

Ans. Visual design aims to improve the product’s design, usability, and aesthetic appeal. It uses suitable images, arts, design, graphic, photo, typography, space, layout, size, color, and shape.  

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