Things Parents Could Do For Students Studying Abroad

Things Parents Could Do For Students Studying Abroad

There is a situation of huge crisis amongst the people and countries all over the world due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, also known as Corona Virus. Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly across the world, affecting more than 150 countries and claiming more than 10,000 lives and governments of all the international countries have issued an advisory against people to travel abroad, many have also stopped the arrival of foreign residents in the country and much more.


What leads us aghast is despite actions taken by the Union Of India to ensure all its citizens in the country and abroad are safe, the dangerous virus has already traced its roots in India and claimed lives, but amongst the various Indian citizens who are stuck in foreign countries, some students went there for their education and have now been fixated there.

There are much panic and concern for the students within the minds of the parents as they are unable to protect their beloved child and get them back so here are few suggestions for those parents, which they could perform for their child, right from where they are

Ask your child to follow the basic protection for Corona Virus

The foremost thing parents could do for their children is constantly advise them to follow the precautions like practice great wellbeing cleanliness

  1. Wash your hands regularly with cleanser and water. On the off chance that cleanser and water are not accessible, utilize a liquor based hand rub. 
  2. Try to stay away from close contact with wiped out individuals. 
  3. Stay home on the off chance that you are wiped out and contact your wellbeing supplier about the technique for getting tried for the coronavirus on the off chance that you have indications. 
  4. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you hack or wheeze. After utilizing a tissue, toss it in the refuse and wash your hands. 
  5. Avoid contacting your eyes, nose, and mouth. Germs spread along these lines. Clean and purify surfaces and articles that might be polluted with germs. 
  6. Wearing a mask can help limit the spread of respiratory illness; however, doesn’t give total security. The CDC prescribes veils just on the off chance that you have manifestations or are thinking about somebody with indications.

Constantly stay in the loop with your children’s university and college

Parents kindly ensure that you stay in touch and Ensure you have joined to get messages and instant messages from your understudy’s school. On the off chance that you aren’t sure how to do this, contact the Parent and Family Program office for direction.

  1. It’s likewise brilliant to pursue refreshes from the school’s crisis the board office and to follow the school via web-based networking media (Facebook and Twitter). 
  2. Check the school’s investigation abroad office site for refreshed wellbeing and security proposals for understudies as of now abroad or getting ready for spring, summer, or fall programs. 
  3. Schools will post data on their sites about how they’re getting ready for potential cases nearby, notwithstanding how they are ensuring and supporting understudies abroad.

Constantly stay in touch with the Consulates and Government Agencies

The other and major role that you have to play right from the place wherever you are is to constantly stay in the loop with the consulates and government agencies like the Ministry of External Affairs who are responsible for the management and ensure that you have posted them about all the necessary details; hence they can ensure that your child could be safely evacuated if the need arises.

Is Study Abroad Safe?

There have been a couple of Countrywide incidents which have affected Study abroad — like the massive bush fires in Australia and protests in Hong Kong — have also impacted college study abroad programs. Chile — a country popular with students seeking a Spanish-language immersion experience as well as an outdoor adventure — has also been a hot spot recently. Study Abroad, apart from all that, remains a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Students. Students should have a clear goal as to what they want to achieve in their future and should be Confident about it.

Parents and Students can Visit the Official University of Country Websites for more information about COVID-19 in their Country or Region, and they can learn a lot from their

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